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Writing a reflection for someone else's work seems much easier than making your own essay. But this is a wrong position: article review requires to use the author's text, own findings, and keep a balance between these elements.

What is an Article Review?

In academic writing assignments, an article review format means a paper that includes signs of evaluative analysis and the summary. Such a task makes the author work with the exact source he or she is supposed to refer to. That's why this work requires to have a close look at the article and further analysis of its content.

The purpose of the article review is the same as other academic papers: it must improve student's analytical and writing skills, help the professor to define his level of knowledge to give fair feedback (a grade). It is considered that only smart writers are able to combine a lot of skills for writing a review article.

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Professional Article Review Writers

The best option for your success is to get professional help in writing article reviews. Our company is an expert in performing any kind of academic papers, including article review. No matter the source you need to analyze, our experienced authors will create a high-quality paper according to all task requirements.

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Types of Reviews We Cope with

Writing review starts with its type definition. According to the academic rules, there are different options you may be required to prepare a good research article review. Pay attention to its particularities in the task assignment and follow relevant description, methods, and other writing tools. So here are the types of reviews you may need.

Critical Review

The task of this essay is to show the author's skills in logic approach and critical thinking. In the beginning, he needs to analyze all sources and information, add relevant researches and concepts. The result of the writing usually includes the final model or hypothesis for the academic papers in the future.

Literature Review

Such an essay includes an overview of the current and new literature according to the topic. The particularity of this review allows for covering different topics and subjects. Besides the literature examination, the literature review can be provided with valuable research findings after comprehensive searching. In most cases, the synthesis will be narrative.

Mapping Review/Systematic Map

This type of article means its title. The author has to collect and organize information from the primary or secondary source and create a relevant text. The important step is to find any gaps in the available formation and cover it with new researches. Make a description of the literature you will use in your article.


This is a special tool that uses statistics and other data to develop more precise results. Such kind of article review is harder because of its method, but professional writers can handle it. If you have no experience in meta-analysis make sure you can work with relevant sources to help oneself.

Mixed Studies Review/Mixed Methods Review

This is the combination of different tools and components, but one of them is obligated. It is a literature review. After making this overview the author keeps writing article review mixing qualitative and quantitative approaches in research conduction. Looking for gaps in literature and research is also vitally needed.


This is a general group of reviews that are concerned with making a summary of the literature and other available information for the exact topic. This type of work may also include such additional elements, as comprehensive search, quality assessment, analysis in thematic, chronological, conceptual and other types of order in the text.

Qualitative Systematic Review/Qualitative Evidence Synthesis

This type of review demonstrates the tool to make a comparison or integration of thoughts, findings and results from available qualitative researches. It uses constructs and themes in different studies and gathers such information in one place. Qualitative systematic review or qualitative evidence synthesis may use both purposive and selective sampling.

Rapid Review

This is a form of evidence synthesis and an appraisal of well-known information, for instance, the policy and practice problem. The author needs to use a systematic review approach and a critical thinking approach to find out fair results. In such a situation time, constraints mean a lot for the review findings.

Scoping Review

This is a provisional appraisal of the amount of available literature for the future researches. It means the observation of the scope and size of such useful materials for the exact topic or subject. The aim of this review is to clear up the origin and extent of scientific evidence for further researches.

State-of-the-Art Review

This is a more in-depth approach in making research compared to other retrospective and modern options. Its great advantages are the ability to give great information for further research jobs and topics. This variant is not too hard but requires from author an ability to evaluate new sources for his scientific field.

Systematic Review

This review allows for finding out and organizing research evidence for any topic. Its main aim is to hold comprehensive, full, and informative searching no matter the situation with available content. Usually, it means the narrative format with each assessment and adding tables to support the written content with visual materials.

Systematic Search and Review

This method is very strong because combines the advantages of a critical approach and in-depth searching of evidence. Usually, it is generally used for different areas and topics and allows getting better results in looking for facts, information, statistics, and so on. It may rate findings in the table or may not.

Systematized Review

This type of review tries to gather all empirical evidence for special criteria. The aim of such evidence is standard: to answer the exact question and help with new findings of the research. It is known to provide the author with relevant, fair, and reliable information, so he can make independent conclusions in his paper.

Umbrella Review

This is a review of other reviews for exact research or topic. It collects all available information and evidence about the subject in one place and allows creating a very comprehensive overview. Usually, this approach is very helpful when the author meets multiple controversial positions. The aim of such a review is to determine available and unavailable information.

How to Write an Article Review

Be sure you can write a good article review if you have previously made similar tasks. Otherwise, there may be some issues that can make you uncomfortable. So the following guide is really helpful in such hard situations. Use this step-by-step solution and put all your efforts to create awesome paper.

Preparing to Write Your Review

The preparation stage is very important for your article review. Sometimes it takes the same amount of time, as the writing process. Remember, that you can't let yourself make any mistakes on this step, because it will cause serious troubles in the future writings. As a result, you will not be able to improve your text with simple edits, and your only possible way would be rewriting the article review again.

Define an Article Review

Article reviews mean content for the audience which is keen on the topic. So the author must summarize the available information and present it to people the way he or she talks to a like-minded person. Also remember that article review includes responses to different ideas, the author's research, and make final conclusions.

Organize Your Review

Plan the structure of your article review beforehand. It must include the summary of the original text, explain its positive ideas and features, determine weaknesses and gaps of the article, and so on. So the author should read the source for numerous times and make short notes for the next parts.

Analyze the Article

Work with every single element of the original article. Start with the analysis of title, abstract, beginning, headings and subheadings, main part and every paragraph one by one, conclusions and additional materials. During making research the author needs to write simple and short notes for further parts of the review.

Read the Article

This type of academic paper means that the author is obligated to build his text according to the original article. Everyone understands it, but only several people do really read the source closely and contemplatively. Don't allow your laziness and lack of time to make huge mistakes in own paper.

Use Your Own Words for Article Writing

Use the free writing method or create an outline. Both these options are great for putting an original source into your own language. Pay attention to all important arguments, facts, and statements. As an author of a new academic paper, you need to support each bullet from the article with own description and arguments.

Write an Outline

You also need to determine the author's style of writing and his impact on the researched question. Explain how important is his contribution to the topic, describe the advantages and disadvantages of his article, and so on. Provide your position and support it with references and citations from the original source.

Writing the Article Review

Having enough highlights from the original source the author can start the writing of article review. On this stage put more attention to the structure of the text and critical approach, avoid being concerned about the mistakes and misprints. Be sure there would be enough time to make edits in the future. Let yourself be concerned about the most essential task at the moment – describing arguments from the article and making a professional review.


The title is important to show that you understand the focus of the source and can use own skills to write such a reflection essay. While you think about the best title, try to prepare several options to choose the most relevant one. Experts recommend using a descriptive, declarative or interrogative type of title.

Article Citation

Citations are very important for this type of academic paper. Usually, this literature tool improves the essay but is not considered to be essential. But article review can be professional without relevant citing. Just note, that the way to cite the original article depends on the required formatting (for instance, MLA, APA, Harvard, etc.).

Identify the Article

Your review starts with a short description of the article you are going to work with. That's why the first paragraph will consist of the author's name, his paper's title, the name of the journal where it was published, and the year of publication. The format of this paragraph can be formal (according to proper format) or free.


The obligation of the author is to place an identification sentence in the introduction. Such a section shares the main arguments, thesis statements, and tasks of the article and prepares readers for further information. Remember, that the length of this part must be up to 10-25% of the whole article review.

Summary of the Article

This is a time to write the main body of your review. It must include all arguments, bullets, facts, and other essential information from your source. Remember, that the body of your paper must also include the author's conclusion and findings. You will have another paragraph to make own summary.

Critique Writing

The task of an article review is to present new information and describe the author's job. If you have pointed to critique, then do it. If the text is absolutely perfect, then also write about it. You need to express do author made successful research, how clear were his writings, and so on.

Conclusion of the Review

Make a summary of all points from the article. If you can, you may comment on the future steps in this issue research. Don't forget to share own position in this field. Remember to make the conclusion short and clear, so it will take 10% of the whole article review length.

Proofread Your Work

Mistakes and misprints are not your best friends, but these things are not the worst in the article review. Thanks to proofreading you can appraise your paper and see do it require a revision. If there are any weak sections, you will be able to improve them and repeat proofreading once more.


Article Review Writing Tips from Tutors

The review article definition doesn't explain how to make this text perfect. So usually students have no idea what to do to reach the best results. So here are several important tips that will help to prepare the most qualitative and exciting paper.

  1. Pick up the relevant information. The content of the article review is the core of your work. The author must analyze the article he needs to review and explain own observations in the paper. Your main focus should be on the content in your primary source, but other information is also allowed. Just keep it balanced and relevant to your topic.
  2. Understand the idea of the article. Your work starts with reading your primary source. Make it several times (2 and more), so you can make sure you have grabbed all the necessary facts. Having enough points you will be able to brainstorm and use a creative approach. As a result, the text will look professional and unique.
  3. Define unknown terms. Working with someone else's content means that you can face with unexpected words and word combinations. Don't be lazy and never ignore it, prefer to find its meaning. So when you are reading the primary source, make highlights and check new terms in the dictionary. As a result, you can use these words in your scientific review article.
  4. Prepare proper structure. The traditional academic paper must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion. There are some exceptions, but in most cases, authors are required to keep such rule. Each section will contain several paragraphs divided into 2-5 sentences. Additional content (tables, lists, etc.) is also recommended to be used in the article review.
  5. Create a brilliant title. Sometimes students will get topics from their professor. But in case you are allowed to prepare own title, try to make it the best. Use brainstorming and collect as many ideas as possible. In general, your topic must be fully relevant to the main idea of your primary source.
  6. Keep the proper formatting. There are several modern writing styles, for instance, APA article review, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and so on. Each writing style means special rules for the content and structure of the text. That's why each author must understand beforehand which academic style he must use and follow all academic requirements.
  7. Share critical points of view. This kind of paper allows authors adding their own opinions about the primary source and own writings. But this section must be critical, interesting, and fair. To build your personal position according to the article for review and keep the balance between own experience and ideas from the original text.
Format of your essay
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  • icon 31" margin all around
  • icon 40.5" first line of paragraph
icon 5double spaced (275 words/page) / single spaced (550 words/page)
You can ask for additional services, one of them is formatting your essay.

Article Review Format Peculiarities

When you write a journal article review or any other type of this paper, you must follow all the task requirements. Besides topic, source, format, etc. you will find a proper formatting style. There are several modern formats that are used nowadays in different educational establishments. Pay attention to several particularities of each one.

APA Format

According to APA style, the author is required to prepare 200-300 words abstract with a small overview of information. The title should be quite short (40 symbols or fewer characters). In such a case, you don't need to add references in this part, but 4-6 keywords according to the topic are needed. Besides, you will be able to avoid adding references to the summary. Don't skip the line between a citation and the first sentences in your paper.

This formatting style looks much easiest as MLA, but it also has some hidden rocks. For instance, it requires preparing more information about the author and even placing his full credentials.

MLA Format

This is one of the most popular writing styles for a peer review article. Of course, it has several particularities which you should know to prepare a successful paper. For instance, the introduction is a big part of the text (15-25% approximately). When you finish the main part, you need to summarize your article review in the forthcoming paragraph. This is s place for describing research methods, statistics and additional data, the author's points of view, and so on.

Also in MLA formatting authors use a standard format of references. You can pick up a traditional model and build own citations the same way.

Harvard Format

Using the Harvard style means the author to make his reference list as informative as possible. You should describe the detailed information about the writer, source of publishing, etc. In most cases, such data is available in all printed materials, but electronic sources may cause some troubles.

Experts also insist that Harvard format may be a hard task for students because they must be very attentive with the descriptions of bibliographic information and present references. Your final reference list must contain only those sources which were mentioned in the text, while bibliography allows mentioning other sources which were used as a background for research.

Chicago Format

Chicago's manual of style was published in 1906 at the University of Chicago but is still used in numerous educational establishments. According to last decades, it is mostly used in history and other humanitarian sciences, but other subjects are also allowed to work with the Chicago writing style for text and reference list.

When you make an article review according to Chicago format, you need to place the last author's name and year of publication. There is a requirement to place this information in parenthetical and write text without punctuation marks. But if you use numbers, you can add a comma.

Article Review Example

Topic: How political technologies influence on society

The article information: Sharon Housley. Impact of Technology on Politics (2012).

Candidates are like goods nowadays: before and during elections they need to attract more people who would be ready to share their voices. Sharon Housley's article 'Impact of Technology on Politics' aims to find out the way the life of the average person is connected with politics and political science.

In general, politicians can use political technologies in different ways, but with one purpose – to get a victory. In the beginning, they were concerned about TV and radio. Today the Internet is the most powerful communication channel of encouraging people to do what you want. That's why Twitter, Facebook, YouTube are also in charge to help a candidate become a winner.

Sharon Housley insists that political technologies are the main tools to rule the people's position. Thanks to new ways of communication, candidates can save money for old promotion methods and replace them with new and modern ones.

But the candidate is not the one person who can use the advantages of modern political technologies. Today a lot of information about everything is available on the Web. A smart target audience now has a chance to get more information about each politician and decide whether he responsible enough to present a big group of voters.

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