Create a Strong Police Brutality Essay

January 4, 2020

Recently, news has been teeming with articles about police abuse. Headlines say that the police officers are physically or psychologically aggressive towards subordinates. Most often this concerns black people, that is, anger causes a person’s appearance.

Due to the popularity of the topic and ongoing discussions, you may be given the task of writing an essay on the brutality of the police. In this case, you need to know the paper structure, key elements and a list of suitable topics. It is important that the essay not only shows your writing and analysis skills but also involves people in discussing the topic. You need to express your sincere attitude to the problem.

We’ve put together the best tips for creating a police brutality essay. Follow our instructions and your paper will be one of the best in the class. If you do not want to understand this information, contact us and get a quick consultation for ordering an essay.

The concept of police brutality essay

Police brutality essay is a type of paper that talks about the problem of violence on behalf of police officers. Most often this is an argumentative or persuasive paper because you need to argue your view of the problem. You can get such a task in a lesson in psychology, ethics or relationships in society. Depending on the lesson, the topics of the essay will vary slightly.

If your essay is argumentative, you need to come up with and reinforce the arguments that prove your point. This requires a formal approach since the main emphasis is on compliance with the structure and format.

If you want to create persuasive paper, you need to find your motivation to solve the problem. This is more difficult because you may not have experience or understanding of this issue. In this case, you should find insight and feel the need to contribute to a change in the situation.

The structure of police brutality paper

When writing an essay, you have a bunch of information in your head, so it’s easy to skip some elements of the paper. Structuring will help you select the right data for each piece of paper. Below you will see the standard structure for this type of assignment.

  • Introduction. This is the first and most important element of the police brutality essay. It is in the first paragraph that you should place the catch elements. If your introduction is sharp and focused, the reader will continue to work with paper. However, uncertainty and excessive softness will show your weak mood and will not be able to engage the reader.
  • Body of a paper. The body of the essay consists of three main paragraphs, each of which has a strong argument. If the topic requires more in-depth analysis, you can add a couple of paragraphs with convincing arguments. However, remember that it is better to write three good paragraphs than five weak ones.
  • Conclusion. In the last paragraph, you need to reformulate the thesis and summarize the study. Tell us what problems you encountered while analyzing the topic and what emotions it caused you. End the essay with a rhetorical question or a reference to the topic of the paper, so that readers think about the problem.

Essentials of your paper

To write a strong argumentative or persuasive essay, you need to know about the key elements of the paper. These elements are the driving parts of the paper, they help to attract attention and fill the essay with meaning.

  • Thesis statement. This is a brief exact sentence that contains the main message of the paper. The thesis is placed in the introduction to immediately capture the attention of the audience.
  • A hook. Based on the name, you can understand that this element should catch the reader, interest him and make him continue reading. The hook is played by famous quotes, comparisons, facts, or even a joke.
  • References to the idea of ​​an essay. In each paragraph, you must reinforce your thesis statement, provide additional arguments. Watch for logic and consistency. Check that each argument complements your statements, and does not contradict them.

Important writing tips to improve the quality of paper

Have you ever noticed that even owning and having the motivation to research a topic, writing an essay is difficult? This is because you do not have an integrated approach to creating paper. We’ve put together the best tips to help you write a police brutality essay.

  1. Start with an outline. The outline is your paper guide that helps keep all the details in groups. In your outline, you must come up with a thesis for introduction, a hook, transitions between parts of an essay. Speaking of police brutality essay, you can pick up evidence of police violence. Find the main arguments to prove your point.
  2. Brainstorm. Using the focus on the topic of the paper, select the main arguments and ways to discuss them. You can use the “take and write” method, that is, record everything you think in small time intervals. Another way to brainstorm is to read articles that are relevant to the topic and write down everything that you remember.
  3. Sort your ideas. When you work with argumentation, sort the data. Determine which arguments are the strongest and which are used to fill the space. Gather ideas from other sources and compare them with yours.
  4. Provide facts. Find real stories of victims of violence in custody or at the time of the arrest. Distribute data to people’s reviews and comments from the police. Browse existing works on this topic. You must be armed with information.

Additional organizational tips

  • Reinforcement of evidence. Find proven facts of violence, citations from articles, psychology research. This will confirm your words, and you will earn the trust of the audience. Make sure you are using credible sources.
  • Paper organization. Draw a visual outline of the essay, enter the data that you already have. Type title, your name, and course depending on the paper size. Visualize which police brutality essay you want to receive as a result of work.
  • The construction of the skeleton. When you wrote the outline and drew the outline of the essay, create the exact look of the paper. Decide the size of the introduction, the number of arguments and comments.
  • Watch the meaning. Each sentence should continue the idea of ​​the previous one and develop the thesis. If you break the logical sequence, it will confuse the reader and he will stop reading the essay.

Main types of police brutality essay

Paper on the theme of police brutality can be argumentative, persuasive, controversial, as well as the following subjects: psychology, sociology, politics. We have selected topics for each category.

Argumentative police brutality essay

  1. Should police be convicted of violent behavior?
  2. Should physical and psychological abuse be equally punished?
  3. Can police violence be resisted?
  4. Why does self-doubt threaten a suspect?
  5. In what cases can violence in detention be justified?
  6. Do some people specifically cause violence?
  7. Is it possible to protect yourself from psychological abuse?
  8. Why are black people more likely to suffer from violence?
  9. Is psychological abuse a crime?
  10. How to protect yourself from psychological abuse in custody?
  11. Why are blacks exposed to psychological violence twice as often as whites?
  12. Will social associations help against police violence?
  13. Is it necessary to discuss the topic of violence at lectures in sociology?
  14. Do we need to hold rallies against violence in custody?
  15. How to behave during an arrest?
  16. Why cannot the state eradicate the problem of violence?
  17. Does violence in custody help close a case faster?
  18. Is it possible to count on the courts when it comes to abuse of power?

Persuasive police brutality essay

  1. Moral violence in custody is a major threat to humans
  2. Why are so many cops racist?
  3. Why is it difficult to prove the manifestation of police brutality in court?
  4. Should teachers tell students about violence in custody?
  5. What technologies can track the manifestation of physical abuse?
  6. Are police officers at risk of partner violence?
  7. Are police officers guided by statistics or prejudice?
  8. Why is police brutality tightened every year?
  9. Why should students know about police brutality?
  10. How to prove the fact of moral bullying?
  11. Why does every policeman need a psychologist?
  12. Why does police brutality threaten society?
  13. Why is the topic of police violence hushed up in society?
  14. Do police orders have violence?
  15. Are there any cases of police brutality?
  16. How to attract power to this problem?

The sample of police brutality essay

An essay can have a different volume, depending on the requirements. We prepared a small example in which we placed the introduction, arguments for the paper body and conclusion. In these parts, we placed the essentials of the essay.

Topic: Why many police officers have racist ideas?

Introduction: According to statistics, every third African American prisoner is subjected to physical or psychological abuse. It was noted that police officers pay much more attention to people who differ in appearance and race. Police officers are often confident of their guilt even before the investigation, therefore they use violence to confess guilt.

Arguments for the body part: Firstly, skin color catches the police who have psychological problems. Secondly, a lot of officers rely on their experience. Thirdly, they want to close the case quickly, so they attribute the blame to people who differ in race characteristics.

Conclusion: Over the years, some police officers become racists. This is influenced by the psychological burden, the statistics of condemnation of African Americans and prejudice. The problem can be eliminated if you hire psychologists in each police station for personal consultations. To combat violence, communication channels with suspects and their families should be created. At the moment, this problem is one of the most discussed in the field of police arrests.

Bottom Line

Police brutality paper requires a deep analysis of the topic and a strong motivation to solve the problem. With the help of our guide, you have every chance of creating a strong, compelling essay and get a high grade. Be prepared to research the sources and analyze the opinions of the victims.

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