Useful Guidelines for a Winning Illustration Essay

March 22, 2019

Winning Illustration Essay

We come across the word illustration in all spheres of our lie daily. Originated from the Latin language it means an explanation of a notion with one or several examples. Illustration essay, in turn, provides a description of the phenomenon or idea with the help of correctly chosen examples.

The most important thing about the illustration essay is that you do not turn your paper into a list of never-ending examples. This is not a report, so you have to choose several good examples and explain them in details.

You have to make sure that each example you present is closely related to your topic. Let’s say your topic is Old friends are better than new ones. It means that all your examples should reveal this topic from different angles. Answering the question – why- will help you select the right examples or your topic.

Tips for an effective illustration essay

Writing an illustration composition may be tricky sometimes. Below you will find several useful tips that will help you write your paper without problems:

–    Use transitional words and phrases to make logical bonds between your paragraph and examples;

–    Chose only the best examples. You have limited volume so you need to select the examples that are best suited;

–    Let your examples be detailed. This way your reader will easily get your point;

–    Include illustration phrases into your examples;

–    Do some exercises to practice your illustration skills. This will help you become an expert in writing different types of essays.

Structure of illustration essay

Illustration essay has the same structure as other types of essays: the introductory part, the main part (body) and the conclusive part. However, there are several things to consider when writing this paper.

  1. You begin writing your essay with the intro part and thesis statement. A thesis is the main ides of your essay that you will be supporting with examples. A thesis is usually as large as one sentence and should be informative, challenging and convey the main idea of the research.
  2. After the introduction you proceed to the body. It usually consists of 3 to 5 paragraphs depending on the amount of information you have. In this section, you will be trying to prove and describe the main idea of the entire work.

Once you have all the material you want to share with your readers, it is a good idea to consult your teacher about the details. They may give you a valuable piece of advice.

All the information should be managed in the logical order, and all the parts should be linked to each other. You may choose to types of order to present you examples: from the most to least important, and vice versa.

  1. The final part is as important as the previous ones. In the conclusions, you accumulate everything you said before and make a brief summary. This is not the section for new information. You only summarize the results of your research.

Outline for your illustration essay

Your teacher, internet recourses and even your expert mats will tell you to begin the writing process with an outline. It is basically your plan of action that will not let you leave anything out, structure your material and place everything logically. An outline will help you be more organized about your essay.

When you make an outline, you normally give the name the part of the text and short description of what you will be talking about in it.

Topics for an A+ illustration essay

One of the essential things about your essay is the topic. Why? Because it defines whether your paper will be interesting for others to read or no. sometimes, it is only the topic that catches the attention of your audience.

Below you will find an interesting topic for your essay:

  1. Why some sport teams don’t get the rating they deserve?
  2. How to deal with annoying people if you live in dorms?
  3. Why work in fast food institutions is so difficult?
  4. What will you do to improve the relationships with our college?
  5. Is there anything people can do about global warming at this stage?
  6. If the government legalizes drugs where will it lead the society?
  7. Why the birth rates are so low in developed countries?
  8. Why it is important for a woman to be educated?
  9. What is the positive impact of technological progress?
  10. What dangers hide behind artificial intellect?
  11. How dangerous for society can be the legalization of concealed weapons?
  12. Describe the pros and cons of having a lot of money.
  13. What is good about taking part in student exchange programs?
  14. Why children nowadays have so little basic knowledge?
  15. How positive thinking influences us?
  16. Rewritten history: can you believe books?
  17. Describe the pros and cons of commercials
  18. Why people become more selfish?
  19. Why the rate of domestic violence is increasing?
  20. Does the addition to technologies influence children’s’ IQ?

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