How To Compose The Great Gatsby Essay

February 17, 2020

How To Compose The Great Gatsby Essay

There is Great Gatsby in the curriculum of every high school in the USA. However, you might not be asked to compose a paper on this topic. Nevertheless, if you are applying for some college, you will be given a task to write about Great Gatsby.

This topic belongs to classical ones. You need to be aware of how to write the Great Gatsby essay to get a prestigious position. What is the best way to write such a paper?

The Great Gatsby Essay: What Is It?

Based on Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby is such a kind of academic writing which is about the pursuit of the American Dream. There are several variations upon this topic that you might be assigned. Meaning, you are not supposed to write only about the American Dream. however, note that it is one of the most important novel’s themes.

This novel was written in a period after WW1. It was a time of new cultural trends and Western economic prosperity, and of course, new criminal activities. The author keeps on criticizing the idea of the American Dream throughout a book.

Follow these tips for essay organization, if you want to write a superb paper:

  • Essay introduction. Include the background here. For instance, you may specify why, by whom, and when the novel was written.
  • Thesis statement. Make sure the main idea is present here. It must not be longer than three sentences.
  • Body paragraphs. Provide your reader with pieces of evidence, critique, and commentary, supporting your thesis statement.
  • Conclusion. Here you will need to restate the issue and provide a solution to it.

How to select the Great Gatsby Essay Topics

It is awesome if you are given the topics for your paper by your teacher. however, often the students are supposed to find the topics themselves. Here is a list of the most challenging Great Gatsby essay topics for you to check out:

  1. Did Gatsby love Daisy or he loved an idea of her?
  2. Why Jay Gatsby is great? Is he deserving to be called great?
  3. The symbolism in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”.
  4. Is a movie grounded in the book “The Great Gatsby” better?
  5. The representation of the American dream in Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby”.
  6. How the author shows the contrast between rich and poor?
  7. The implementation of the idea of the American Dream in Scott Fitzgerald’s novel.
  8. Who can be accused of the death of Gatsby?
  9. The concept of wealth and happiness in “The Great Gatsby”.
  10. Does the concept of “love” is important in “The Great Gatsby”?

Hints on Creating a Successful Paper Without a Headache

Take these steps to structure your paper properly:

  • Divide the essay into 3 parts: intro, main body, and conclusion.
  • Connect the paragraphs logically.
  • Create a detailed outline for each section of the future work.
  • Proofread and edit the essay as soon as it is written.

The Great Gatsby: Summary and Analysis

The narrator of the Great Gatsby is Nick Carraway. Firstly, this male character is from the First World War, seeking to settle. He takes a job in New York. He decides to rent a bungalow in search of happiness and wealth, next to mysterious and generous bachelor Jay Gatsby (owning a mansion).

This mansion is very exclusive and looking rich, according to Nick. Both the men are too young and rich for their age to have such a portion of wealth. Since men tend to dominate in those days’ society, women such as Myrtle, Jordan, and Daisy are treated just like an attachment to men. Females of those times experienced a lack of independence.

Men tend to dominate in the world of those days. Therefore, Tom is so wealthy that he can afford to have an affair outside of his marriage. Moreover, he does it on purpose, inviting Nick to meet Myrtle Wilson. The social norms are becoming broken when Nick reflects on Tom’s relationships with Myrtle and Daisy.

The relationships of Tom with both women are so abusive. for instance, he abuses Myrtle on the public by beating her. He thinks he is so powerful that he can bully everybody like Wilson (Myrtle’s husband). Besides, his wife Daisy is in his control too.

Being a man, Nick supports other males. When he gets to know that Gatsby loved Daisy before she got married, he lets them reconnect in his house. He does not check whether Gatsby told the truth or lied.

He admires Gatsby for him being extraordinary. In the world of those days, men were dominant and the ones to make a choice were only men. Women depended directly on men.

Therefore, the rights of women were neglected. Some men could treat the females the way they wanted without being punished. For instance, Tom broke Myrtle’s nose and even did not feel guilty about that. Besides, such behavior is treated as normal in the society of those times.

The dominant character of the novel is Tom. He harasses people, beginning with his mistress, wife, Gatsby, and George. He does the same thing Gatsby does. For example, he dates a married woman. After Myrtle’s death, he begins a battle between George and Gatsby. He convinces George that Gatsby and Myrtle had an affair.

As a sign of revenge, before killing himself, George kills Gatsby. It was such egoistic revenge to restore his status as a man. So, it is possible to talk about the moral decadence of those times when men were dominant.

Due to the author’s approach, the novel features so much influence both culturally and geographically. Gatsby’s manipulation of Daisy and Tom’s treatment of his mistress and wife makes it possible to say about male domination.

Hence, it is possible to say that men of these days exploited women. They idolized women to justify the reasons to take advantage of females.

For instance, Gatsby is considered to be successful because he managed to get married to a person he loved. therefore, he bought a house for her pleasure.

On the other hand, Tom utilizes his financial and physical powers to highlight that he is in control. Together with Gatsby, they set social structures, attracting women to them. Nevertheless, Nick could not relate to the manipulative and unpredictable Jordan Baker. He was scared of the fact Jordan Baker managed to do as much as men were able to do. Her character is unlike Daisy, who chose to stay with tom despite being unfaithful.

Jordan believes in herself. She drinks, smokes, and parties. However, nick blames himself for her doing these things.

Females in “The Great Gatsby” are depending on men and feel miserable. For instance, Daisy is not able to make a choice and decides to stay with her husband even after betrayal. Therefore, Gatsby wins her by saying flattering things to her. myrtle is similar to Daisy when she gets into relationships with other woman’s husbands. At this time, men asked and women responded without even thinking whether they wanted it or not.

All things considered, the novel raises the topic of gender inequality and discrimination. Both men and women of those times have to redefine themselves in order not to become victims of social norms.

The male gender tends to dominate in the social and economic part of society. therefore, the role of women was eliminated from being objects of male power. Females were subjects of male’s manipulation and were not able even to make their own choice. Therefore, in this male-dominated world, women were completely lost and weak.

The main thing in women’s lives of those days was to successfully get married. nothing much depended on females because men were prioritized. such a situation is different in the nowadays world which is good news.

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