How to Create a High-Quality Short Essay?

July 30, 2020

Short Essay From Scratch: Create A Winning Paper And Get A

Writing a short essay seems to be quite easy at first sight. When students receive such an assignment, they are sure it is going to take them just a couple of hours. All they need is to focus on the writing process and come up with a strong topic idea. Well, that is only a delusion. Creating a bright short essay is more complicated than the usual one. 

The thing is that you have to put all thoughts, arguments, and pieces of evidence into several paragraphs. However, it should not hurt the meaning of each sentence. Your short essay has to be coherent and comprehensible. Each question should be essential so that the essay cannot exist without it.

In this article, we will show you how to write a short essay on your own. You are going to find out tips and tricks of working with this type of paper. Besides, we want to share the winning strategy of shortening your essay and making it as bright as possible. Let’s start with the definition of the assignment.

What is the concept of a short essay?

A short essay is a paper 200-500 words long. Your task is to show your point of view relating to a particular topic, support it with a few arguments, and find relevant evidence. Also, you have to pick up a suitable structure that best demonstrates your opinion. Usually, a short essay consists of 3-5 body paragraphs that contain only critical information.

Working with a short essay is complicated because you have no right to make a mistake. Every following question should develop the idea of the previous one. Each paragraph should lead the reader to a logical conclusion. Writing a short essay, your task is to concentrate only on the necessary ideas and arguments, omitting all that is superfluous.

The important part of creating a short essay is planning and organizing the paper. In fact, you may spend more time on preparation than on writing itself. However, good preparation will help you avoid stupid mistakes and finish the essay before the deadline. Ready to see our step-by-step guide to creating a quality short essay?

Create a high-quality short essay from A to Z

There are a few steps you should follow to complete your short essay. To cut a long story short, you need to research the topic, create an outline, write your essay, and proofread it. Of course, each step is going to take you a while. However, if you spend enough time on research, you can save it when writing a paper. 

So, let’s discuss each critical step in detail:

1. Research the topic

If your teacher does not provide you with a topic, you will need to choose it on your own. However, it will not take you a lot of time. That is why the first significant step is to research the issue. Your task is to read about the problem, find credible resources, and analyze them. Try to find a few reputable sources you can rely on. Use them to pick up enough evidence you can use to support your arguments.

When researching, do your best to gather intelligence. Get familiarized with different aspects of the problem, come up with your opinion. Write down important data, and do not forget to mention each source. It will facilitate the writing process.

2. Use brainstorming to come up with ideas

The second step is to use brainstorming. Therefore, you will come up with a strong thesis statement, a few convincing arguments, and some evidence. Also, brainstorming helps you focus on the topic and write down everything you know about that. Set the timer for half an hour and write everything that crosses your mind.

You can take breaks when brainstorming. For example, divide the process into two parts and take 10 minutes to relax your brain. Distract yourself with physical activity or make lunch. Then, continue brainstorming to develop a few more ideas.

3. Create an outline

An outline is your plan for the essay structure and filling. You should come up with a suitable structure and arguments. Also, try to create an engaging thesis statement and a hook. Decide what you will start your essay with. Develop an appropriate approach to writing an introduction.

Your outline should resemble a draft. However, not only should it contain the essential elements, but also it has to show a suitable structure and sequence of the text. Do not spend a lot of time writing an outline – take a few minutes to write down the result of the brainstorm.

4. Start writing

Once you finish brainstorming and complete an outline, start writing a paper. Create an engaging introduction with a thesis statement, build a strong body part, and finish with a conclusion. Do not worry about the look of your paper – you will improve it with the next step.

5. Edit and proofread the paper

The last step you should take is to proofread the essay. Keep in mind that the process of proofreading can take you much more time than the writing one. The thing is that you have to shorten the essay, omitting all the superfluous data. It is complicated because you are likely to get used to your paper. Therefore, you cannot just delete a lot of sentences.

That is why we recommend you to use our online editing and proofreading service. We will take all the responsibility for improving your essay and making it as short as possible. Our editing experts will get rid of the errors, while proofreaders will slightly change the style, format, and lexical content. We guarantee to make your essay look perfect.

Essential ingredients of your short essay

We could have cut a long story short by saying that this assignment consists of the same standard elements. However, that is not fair because you need to understand the whole idea of the assignment. Not only will we explain each element, but also we are going to tell you how to create them.

A short essay consists of an introduction, thesis statement, body part, and a conclusion. However, you need to choose a different strategy when working with a short essay. Let’s talk about it in detail:

1. Introduction

Your introduction should be short and bright. You need to give a reader a full understanding of what they are going to find out reading your paper. An introduction is the first paragraph, so it determines the fate of your essay. Your goal is to attract a person, make them want to continue reading the article.

Creating an introduction, do not forget about a hook. It is a sentence that helps you to interest the reader, create some kind of intrigue. Do not use click baits because it is not fair. However, tell the reader about the central issue and the results you have been trying to get.

2. Thesis statement

A thesis statement is the most important part of the introduction. It is one sentence in which you explain the main aim of the essay. To put it another way, you should use the thesis as an auxiliary element to tell about your motivation.

3. Body paragraphs

This is the biggest part of your essay. The body of the short essay should contain around three paragraphs in which you present your arguments and evidence. Keep in mind that you should use each paragraph so support one argument. Also, remember to follow the logical sequence of the text. Each sentence has to develop the idea of the previous one.

Make sure that all of your paragraphs support your thesis statement. Another recommendation is to start with the strongest paragraph to impress the reader. The last body paragraphs should lead ta person to the conclusion.

4. Conclusion

The conclusion is the last part of the essay. It is as important as the introduction is because you summarize all you have said before. Also, you should reinforce your thesis and remind the reader about your argument. Your goal is to write a brief paragraph that works as a short version of the essay. 

Useful Tips And Tricks For Creating A Perfect Essay

It is extremely useful to learn some recommendations for improving the quality of your paper. A lot of students have already written loads of short essays. Therefore, they know how to make the paper perfect, and they can share it with you. Our experts analyzed the tips of those students and made a list of great ones:

  • Choose a topic you want to research. It is important to work on a problem you seek to solve. If you are not interested in your topic, it will be twice harder to work with it;
  • analyze your target audience. You should know the critical information about your potential reader. It will help you understand how to structure your paper in order to impress the audience;
  • gather intelligence. Make sure to research the topic before you start writing. Find a few credible sources you can use to support your opinion. Sometimes you can choose another topic after you understand that there is not enough material;
  • shield yourself from irritants. Allocate a few hours to researching the topic and writing. Tell your family that you are busy. Also, turn off the notifications to make sure nobody can bother you;
  • overcome difficulties. Continue writing even if you bump into some problems. Remember that you can ask your teacher for help with a short essay. Also, keep in mind that our experts can complete your essay before the deadline comes;
  • order online writing assistance. Our service can help you write any type of essay from scratch. We will research the topic, write an essay as well as edit and proofread it. We guarantee to provide you with a high-quality short essay.

Winning Strategy On How To Shorten Your Essay

The first thing students like about a short essay is its volume. However, they begin to hate it when they start writing. The problem is that it is complicated to fit all thoughts and arguments into a short piece of paper. You will probably find yourself in a position when your essay has more than 500 words.

However, there is no need to worry. We developed a strategy that will help you shorten the paper without harming the quality. Here are all the tips for doing that:

  1. Start with the brightest. Your first paragraph should be the most engaging to interest the reader. Place all the impressive data at the beginning of the essay;
  2. Highlight the critical data. Focus on the information that matters the most. Omit the superfluous sentences;
  3. Boil down the data. Condense the information to shorten the text. If you can delete a sentence and the text retains meaning, do it. Analyze the importance of each line;
  4. Take the test for necessity. Imagine you delete a particular sentence. Has anything changed? Take this test for each sentence you consider deleting. If you cannot decide, ask your friend to evaluate the paper
  5. Streamline the text. Simplify the information, make the text easy to read. Follow the logical sequence of the sentences

Order Professional Writing Assistance With Your Short Essay

Our online writing service will help you handle a short essay. We guarantee to pick up a suitable writer who has relevant experience in your topic. Therefore, you will receive a high-quality short essay with all the requirements followed. Also, keep in mind that we deliver all assignments on time.

Here are the important guarantees of our service:

  • Best value for money. Our target audience is the student community, so we do our best to keep the prices affordable;
  • free revisions. If you find any inconsistencies in your essay, our writers and editors will revise the paper free of charge. Just let us know what type of problem you have;
  • money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can apply for a full- or partial refund.
  • data safety. Our website is securely protected so that nobody can get access to your data. Also, the team of developers constantly optimizes the website to make it more convenient;
  • no delays in delivery. We guarantee to deliver the essay on time so that you can revise it before handing in. If there is a delay, we will give your money back.

Create A Winning Short Essay From Scratch

Writing a short essay is quite complicated, especially if you do not have a lot of time. However, using our tips and recommendations will help you handle the assignment. We want this article to serve you as a guide to writing a wonderful essay. Keep in mind that you can share your tips on improving the quality of the paper.

If you seek to get some academic writing help, do not hesitate to contact our online service. We will take responsibility for your task and complete it from A to Z. Let the professionals make a perfect short essay for you!

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