Costco Essay: an Academic Phenomenon

November 23, 2019

Every student, who is about to leave high school and to enter college or university, feels worried and stressed. They are afraid of the unknown and feel the pressure of their families, teachers, and society.

They understand that their carrier and future depend on whether they can enter college or not. Especially if they want to get accepted to famous universities like Yale or Harvard. Of course, it is much simpler to enter smaller colleges but even they require application essays, which become a real headache even for the most experienced scholars.

It is great that you have a high GPA and SAT but thousands of students also have excellent scores, so application essay is what distinguishes candidates and is worth half of success.

It is an important part of the application process and may greatly impact your future. That is why Costco essay, written by Brittany Stinson, is so popular. She managed to write a warm and witty essay and to make her way to all Ivy League institutions. And Stanford!

Are you interested in how she was able to achieve it with a simple essay? Go on reading! We are sure that you can do the same.

Costco essay: what is it?

In 2016 Brittany Stinson wrote an essay as a part of an application form. It was about Costco stores and described her experience wandering along aisles, thinking about goods and their background.

In some way, this essay depicted Brittany through the prism of her long-lasting relationship with Costco chain. She told me about her experience, when being a child and teenager, and showed her personal qualities and strengths. As a bonus, she explained how spending time at Costco shaped her hobbies and interests.

Such an essay could probably go unnoticed if Brittany didn’t get offers from the best universities – all Ivy League schools and Stanford. So what makes this essay so special?

Explaining Costco essay success

Here are three main factors that helped Brittany:

1.      Topic

The first and probably the most important thing about this essay is the topic. The prompt is rather simple because students often choose to talk about their experience and personality.

However, the author chose Costco stores, which is rather specific and that is why Brittany made sure that her topic was unique. When you choose a subject that is different from thousands of other papers, you automatically get a few additional points.

2.      Background theme

Even though Brittany wrote about Costco, her essay wasn’t about shopping. She managed to discuss both her experience in the store and growth as a personality. Brittany shows that she was an explorer, who wanted to learn everything about goods, sales, and samples.

She tied the story with her academic aspirations and showed that she is ready to work hard to succeed in the future.

3.      Quality text

While the topic is quite simple, the vocabulary of the essay is rather vivid and complex. Brittany shows that her word choice is highly academic and sharp. With the help of proper word selection, readers see every scene as if they participate in it.

No matter what type of paper you need to write, paying attention to vocabulary is a must!

4.      Tone

You should always select a suitable tone for your essay depending on the topic. For example, Costco essay is quite light, so its tone is not always serious. You can see humor and jokes, which makes it simple and fun to read.

Brittany managed to grab and hold the audience’s attention by switching from serious topics to humorous stories from her childhood. Such an approach is always appealing!

How to write your own Costco essay

We bet you also want to write an essay that would help you get into the college of your dreams. Of course, you should repeat Brittany’s success by talking about Costco or other supermarkets. So how to write an essay that will stand out?

1.      Be original

The admission board reads thousands of personal statements and if yours is similar, officers will hardly remember it in a few hours. That is why you should always write about your experience and evaluate it to show yourself in the best light.

Were you collecting all Spice Girls albums? Turn this hobby into your strength! Tell officers how you imagined yourself a part of the band, wrote songs and performed them in front of your friends and family!

This approach can be applied to any topic – all you need is to decide what helps you to stand out.

2.      Link your essay to the academic field

Even though your statement is called personal, you should still explain how described experience intertwines with the chosen academic field.

3.      Stay confident

Don’t be afraid to show why you will be a great candidate. For example, in Costco essay, Brittany shows that from early childhood she always got what she wanted. This is a great quality in terms of academic success and admission officers will surely value your confidence.

4.      Always remain honest

You can make up a few details or add vivid examples but the core idea of your essay should be truthful. Once you enter the college your lies will become clear and you will experience a few awkward moments.

5.      Proofread and edit

Once your essay is ready you need to read it a few times to make sure that it is clear and easy to read. Ask your relatives and friends for help or hire our professional editors that will polish your essay!

Why reading Costco essay is a must

We highly recommend reading Costco essay to every student, who is about to write an application essay. It is a great example of how a strong personal essay should look like. After reading it you will master the art of proper vocabulary, smooth transitions and switching between ideas and paragraphs. Reading Costco essay is rather inspiring, so you may come up with a few ideas of your own.

However, reading too many samples may prevent you from writing your own essay. You may feel depressed seeing how smart and creative other papers are. Your confidence may vanish and you won’t believe in your own abilities and strengths.

Some students may start doubting their ideas, thinking that they are similar to others and being afraid of plagiarism. So what is the golden mean?

The answer is rather simple: trust yourself. If after reading Costco essay you understand what makes it so good, there is no need to read more examples. But if you feel that you need additional inspiration, download a few other examples until you find what you are looking for.

After understanding peculiarities of the best personal essays don’t postpone brainstorming and come up with ideas of your own. If during the process of reading examples you feel overwhelmed, put them aside immediately!

Always listen to your inner voice and concentrate on the unique traits of the charter.

How to create a great personal statement

It is much easier to write an outstanding essay if you read great examples. However, sometimes it’s impossible to come up with an essay that would be as good as Costco essay: not all students are creative enough, may lack the time or don’t have solid writing skills.

If you are one of them, don’t panic! Our writing company provides students with comprehensive support and assistance: from choosing the most suitable topic to writing personal statements from scratch.

If you like Costco essay and want your statement to be similar to it, just contact our managers and provide your requirements! Tell us about yourself and your expectations, and we will create a flawless essay that will impress board members. We provide all the guarantees you may need, so the result will surely exceed your expectations!

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