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Our company is a well-known service that provides custom personal statement writing. The experienced team is ready to master your assignment and prepare perfect work.

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Your admission to any educational institution demands the availability of high grades from school and scores for standardized tests and a perfect admission essay. Creating the last one can be challenging, especially if it is your first time. Personal statement writing services are quite helpful in such cases. A personal writing service is a win-win option because of its customized approach to creating your essay. You will get qualified personal statement writing help based on your needs. You can count on us to deliver the best personal statement writing service and superior results at a reasonable price.

Leading Traits of The Best Personal Statement Writing Service

When you want to get into a college, university, internship, master's program, or business school, your application should stand out from the crowd with its content, ideas, and overall presentation. It can be tough to assemble a personal statement writing with detailed information about your qualities at its best in a concise form. For this reason, personal statement service is the most convenient solution to your problem. It provides necessary documents based on your requirements without stress and anxiety.

Trustworthy personal essay writing service should meet several criteria essential for your satisfaction and complete result:

  • Proficient authors. All writers should have an academic background in writing statements for graduates with different degrees. Traditionally, they are lecturers from various educational institutions, teachers, and scholarly writers. The authors know all specifications of this genre. That's why they can compose an admission that perfectly describes your strengths based on the course and discipline you need.
  • Fast delivery. No doubt, the sooner you receive the work, the more time you will have to finalize it. The delivery in several hours is what the service should offer to clients. Besides, you may demand to send it in a specific format. No matter whether it is a personal statement for college or proofread copy for your internship, you should get it in the shortest possible time within the deadline.
  • Various types of personal statements. Reputable companies should present a vast selection of services related to admissions and writing statements. Some of the most widespread documents you order are letters of reference for internships, nursing school, college, residency, scholarships, etc.
  • Comprehensive customer support. The way the support team works reflects the overall attitude toward customers. A respected service should have 24/7 assistance with ordering, writing, or editing the paper. Likewise, there should be a Q&A section with ample answers to the frequently used questions.
  • Positive testimonials. Traditionally, positive feedback shows the effectiveness of the work. Analyze the rating according to well-known platforms, like Trustpilot or Sitejabber. In addition, reading reviews from customers helps understand the quality of the papers.
  • Personalized service for every customer. A reputable company should work according to academic standards. But making a perfect paper requires compliance and execution of statements under your requirements. So meeting your instructions is a necessity.

These main features are inherent in our organization. Satisfying our client's needs and writing excellent statements are our priorities. You can trust us to create any admission essay and be sure of the high quality of our performance.

Personal Statement Writers: Who Are They?

Personal statement writing demands a holistic approach to the process. In this document, you should describe yourself as a professional who readies to accomplish anything correctly. So the writer who will assemble your statement should understand exactly what is needed to create it fine. That's why we hire authors with appropriate experience in this field.

To be a part of our team, each contributor should have certain qualities to do the job accurately. They include the following:

  • Advanced English, proved by a certificate. All authors are native or near-native speakers. In addition, they accomplish various tests to prove their language knowledge.
  • Fluent writing skills. All personal statement writers have experience in writing various genres, primarily academic papers. These skills are essential in creating a personalized statement close to your style.
  • More than two years of experience. We want to be sure about the execution of every admission. So all authors have an appropriate background in conducting personal statement help. Besides, we arrange a probationary period to understand if the person fits this job.
  • Confirmed diploma from one of the US or UK educational institutions. We check each certificate against the database to ensure that the qualifications and degrees are correct. In such a way, we can be confident in the accuracy of the information writers add to papers.

According to these demands, all experts provide reliable services for writing personal statements and admission essays in our company. When ordering a document, you can be sure of its rate, originality, and correspondence to your personality.

How it works?
How it works?
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    Proceed to order
  • 2d step

    We work on your order

    According to your guidelines, we assign the most qualified writer for your order and track the work from the beginning till the end. And you? You relax and enjoy your time!

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    You receive the paper

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What Is A Personal Statement?

personal statement or admission essay is the document you write for access committees to apply to any educational institution, get a fellowship, get a Ph.D. degree, and others. You could see it as a type of motivation letter or a presentation you put together to improve your chances of getting an interview. Its purpose is to describe yourself as a motivated person with an appropriate academic grade and hard and soft skills.

Traditionally, a personal statement has no special requirements for the organization. But generally, it should include some information related to the following:

  • Your educational degree
  • Life and job experience
  • The aim of your admission
  • Your strengths
  • The priorities for the future
  • Your contributions to this project, university, mastership, etc.

The document should serve as your business card or an invitation to a conversation through your attitude and ideas. That's why you should write it flawlessly on your own or with the help of certain services, including our firm.


What Makes A Good Personal Statement?

Writing a good personal statement is responsible and meticulous work. You have to find a balance between very personal details and a formal tone of writing to make your composition sound confident and professional. Your future depends on the quality of this admission. If you are not confident in your skills in writing such a paper, delegate it to someone with relevant experience, and who knows what it should look like. For example, our writers create personal statement writing based on the following standards:

  • The length. Each statement should be concise and have a word count of 500 to 800 words (1000 words is the maximum).
  • The layout should be logical and sequential. The information should be presented in chronological order and divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should describe one topic or question you want to cover.
  • Grammatical component. The best text for the statement includes error-free content in fluent English. Nobody wants to read admission written with grammatical mistakes, poor vocabulary, and illogical grammar constructions.
  • Tome of voice. It is better to use a more formal style, avoiding any slang, descriptive phrases, and familiar tone to write my personal statement. The entire text should sound confident and friendly but respectful of the committee.
  • Engaging content. The statement should have a personal approach and shows your positive characteristics, which may be essential in the context of the application you want to get.

As you can see, there are a lot of requirements for your application, so it's only natural to be afraid of missing something critical. In this case, ordering our service is a very good idea. We guarantee compliance with all these criteria and vice versa. We deliver outstanding quality essays strictly to your demands and deadline.

Prompts To Create the Right Personal Statement

Despite its small size, a personal statement is a document with detailed information and a specific structure. Sometimes, when you start writing, it can be difficult to formulate your thoughts and create a text that will be worth reading. In this situation, you can order this service on our website. The author definitely knows what information to add and how to organize it in the texts for better results. If you are still not convinced about ordering the assistance of a personal statement writer, you can try to write it yourself. To help you with this task, we summarized several tips on how to write it easily:

  • Firstly, realize that a personal statement is not a research paper about you. The structure and context should be individual enough to know more about you. Write the text in the first person, don't avoid adding "I" to sentences. Show your attitude to the institution you want to enter or the process you want to be a part of.
  • Describe your strength and goals according to the situation and the purpose of your statement. Avoid adding general phrases and unnecessary characteristics about yourself.
  • Add information about the benefits you will get by entering college, university, or getting an internship. The committee should see you as an individual with a clear understanding of your intentions.
  • Add information about what you can contribute as a part of the community. It will be better if these facts are based on your previous experience. It means you can describe all achievements you got in the past related to the particular admission.
  • Explain why this program, fellowship, or course is the best option for you. Here you can describe your interest in some subjects, activities, or research you provide and how you can improve them in this educational institution.
  • Last but not least, don't place yourself above your competitors. You should present yourself in the best possible light. But don't position yourself as the best of the best, and don't diminish the skills and contributions of other participants. This strategy won't help you to reach your goal.

According to the information below, you can see that the statement is detailed enough and consists of different information about you. The main rule is to add your touch because this is not a resume with bullet points. It is a description of your academic and professional life and your career goals.

A little reminder, if you are not sure about writing such a document correctly, you always have a chance to hire a writer for personal statement essays. Our writers will do it strictly according to your requirements and in the best possible way.

Format of your essay
  • icon 112-point Times New Roman
  • icon 20" between paragraphs
  • icon 31" margin all around
  • icon 40.5" first line of paragraph
icon 5double spaced (275 words/page) / single spaced (550 words/page)
You can ask for additional services, one of them is formatting your essay.

Variety of Personal Statement Writing Services You May Receive

The market for help with writing various scientific documents, including statements, is diverse. Before choosing where to buy personal statement online, you should analyze all propositions and options. If you have decided to use our service and order a writer to help you with this part of the admission process, you should know what services we offer our clients. Among them are:

  • Writing personal statements. Our writers have extensive experience in composing admissions. They clarify all the necessary information about you, including education, job experience, career goals, etc. They regularly ask several questions essential for understanding you as a person. These steps are required to add your personality to the text. In addition, they may ask you to include examples of your work to study your writing style.
  • Editing the content. You can check the intermediate result and provide some feedback during the writing process. The author will accept it and edit the text. Besides, we offer unlimited revising after the delivery of the paper for two weeks. So you can be sure about the effectiveness of the work and the quality of your statement.
  • Proofreading texts written by you. This service is quite helpful if you are not sure about general composition, you are not a native English speaker, or you just need a third-party evaluation of your paper. Our experts will check the text and add appropriate notifications and examples. In this way, you will see all your mistakes and options on how to improve the text. Likewise, it is a great chance to learn more grammar rules and enrich your vocabulary.
  • Constructing CV (curriculum vitae). This service is necessary for those who want to get their dream job but whose resume is rather poor and uninteresting. Our contributors will analyze it and add comments on where to add more information and how to present it.

With such an extensive list of services, you can be confident about writing your personal statement with our enterprise. No matter what type of services you need, we cover everything. With our help, you will get a paper that perfectly matches your characteristics and describes you in the best possible form.

Perks of Hiring a Personal Statement Writer Online

Probably all writing companies offer to write your personal statement. They deliver quite similar services to the customers. So the question arises, how do find the best personal statement writing service which stands out with its features? The answer is simple, you should analyze the market and choose one that meets all your needs. In addition, we offer you to try using our assistance with your papers. Hiring a personal statement writer on our website, you will get several benefits, including those below:

  • Outstanding quality of the statement. You should not worry about the grammar, structure, and format of your essay. All writers have enough knowledge in completing different papers, including admission essays.
  • Unique statement with no doubt. Authors write essays from the sketch, add information about you, and try to make it more personal in general. All texts pass strict examinations on several plagiarism-checking software to ensure their uniqueness. In addition, we add the report for you to prove this fact.
  • The variety of services possible. As was mentioned, we offer writing, proofreading, and personal statement editing for every client. We add reviews with suggestions and correct grammar rules to each admission and advise how to improve your text to make it ideal. Besides, we offer to write various academic papers from different disciplines.
  • Affordable prices on services. We provide services on any budget. Prices are flexible and depend on your demands, deadline, length of the paper, and urgency. Besides, you can calculate the cost before placing a request to understand what you can afford.
  • The opportunity to save time and energy. Creating an admission essay is a time-consuming process. But you have a chance to spend it in another way, especially if you are preparing for admission and applying to different educational institutions.
  • Decrease the level of anxiety, related to the writing process. We guarantee the fast and effective performance of your statement according to your needs. You can check it in the process and add suggestions. That's why the result won't disappoint you.
  • Solid guarantees of privacy and anonymity. Hiring any personal statement writer service you should be confident in its reputation, as you share private information. We provide you with impeccable service and total security. Any writer doesn't claim authorship of your statement. As you order and pay for the essay, you are the writer. Additionally, we don't pass on any information about you, including bank data and phone numbers to third parties.
  • Refunding opportunity. If our paper doesn't meet your expectations and disappoints you and there are no chances to change it, we offer the money-back option.

Hire Professional Personal Statement Writers With These Actions

When you decide to pass the writing of your admission to an expert, you can hire a professional personal statement writer on our website. The process is quite simple, you should follow the instructions and add the necessary details about your paper.

Below, we describe several steps you should follow to order the personal essay:

  1. Register on the site by adding your email or with Google and Facebook accounts.
  2. Fill in the order form with the information about your paper. Add all instructions and details you want to see in your statement.
  3. Attach files with your CV, personal characteristics, and details about the educational institutions you want to apply.
  4. Indicate your educational level and the length of the paper.
  5. Send the request and wait for a response from our assistant to clarify all details.
  6. Assistant will assemble you the most suitable writer and the writing process begins.
  7. Pay for the first part of the work and then check the interim result. If everything is good, the writer continues the work.
  8. Check the finished document, and add suggestions if needed. Our expert will revise it several times.
  9. If all goes well, pay for the rest of the article and download it from your inbox.

In this way, you can order personal statement essays, research papers, and other academic documents for your admission, study, or job. We offer many opportunities for clients to make their lives easier and avoid monotonous work. With our help, you will increase your chances to apply to any university, college, or internship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have some more questions, check our FAQ section. Here are some of the most frequent questions about personal statement writing help.

  • The cost depends on many factors, like the number of pages, academic level, deadline, formatting style, and so on. You can calculate the approximate price for your personal statement, completing the order form. Before proceeding to payment, we ask you to review all the requirements, and then we will show the approximate cost of your order.

  • We assign the most appropriate personal statement writer according to your requirements. Nonetheless, you can ask for assigning a certain writer when placing an order.

  • Our personal statement writing service can provide assistance with editing, proofreading, and writing a paper. Whenever you need help, place an order or contact our support managers, indicate your requirements, and get the writer assigned.

  • We can cover all types of personal statements, regardless of the academic level and educational institution. The only thing we need to provide proficient assistance is your requirements.

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