• Why should I order my essay from you?

    The educational writing market is represented by numerous academic writing agencies of different size and professional level. We are client-oriented company. You are the best value for us and we are ready to support you in all the difficulties you face in your study. Our team of talented writers is dedicated to writing for educational purposes. They never use pre-written materials; all the papers are 100% original. We work 24/7 to support you all day long with our friendly service exactly at the moment you require it.

  • How does your academic writing service work?

    Our service is for your educational success! To order it you need to fill in the registration form and provide us the basic data to have the clear picture of the assignment you provide us. Please also mention your deadline to have your assignment ready exactly on the time you need.
    Once again, please have 4 easy steps to your perfect paper.
     Proceed registration.
     Make your payment.
     Have the writer assigned.
     Have the paper ready and delivered.

  • Do you guarantee total confidentiality?

    Yes, you can be completely confident in your data. You follow up full privacy policy for all the clients we have.

  • Who will write my paper?

    We gathered the team of professional writers. In accordance with specific details of your order we select the most professional writer capable to fulfill your order in 100% quality. All the writers have Master degree in their education, as it is the main requirement of our team. Your paper won’t contain stupid mistakes, and will be full of fresh and ideas, real professionals fulfill it for you.

  • Can I communicate with the writer directly?

    Our client service team will support all your communications with the writer. The answer all your requests and give you detailed instructions. Feel free to contact us every time you need our support.

  • Will my paper be plagiarism free?

    Yes, it will. We do not accept any plagiarism in the papers you order as your professors, tutors and instructors do not accept it as well. Professional level of our students do not require to source any material for your paper, they have deep knowledge in your subject, they know educational requirements, they are talented authors and they do their best to give you the best result.

  • When will I have my order ready?

    With your order you should give us your order info. From our side we guarantee your order will be finished on time!

  • Do you do editing?

    From our practice, the papers we prepare have the perfect quality - they have excellent content, correspondent to your assignment as well as proof-read, grammar, spelling and punctuation right. You will have the paper ready to submit. In case you have personal remarks to your paper, the writer can implement them.

  • What should I do in case I am not satisfied with your work?

    We have money refund policy, in case you have the remarks to the quality that cannot be implemented we return your money.

  • How do you calculate the pages number? Is the reference page included into the total count?

    No, we do not include into the total count the following pages - reference page, bibliography and the title. They are free of charge.

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