Essay About Obesity Problem: Ideas For Writing

February 23, 2020

Essay About Obesity Problem: Ideas For Writing

Doctors utilize such tools of measurement as BMI or body mass index and obesity to assess the body fat, accordingly to gender, age, and height of a person. For instance, the person has excess body fat and weight if BMI is starting from 25 to 29.9.

The person is diagnosed obese if the BMI is more than 30. Obesity is such a condition that boosts the risk of developing high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and other medical conditions such as some types of cancer, arthritis, and metabolic syndrome.

According to the World Health Organization, obesity is the accumulation of excess and abnormal body fat, coming along with several risk factors. To measure it you should take the weight (kilos) plus BMI and divide them by the square of the individual’s height (meters).

Obesity in America

Obesity is becoming considered to be an epidemic as long as 1 in every 3 Americans is possible to be categorized as obese and overweight. nowadays, the USA is an obese country and it keeps getting worse and worse.

What are the causes of obesity?

One of the causes of obesity is a fact that food chains are becoming affordable for more and more people. Besides, people tend to live a less active life, eat fewer fruits and veggies since they are more expensive than processed foods. Consequently, unhealthy food has become more affordable for many people on a tight budget. No matter whether a person is young or old, he or she might suffer from obesity in the USA.

As long as you know now more facts about obesity, it will be easy for you to compose a solid obesity paper.

How to write an obesity paper?

Writing an obesity essay is similar to generating any other essay type. So the instructions and tips on how to write it will be similar too.

Obesity Essay Intro

Begin your paper with a catchy and interesting sentence. So that it will motivate the reader to read on and draw their attention. Try to encourage the reader’s interest to read further in the introduction and leave a positive impression, especially, for your professor.

Therefore, open an intro paragraph of the paper with a hook sentence to make it interesting. For instance, if you write an obesity paper, you may begin a hook with some statistics or facts.

As soon as you hooked the reader, you should give him or her the relevant data about the topic. At this stage, it will be better not to give too much of the background data, bombarding the reader with excess data not to make them bored. Share only the data which is important for the reader to better understand the topic.

At the end of your introduction, write a strong thesis statement. Make sure it is written clearly and concisely. Note that a thesis statement must be simple to justify because the body of your paper would revolve around it.

Body Paragraphs

Include the details that are related to your topic in the body paragraphs of your paper. Utilize figures, facts, and statistics that are related to the obesity topic to back up your thesis statement throughout your paper.

For instance, mention various causes of obesity and the way it might affect the person’s overall health if you write a cause and effect obesity paper. Depending on the parameters of the task that was set by your teacher, the number of body paragraphs might increase.

Begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence. it should be the crux of the content. Therefore, it is better to compose an engaging topic sentence to help grab the interest of the readers.


Restate your investigation and ty it to your thesis statement when you end your paper with a conclusion. In your conclusion, offer the reader a possible solution to the obesity issue. Ensure the conclusion is both powerful and short.

Obesity Essay Example

Life without obesity

        Each person should have a healthy lifestyle, meaning, making meaningful social changes, doing physical exercises, and eating healthy foods. 

         People with obesity and overweight issues are recommended to undergo careful personalized treatment to help get rid of these symptoms. If people maintain and reach a healthy body weight, it will lead to more energy to enjoy life, boosting self-confidence, eliminating the risk of serious health concerns development. 

What Is More Dangerous: Obesity or Anorexia?

         Such eating disorders as obesity and anorexia are dangerous because they both can lead to death. They are complex neurobiological disorders, leading to metabolic repercussions that have strong environmental and genetic underpinnings. 

          Being anorexic, people starve themselves intentionally to death since they have a fear to gain weight. Obese people are too overweight. Anorexia is such a psychiatric disorder, leading to such disorders as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Since both anorexia and obesity might lead to deadly health risks, they are both equally dangerous. 

Obesity Topics

  1. What are the main causes of the rising number of obese children?
  2. Are obese parents at risk of having their children with obesity?
  3. What is the proportion of obese adults and children?
  4. What are the main possible treatments for obesity among children?
  5. Do there exist any social programs which can help children with fighting against obesity?
  6. Did technology boost the number of obese children?
  7. Do children spend more time on their gadgets instead of going out to play?
  8. The schools must encourage regular workouts and sports for their children.
  9. What is the best way for sports and other physical activity to protect children from getting obese?
  10.  Is childhood abuse possible to be a reason for obesity among young children?
  11. What is the main relationship between a neglection in childhood and an increased ratio of obesity in adulthood?
  12. Can obesity cause a negative influence on the psychological condition and overall well-being of a kid?
  13. Are electronic medical records efficient if it comes to the diagnosis of obesity among kids?
  14. Can obesity affect the academic success of the kid?
  15. Are the children that were raised by a single parent possible to be vulnerable to being obese?
  16. You are able to generate interesting exercises to inspire children to fight against obesity.
  17. What is the most important cause of obesity and what is the reason why is it becoming more and more spread every day?
  18.  The colleges and schools must work harder in order to develop techniques to eliminate childhood obesity.
  19. The government must not let colleges and schools include fatty or sweet snacks being a part of the lunch.
  20.  Can the mother’s obesity affect the health of the kid?
  21. Children who gain a lot of weight frequently might develop more chronic diseases.

Argumentative Obesity Essay Topics

  1. Can veggies and fruits eliminate the chances of obesity?
  2. Should you go for surgery to get rid of obesity? Does it have harmful side effects?
  3. Is obesity possible to be related to the individual’s mental condition?
  4. Should parents be responsible for obesity control in childhood?
  5. What are the main effective measures needed to prevent the boost in the obesity rate?
  6. What is the reason why the obesity rate is boosting in the USA?
  7. Can a person’s lifestyle be a reason for obesity?
  8. Can the country’s economic situation influence the obesity rate?
  9. Why is obesity considered to be an international health problem?
  10. Can gadgets and technology influence obesity rates?
  11. What may be the main reasons for the boost in school’s obesity?
  12. How can we solve the problem of obesity in children?
  13. Is obesity considered to be a chronic disease?
  14.  Can obesity cause heart attacks?
  15. Can junk food chains influence a boost in obesity?
  16. Do the nutritional programs assist in eliminating the obesity rates?
  17. How can the proper type of nutrition help to overcome obesity?
  18. Why must teachers encourage sports activities in colleges and schools?
  19. Can obesity influence the behavior of a person?

Topics for Research Papers

  1. Is family history possible to cause obesity in future generations?
  2. Is it possible for us to predict the obesity ratio via genetic testing?
  3. What is the main cause of the rising obesity rate?
  4. Do you believe the rise in fast-food restaurants is the main cause of a boost in the obesity rate?
  5. Is the obese women ratio greater than the obese men ratio?
  6. Why are females more prone to become obese if compared to men?
  7. Can stress be a cause of obesity? Mention the main reasons for how a person’s mental health is possible to be related to physical health.
  8. Is urban life the main cause of the rise in obesity rate?
  9. Urban people are more inclined to be obese if compared to people who live in the countryside.
  10. How obesity influences people’s life expectancy? What are the main solutions to eliminate the obesity rate?
  11. Can family eating habits trigger or affect obesity?
  12. How eating habits influence a person’s health?
  13. How is obesity able to affect the child’s future?
  14. Obese children are more inclined to get bullied in college and high school.
  15.  Why must schools encourage more exercise and sports for kids?

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