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Our creative writing company is a well-known service that provides custom creative writing. The experienced team is ready to master your assignment and prepare perfect work.

Creative writing essays differ from any other task you have to complete throughout high school or college years. It is based not on evidence and examples but on your own ideas and imagination, which becomes a real challenge for most of the scholars.

Students are simply not taught to put their thoughts on paper, there are no separate classes for boosting imagination, so only students with a rare storytelling talent are able to cope with creative writing.

What is Creative Writing?

As you get from its name, creative paper writing is a piece of work that aims to show your creativity. Such papers are based on imagination and not on evidence or facts. Distinguishing features of this academic task are catchy characters, writer's imagination, original voice, and a breathtaking plot. Such an essay should talk straight to your heart, not to the head.

The goal of such paper is to show how well you can make up a story and to put it into words in a logical and interesting manner. There are multiple types of creative writing because anything that requires imagination is creative. But here are only some of the brightest examples: fiction, poetry, novels, memoirs, personal essays, songs, and plays.

Don't know how to work on the task? Turn to us and get outstanding creative paper writing services!

Professional Creative Writers

High school, College or Ph.D. creative writing is rather tricky even if it may seem simple at first. If you don't want to spend days or even weeks coming up with a topic or trying to master various literary tools, contact us.

We are the leading writing service that deals with the most challenging creative writing projects. Together we will create outstanding writing no matter how difficult your requirements are. You will get a flawless essay before the deadline and won't have to spend much. Our team consists of creative writers and editors with many years of experience, love to writing, and excellent knowledge in multiple fields.

Entrust your custom creative writing paper to our service to get help and you'll never regret it!

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How it works?
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Main Steps for Creative Papers

There are many creative essay writing services but they don't give full information and a detailed guide on how to write this sort of assignment. If you want to make your paper stand out, just read the guidelines below. Our specialists have made a list of the most important stages when working on undergraduate creative writing.


The majority of students neglect this stage thinking that outline is not compulsory and only takes extra time. In reality, everything is different - the outline will greatly save your time because you will have a clear plan of action.

With a fantastic creative writing outline, you won't have a fear of a white page and will remain creative and focused at any time of the day. Just write down all the things you want to include in the paper. Don't worry, an outline shouldn't be included in the text, so there is no need to fix typos and misprints.

Strong Hook

Hook sentence is always a must. It should be situated at the end of the introductory section and make the audience want to read your creative paper from cover to cover. There are different types of hooks depending on the genre you are writing in. For example, your hook can be a joke or an anecdote, an interesting fact, a quote or a story from your own life.

Hook sentences shouldn't be too long but still, appeal to emotions and feelings. But remember that the hook must be relevant and appropriate not to hurt readers.

Body Paragraphs

The main paragraphs of your creative essay should render the story itself. Here you need to tell about characters, main events, and anything to unfold the story. Don't be shy to express yourself. Luckily, creative essay writing is about your own feelings and experiences, so there is no need to follow particular standards and requirements.

However, your body paragraphs should still follow a logical structure and a certain order (for example, a chronological one). It should be simple for the reader to understand what you are talking about.


Once your story is finished don't rush to submit it. There is another section left - the conclusion. Even though many students think that it's not compulsory, tutors say that conclusion also influences the final grade.

Here you can simply summarize everything that was written in body paragraphs, remind readers of the thesis and tell about future perspectives of the topic. If possible, include a call-to-action and motivate readers to research the subject further.

Creative Writing Assignment Tips from Experts

Creative writing assignments can be both fun and challenging. Luckily, our service knows how to simplify the process:

  1. Choose a great topic. It's impossible to grab the interest of the reader if you don't like the story yourself. That is why always choose a subject that you are passionate about. While you can write a lab report without any emotions even if the topic is boring, custom creative writing requires your full immersion and dedication;
  2. Listen attentively to your tutor's requirements. Creative writing requirements are rather blurred because they give students much freedom when working on the assignment. However, your teacher still has guidelines on the structure, size, and formatting. Write them down, because such small details are rather important and can influence your final grade;
  3. Create character sheets. Write about your main characters, their traits, background, manners and the way they look. You can also make brief notes on the features you want them to possess. This will greatly help to create comprehensive and interesting characters in the future;
  4. Write the assignment without thinking about mistakes. When you feel inspired, start writing immediately.Don't reread sentences and never return to passages that you doubt in. Later you'll have time to reread the assignment over and over again and to polish it. Just dive into the writing process and let your talent bloom;
  5. Write the way you want. Creative assignment writing is all about showing your inner voice. There is no need to follow strict rules and requirements. If you want, start with body paragraphs, change time order, rewrite whole paragraphs and use literary tools that are not commonly used for this type of writing. Express yourself;
  6. Devote enough time to proofreading and editing. Even though the main goal of this task is to show your creativity, it's still important to prove that your language skills are solid and you have a broad vocabulary. If you doubt, use online checkers or ask people you trust to proofread the work for you and get help;
  7. Don't forget to have fun! Yes, there are many rules and requirements for high school creative writing but they don't mean a thing if you are not truly enjoying the process. Trust us, gaining solid writing skills will greatly help you in the future, so try to develop them as early as possible. Who knows, maybe you'll be writing creatively a novel one day?

Successful Creative Writings Ideas

Creative Writing Topics for College Students

  1. Tell me about the time when you were hurt. What happened?
  2. Times when you acted like a rebel;
  3. Morality problems that bother you;
  4. A situation when you acted like a coward;
  5. The most challenging situation you have ever been in;
  6. Why is education so important?
  7. Possible consequences of being expelled from college;
  8. How the Internet has changed communication;
  9. Why is tolerance so important;
  10. Causes and effects of not going to elections;
  11. The most beautiful man/woman on Earth;
  12. Who runs the world?
  13. What made you choose a particular college?
  14. What should become the next wonder of the world?
  15. The best way to recharge your inner batteries;
  16. Literature is a treatment for your soul;
  17. College is the happiest place for any person;
  18. How to stop wars?
  19. Future of humanity;
  20. Describe your best friend from college.

Creative Writing Topics for High School

  1. Is homeschooling effective?
  2. Advantages of same-sex schools;
  3. What social activities must be restricted?
  4. Globalization and its impact on us;
  5. The educational system in France;
  6. Is graffiti also an art?
  7. Cost of private school education across the world;
  8. Can test scores accurately evaluate an individual's skills?
  9. Flaws of the current educational system;
  10. Are left-handed artists more gifted?
  11. Is it harder to be admitted to college than it was 20 years ago?
  12. Are CEOs overpaid?
  13. Can psychology specialists at schools help students with problems?
  14. Do online schools have a future?
  15. Who 'gifted' children are and should they receive special treatment at schools?
  16. Should vaccination be optional?
  17. What type of schooling is better?
  18. Teachers play an important part in students' lives;
  19. Importance of family for teenagers;
  20. Drugs and alcohol in high school student's life.

Creative Writing Ideas for Middle School

  1. Will artificial intelligence win one day?
  2. Is it expensive to study abroad and what the advantages are?
  3. The best sports to play;
  4. Benefits of being in school organizations;
  5. Can Facebook or Instagram be used in classrooms?
  6. Impact of technologies on our lives;
  7. Should it be prohibited to drive and text at the same time?
  8. Is it possible to find friends online?
  9. Ethical rules to follow;
  10. Is it important to learn foreign languages at school?
  11. The best musical concert you have ever been to;
  12. Why should all have hobbies?
  13. Your dream job;
  14. The most important person in your life;
  15. Love and friendship - two pillars of a happy life;
  16. Where would you go if you didn't have to think about money?
  17. Is gambling an addiction?
  18. Your favorite actor/actress;
  19. If you could write a book, what would it be about?
  20. Are you a cat or a dog person?

Creative Writing Service Assistance: Boost Your Success

Writing a creative essay is exciting yet quite challenging. You are not biased by any rules (almost) and do not have to stick to a strict structure or format. This piece of writing is called to express your imagination and a totally different approach to academic writing.

Our creative writing help provides creative writing services for those students who have no time, skills, knowledge, experience, or wish to cope with these assignments on their own. If you are one of those who have no idea what to write and where to start, you are welcome to hire a true professional to get help who will do it for you.

Our help service provides creative writing services from scratch. We guarantee:

  • The best quality;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Professional native English-speaking writers;
  • The best proofreaders;
  • Affordable costs;
  • 100% Confidentiality;
  • Helpful live chat support;
  • No plagiarism;
  • Original creative writings.
Format of your essay
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  • icon 20" between paragraphs
  • icon 31" margin all around
  • icon 40.5" first line of paragraph
icon 5double spaced (275 words/page) / single spaced (550 words/page)
You can ask for additional services, one of them is formatting your essay.

Creative writing service for each student

Paperhelpwriting does hire only professionals in our team. Unlike many other creative writing companies, we do not work with freelancers or foreign students who deliver poor quality. All our creative writers pass through verification and prove their capability to work in our team.

Our help service asks all candidates to:

  • pass a complete English test;
  • prove their knowledge of grammar conventions;
  • write a complicated assignment within the shortest time frame from scratch;
  • submit their recommendations;
  • provide their diplomas with degrees in related disciplines.

How to get a paper from our custom creative writing service

To get graduate creative writing services on our site, just complete a couple of simple stepsto get help:

  • Provide the details of your order: type of paper, volume, topic, discipline, deadline, academic level, etc.;
  • Leave your personal and contact details;
  • Proceed with the payment;
  • Receive your creative writing on time.

All Perks of choosing creative writing help from experts

Paperhelpwriting strives to provide top-quality documents only. Our help service guarantees the upper quality to all of our customers and make sure everyone receives creative writing help he or she pays for. You should know that when ordering creative writing papers on our help service, you receive not just a paper but tons of other benefits.

Timely delivery

When you use a creative writing service, you must be sure that your paperwork is delivered to you on time. This is exactly what we guarantee. No matter how tough and short your deadline is, if we accept your order, we will deliver it on time no matter what. Be sure to submit your creative paper whenever you need it.

Keep in mind that the deadline affects the price of your paperwork, so the earlier you order creative writing, the cheaper it will be. Try not to procrastinate and place your orders beforehand to enjoy the cheapest top-quality papers.

Full confidentiality

Paperhelpwriting never discloses the personal, contact, or payment details of its customers to third parties. All information provided by you on our help service is kept secret. Don't worry about someone from your college knowing where you have gotten your creative paperwork. Our creative writing agency has a strict privacy policy.

Native and professional writers

Only the best authors in the field provide creative writing help on our help service. Our help service writers that do a creative writing are native English speakers, holding diplomas with degrees in the necessary fields, and having many years of experience in online creative writing. This ensures that your work is flawless, typos-, and errors-free.

Affordable costs

Unlike many creative writing companies, Paperhelpwriting has an absolutely transparent pricing policy, and you can see the cost of your work at the stage of placing an order. Our servicd guarantees the most affordable costs for PhD creative writing in the market.

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