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If you need to prepare a speech, you have already made the right step for a successful result. On this page, you will find detailed and actual information about making such text and additional advice about oral presentation. So let's get more knowledge right now!

What is a Speech?

Speech – is a text about anything that helps to make a great oral presentation. This type of content doesn't pay attention to simple mistakes and misprints in the text, but the accent on the way you talk to your audience. That's why the speaker must prepare a great speech and use his verbal and nonverbal communication talents.

The purpose of any speech is to impress the audience. It may be prepared according to the exact topic, event, or situation. You may give a speech in front of friends, partners, or strangers. In any case, you need to reach success using own voice and simple word combinations.


Professional Speech Writers

For many reasons making and giving a speech is quite a nervous task. The author always worries about how the target audience will accept him and his presentation. In case your voice isn't a very flexible tool, the text may be quite improved. Just contact our writing team and let us create the most fabulous speech ever for you!

Writing a Speech Step-by-Step

The process of writing speech is similar to defining the perfect length of paper: you just can't predict the best option before you start writing. Such particularity makes this task to be even harder sometimes than a simple essay. So advice and detailed guide in speech writing format will be very useful for students.

Topic Selection

A professional writer can make a good speech for any topic. But it makes a great influence on your writing style, speaking manner, proper words, and so on. Before you choose a speech, try to think about the main ideas you can describe in the text. Sometimes a simple topic can transform into a very hard task, so be attentive and make notes. Such preparation requires some time but ensures you will make the right choice.

Research It

When you have the exact topic, start to work with text. You still can't write the full speech but is able to make notes for future paragraphs. The author has to make real research: collect different information, chose own position, prepare the list of arguments. In case you make an oral presentation but not an average essay, you may also gather relevant jokes, rhetorical questions, interesting facts, and other hook elements.

Speech Writing

Writing speech requires time and knowledge. If this is your first speech, you need to prepare the outline which works as a blueprint for future content. Then you will be able to make an introduction, body, conclusion, and edits. Also, try to prepare a short-list for yourself which will contain the basic rules and essential elements for your speech. For instance, a call-to-action, joke, interesting and shocking facts, and so on.


Your text starts with an outline. If you don't know how to write an outline for a speech keep the same rules you used to use for essays and reviews. If you are not keen on academic papers at all, it's better to read a full guide or ask a professional writer for support.


The hook is a sentence or a word combination, usually placed at the beginning of the speech. It makes the target audience becoming much more exciting and engaged with the speaker's presentation. You can use a joke, interesting facts, statistics, or other elements as a hook. Just keep it relevant to the topic and your audience.

Connection of Main Issues

It means that you need to provide your audience with answers on the most essential questions: why it is important, what is your speech about, how it is connected to other people, how they can join to solve such issues. Make sure, that you use the relevant and fair descriptions of the problem.

Collate of General Points

Speech is not a standard academic paper, but it doesn't mean you can break the cause-and-effect relationship. Beforehand you must collect your main points in a draft, and during public speaking, you must place them in logic order to keep your presentation easy-to-understand. This is an essential rule for both serious and funny speeches.

Offer New Topics and Summary

People should get new information from your text and feel grateful for new content. Even if you don't position it as an educational, no one likes to spend precious time on trash. So explain your topic, its background, make conclusions, share your position, and ask the target audience for the next step.


After listening to your speech people may think about new issues, feel a desire to help with a solution, etc. It is highly important to motivate people to participate in further actions. For instance, if you are going to talk about global warming, give people advice how to join the fight against thinning of the Arctic icecap.

Speech Tips from Experts

Writing a speech is not similar to any other academic task. This text must include not only great information for your target audience, but also be built according to oral principles in public presentations. That's why authors need to use all their skills and strength to develop high-quality text for speech. And the following expert advice will help you to prepare the best content for oral presentation and polish its details.

  • You must understand the aim of your speech. Start with determining the purpose of your oral presentation. It could be to educate, to impress, to present something new, to persuade someone, and so on. Depending on the option you choose you to need to use relevant style, words, and other literary tools. Also the aim of the speech influences the call-to-action part at the end of your text.
  • Understand the basic and deep needs of your target audience. The text of the speech is written exactly for them, so, first of all, make small research to understand the intentions of your future listeners. As a result, you will be able to pick up the relevant topic, style of language, jokes, and other elements of content which will definitely impress your audience.
  • Plan the structure of the speech. Most speakers do one common mistake. They forget about the main idea and ruin the structure of the presentation. As a result, the speech loses logical order, and the target audience can be twisted in such controversial information. That's why the author needs to have a plan and make his performance according to the relevant structure.
  • Choose the perfect length. All academic papers have an approximate amount of words to use in the text. But speech doesn't have one perfect length. There are a lot of factors that influence it: topic, audience, event, etc. So only the author can take such serious decisions and prepare the speech with perfect content. Note, that you have to keep the balance: explain the topic to the full and do not overwhelm your listeners.
  • Discover other popular and successful speeches. There are so many famous oral presentations among celebrities, historical personalities, and so on. Several such texts could be your magic wand because give author nice ideas of professional speech. You may start with well-known Martin Luther King's speed 'I have a dream' and finish with Robert Downey jr. text at Golden Globe Awards in 2010.
  • Make revisions. Yes, the speech is an oral presentation, so your listeners wouldn't find misprints in your text. But the author must work on grammar and polish his text to the level of perfection. That's why proofread and edit your text several times before you feel the speech is finally done.
  • Practice in public speaking. There are situations when authors had prepared great speeches but failed to stand on the stage. It could happen at the wedding of your best friend or if you are asked to perform college grad speech. The reason for such failure is the lack of experience. That's why you need to repeat your oral presentation in front of your friends and even mirror several times.

Great Topics for Different Types of Speech

Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Why gays can adopt children
  2. The evidence of the existence of the Bermuda triangle
  3. The reasons why music can heal
  4. You can live without a smartphone
  5. The terrible side of global warming

Informative Speech Topics

  1. 5 facts you don't know about your body
  2. How to survive in tornado
  3. 3 methods to prevent heart attack
  4. Where to live if you are allergic to the sun
  5. The best place for a vacation with a baby

Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. This is the biggest challenge of my life
  2. I believe that plants can feel too
  3. If I were an animal I would…
  4. My story of surviving in mountains
  5. Let's discuss junk food popularity

Demonstrative Speech Topics

  1. How to cook a perfect cake
  2. The secret of persuasive speech
  3. Let's organize a prom in 2 hours
  4. Advice how to choose the best wine
  5. The secret content of the black box

Commemorative Speech Topics

  1. What is love
  2. How to build a happy marriage
  3. The way to keep the memory of the hero
  4. The story of a brave friend
  5. Secret charity as a hidden kindness

Argumentative Speech Topics

  1. Why people lose their creativity in front of the power of technologies
  2. We must make guns legal for average people
  3. Why we should donate organs
  4. The advantages of charity for both sides
  5. How positive emotions influence on the patient's recovery

Special Occasion Speech Topics

  1. The best advice for my brother who is married now
  2. Happy birthday, dear Annie
  3. What I want to wish you for Christmas
  4. Today is the retirement of the person with the biggest heart. Here is the reason why
  5. What New Year will bring to us

Controversial Speech Topics

  1. Which economics is better: communism or capitalism
  2. Pros and cons of polygamy
  3. The ethical side of using a biological weapon
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of kids' labor
  5. Pros and cons of legalization of assisted suicide

Motivational Speech Topics

  1. You can do this. Listen to my story
  2. The power of proactive personality
  3. The inspiration of Scorpions songs
  4. How to convince anyone you are beautiful
  5. To work means to live

Problem Solution Speech Topics

  1. How to teach kids to solve problems
  2. Why we need to prevent a corruption
  3. How to eat more healthy food
  4. 5 ways to stop animal cruelty
  5. Can we prevent a terrorist attack

Inspirational Speech Topics

  1. This is my high school graduation speech to inspire everyone today
  2. We can set realistic goals and reach success
  3. 5 evidence of the power of self-motivation
  4. How to change the world in 1 hour
  5. How everyone can break bad habits

Entertaining Speech Topics

  1. The TOP of the worst dates ever
  2. Let's discuss our pets' names
  3. How to ruin the relationship with your mom
  4. This is the biggest fail ever
  5. The most exciting life mottos

Narrative Speech Topics

  1. The best summer vacation for kids
  2. The story of the perfect birthday party
  3. The most frightening experience
  4. The best time of youth
  5. The story that teaches life in YOLO style

Invitational Speech Topics

  1. Jogging or riding a bicycle
  2. The cosmetics tests on animals
  3. What is the worst: terrorist attack or war
  4. Benefits of increasing the voting age
  5. Eating healthy or junk food

Extemporaneous Speech Topics

  1. Is capitalism better than communism
  2. Should we refuse from social networks
  3. Should TV-show 'Friends' has a sequel
  4. Why do we need to save the planet
  5. Is it possible to cancel taxes

Speech Writing Example

Topic: Climate change: too bad to be true

How many years do we continue to speak about climate change? It seems to be not real sometimes, because even a baby knows that this is the biggest threat for humanity. But a joke can't make this problem smaller: the climate change is a global, serious, and frightening thing.

Bad news: climate change is real

According to the last statistic data, the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are terrible. It has reached 30% since the industrial revolution. As a result, we can't consider climate change to be a natural process for our planet. If you still considered this way, then you should change your mind. Otherwise, it would be too late in the nearest decades.

Besides, climate change is not the only problem we have. Scientists notice that the speed of all processes is also increased. For instance, by 2040 the planet will have only the hottest summers. If we do nothing and just stare at the problem, we should expect grim consequences.

Good news: the solution exists

We can stop global warming and other consequences of climate change. The simplest way is to stop doing things that cause such troubles. And the first step is to talk about problems and do not avoid discussions because of laziness, fear, and other human weaknesses.


It's almost impossible to learn how to write a speech. The author needs a mix of talent and experience, self-development and a sense of humor. But great speech is a tool that can make miracles. And of course, such skill is required for students in different fields.

So professional speech writing services could be the best way to get a perfect text and secret advice in public speaking. Our company has been working on different topics and task assignments. That's why we are sure we can help your speech to impress everyone!

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