Best Techniques on How to Make an Essay Longer

May 30, 2020

How To Make An Essay Longer – Tips From Professionals

Once writing an essay, every detail matters. Surely, it is true when you tend to perform an excellent paper. Therefore, you need to be very attentive to every aspect of your essay paper. The length of an essay is one of the top characteristics you cannot put behind. It is always important to perform a paper according to the writing instructions and requirements of your tutor or college professor. 

Besides, the length of a paper is an important characteristic since it influences the way the audience appreciates the ideas you share. Sometimes, you need to be short with your conclusions. Sometimes, you need more room to explain every idea and concept you reveal in your essay. It all depends on the type of essay you are dealing with, its main goal, and style. Remember that you must fulfill your tutor’s requirements first. When you have strict writing guides, you need to follow them in order to submit an excellent piece of writing eventually. 

Sure, there is always a minimum and a maximum number of words you need to use for your paper. You should decide on your own how much long or short your essay must be. You will see how to make it better once revealing your ideas and thoughts. Often, students face a problem when they cannot reach even the minimum amount of words. It can be caused by inexperience in academic writing, lack of relevant materials on the topic, lack of ideas, etc. When you have such problems, check the following guides and tips. They will help you to improve your written piece. 

Best Ways to Make a Paper Longer

When you need to make your paper longer, there are some tips and guides you can use. You may wonder how to make an essay longer. Are there any special guidelines that allow lengthening your written piece? Surely, there is a bunch of checked ways to make your essay longer without damaging the content. There are many effective ways, in fact. Still, this is definitely not the most popular online recommendation about changing margins or font size. Surely, you will not succeed once making a fond or margins bigger. This useless way helps only to fool some inexperienced readers. You cannot submit a paper written in such a way. Your college tutor or college professor will not appreciate it for sure. Therefore, you need to be cleverer and use really effective writing tricks and guides.

Use Various Examples

One of the best ways to both make your essay bigger and discover the topic in detail is to use various examples. In fact, the usage of examples is the top way to develop the story. You can describe in detail the ideas you reveal in your paper. Moreover, examples allow supporting your arguments. Often, in such essay types like argumentative, persuasive, or analytical essays, examples are used to support the main thesis statement and core arguments. It can be very beneficial to add various samples when you try to prove your research ideas. Use numerous examples for every idea revealed. This is the best way to impress your tutor with your impressive knowledge of the topic. What is more, it will allow you to lengthen your essay easily, without affecting the main idea of your essay.

Use Transition Phrases and Words

College tutors often appreciate students using transition words and phrases. It is a demonstration of real writing talent. With the transition words, every written piece becomes better. The essay gets additional structural components that help to explain the main idea to your audience. Moreover, transition phrases and words outline the way you try to express your thoughts. They can greatly increase the length of your paper. There are many words and phrases you can use in your essay.

Examples of great transition words and phrases you can use in your essay paper:

  • Firstly/secondly;
  • Thus, therefore;
  • In conclusion;
  • However, hence;
  • Surely, of course;
  • Despite this;
  • On the other hand;
  • As a matter of fact;
  • According to them;
  • As resulting with;
  • With regard to;
  • In consequence.

More phrases and words can both improve your content and prolong your essay. Use them freely to get a better essay eventually.

Use Expert Quotes

Often, students use various citations in their papers to support their revealed ideas. You can always use direct quotes in your essay. Thus, it will bring you more words added to your paper. Sure, you should never forget that when you use other writer’s ideas, you need to cite them properly. Every phrase, sentence, or part of the text provided by other writers or researchers must be cited. In another case, you will get a paper with plagiarism. And be sure, no tutor will put a high grade for a plagiarized paper. You can try to paraphrase the direct quote. Still, you need to cite it and place the source into the reference list. The way of citing the materials usually depends on the assigned format style. Thus, be attentive and check the citation format before writing a paper.

Format Your Paragraphs

After completing a paper, you always need to edit and proofread it. Before you start checking the written content, make sure to format the paragraphs. Often, students lack a proper structure once completing the first few drafts of the paper. When you deal with argumentative, persuasive, or analytical papers, every argument must be revealed in a separate paragraph. Therefore, when you have a single main body part, make sure to place every argument, its supporting evidence, and relevant transition words into a single paragraph. Once dividing the main body into requested paragraphs and adding transition phrases, you will get a chance to lengthen your paper greatly. Moreover, in such a way, you will ensure the perfect structure of your essay.

Check The Relevant Materials

Once preparing an essay, you need to make sure you add all the available ideas into your essay. When you lack words, check the relevant materials once more. You can get more needed information once reading some additional materials. In such a case, you will be able to add it to your written piece. Sometimes, you can focus on the current situation. Thus, once revealing a certain topic, you can show how things have changed. Moreover, you can add additional recommendations if you know the best way to solve the researched problem. It will also add additional words to the total amount of your written piece’s words.

Use Descriptions and Explanations

When dealing with complex papers, many writers often deal with explanations. For example, when you have difficult concepts, you can be asked to make them clearer. Thus, you may need to explain them. Often, you need to be very descriptive. Moreover, some events, occurrences, and other important issues require a detailed description. It helps readers to get the main point of your essay better. Be descriptive about the ideas you discover in your essay. In such a way, you will lengthen your paper. Moreover, you will provide your audience with a chance to learn and understand some complex notions and concepts.

Summarize Your Ideas

Every part of an essay can get its summary. Often, readers are fond of summarized parts since they help them to get the main point of a certain part of the text without re-reading it. Thus, you can add summaries of your text to lengthen your essay. Once dealing with arguments and supporting evidence, you can outline the main arguments in your summary. In such a case, you will define the strongest ideas and their supporting evidence in your written piece. Moreover, you will let the reader get the main point of the essay once reading the summarized paragraphs. Short conclusions after every paragraph are quite beneficial for your paper. They are even obligatory for certain types of essay papers. Be ready to share the methods of research you have used to come up with the findings. Make sure to explain them in detail. It is also a great way to make your final paper bigger.

Use Some Minor Tricks

You can use a bunch of minor tricks that will help you to increase the length of your written piece. First, you can replace all pronouns in your essay. Second, you can spell out all the numbers in your paper. There can be a great number of numbers. At the same time, be every of some important fine points. Do not use shortened forms of words. Moreover, make sure to spell out every abbreviation. You can put the full description of the abbreviation in brackets. Use any chance to add a description to some important events or ideas. It will help to lengthen your essay. You can use some technical tips, but the increase in margins and fond will not be very effective. You better add some additional headings and subtopics if you can. It will add some additional words to your paper. Be ready to use the most creative ways and tricks to submit an excellent essay with the requested amount of words eventually.

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