Great Depression Essay: Working Guidelines For Writing

April 9, 2021

what is the great depression

If you’re studying at school or university, you know how important it is to write papers. Tutors and professors assign students with essays of different kinds. Sometimes, it can be an essay on a regular topic and feature simple things, like personal preferences, stories from the personal background, or reflections on various mundane things. But sometimes you are supposed to show your attitude and knowledge about great events or even historical periods that happened in your country.

This type of essay requires a higher level of knowledge and proficiency. A good example is the Great Depression essay. If you know about the period of history, you should understand how complicated it may be to cover the topic correctly and coherently. To make things clearer for you, we are going to discuss the issue, help you with the formatting, and tell more about the history of the Great Depression. Let’s get to it!

The Phenomenon of the Great Depression: What Is It?

This period is pertinent to global history and the life of the American people in particular. It is the period of great economic change and collapse. It had different devastating effects on the lives of people. The economy crashed, the market could function, and people didn’t have the opportunity to find a job because the unemployment rate was extremely high.

Depression caused all areas of the economy to experience a major crisis. The inflation and depreciation of money were common for that time. Prices were considerably higher, and many companies, firms, and enterprises went bankrupt. These were the actions of the government that caused the crash in the economy of the country for a short period. The government wanted to be a part of the economic system, but they only made it worse.

It all started from the decision to give the government more power to rule the economy in the country and the society in general. It caused a global crash in all fields of life in America. The previous period of massive prosperity and wealth was replaced by despair and the need to meet new realities in the world of economic crisis. It started in 1929 and lasted for 10 years. The Western world had never seen such stagnation in the economy before. Black Tuesday is the marking day for the period.

It is supposed to be the start of the Great Depression. Nevertheless, the Depression started in the USA, and it touched the global world. The decline in production was filed in other countries as well. The absence of economic growth and the presence of high unemployment rates were characteristic features of the period.

The Great Depression: how it was

If you want to write a well-developed and organized paper, you need to know more about the causes of the period. Why did it all start?

  • The first and the most valid reason for the economy being crashed was Black Tuesday. It was the point of no return. In 1929 the Stock Market was harshly crashed.
  • The best step considered the collapse of banks. The institutions collapsed all over the world. What consequences were characteristic of the period? People lost their money and wanted to get them back. The speculators started their fraudulent business. Banks started to close because people were forced to withdraw their money.
  • The unemployment rate was high. The production decreased. Therefore, the overproduction phenomenon was present. The government was trying to protect the nation by performing laws, acts, and new tariffs.
  • The last-hitting point was the drought. It caused great losses for the nation and made people suffer for a long time.

These are the most vivid causes for the development of the Great Depression.

How to Write the Great Depression Essay

If you know enough to cover the topic, you need to learn how to work on the essay. First of all, it is necessary to work on the structure of the paper. Let’s discuss its structural components together and see how you can manage them.


First of all, you should work with the introduction. In the first part of your essay, you should mention the historical background and write down several important dates. You can also show your attitude to the period, but it is better to sum up in conclusion. You shouldn’t include the causes and effects of the period on the country in the introduction. You will touch upon it in the following parts.

Body Paragraphs

Now we get to the most interesting part. Here you need to draw your attention to the causes, effects, and the actual period of the Great Depression. It is necessary to work with every paragraph separately.

You need to allocate the material to separate paragraphs. In the first part, you should touch upon the reasons that cause such a collapse in the economy. In the second paragraph, you need to talk about the most prominent events of the period.

Tell about the unemployment, discuss more Black Tuesday and say a few words about how the Depression influenced other countries. It is important to choose the subtopic for every paragraph and stick to it. Start your paragraph with the introductory sentence, then tell the story and finish it up with the transitive sentence to the next essay part.


This is the last part of the Great Depression essay, and you need to treat it accordingly. To manage the conclusive part, you need to reread your paper and point out the main ideas. In conclusion, it is necessary to draw attention to the most expressive points. Don’t discuss new ideas when summarizing the paper.

You can write another paragraph to express your attitude to the period and say a few words about it. You can show a personal attitude to the issue but try not to make it too loose.

How to Work on the Essay: Tips for the Students

If you want to write a winning essay, you need to know the historical facts and learn the structure for coherent essay writing. But these tips may also help you to create a good example:

  • Research the information. This is the first piece of advice for the students. If you don’t know about this or that event, it is better to check it on the Internet. The professor will read the paper and notice the mistake if you don’t check it. You need to read as much about the period as possible. If you fully cover the events, you can play with them in the essay and perform them in a different light. Furthermore, by reading about the events, you can deepen your knowledge and become better at the history of the country.
  • Read the requirements of the task. In the paper, the professor may include the requirements for you to follow. You may find specific recommendations. If the professor asks to cover a particular question and doesn’t cover the whole period, you should know it before writing the paper.
  • Work on the structure. Performing historical events in a scattered manner is a bad idea. You need to work on every part of the essay and make it clear for the reader.

These are simple tips, but they may help you when writing the paper. If you take into account these tips and use them during the research, you will make up a winning paper.

Let’s Сonclude

Writing about the Great Depression can be challenging if you know little about the period. It was quite an intricate time in the history of America and the whole world. If you want to cope with the paper and make it a success, you need to mind our tips. In the article, we covered some basic facts related to the Great Depression period. You need to take them into account when writing a paper. It will help you perform better and more organized work.

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