Tips On How to Write a White Paper Successfully

September 25, 2019

Definition of a White Paper

If you were assigned a task to write a white paper, it would be good to understand its meaning. This is a document that is offering the solution to a particular problem. Initially, official documents were used only in government offices, and that is how their first form appeared. Then came corporations and corporate official documents. Usually, they consist of at least 1 page, but in total there should be no more than 5. Official documents also include free white pages.

The main task of this white paper is to provide readers with convincing evidence that the proposed solution can solve the problem in the best way. Or offer them a certain position, explaining why it should be followed. Such official documents help to make important decisions, both for existing and potential customers.

Speaking about the corporate environment, in an official document, you can place an offer to use your product for marketing or technical purposes. If we talk about the government, the white paper will help find ways to solve state and municipal problems.

How to Write a White Paper

This is not an easy task, so you need to find a wisely approach, and plan everything well. If you know your goal clearly, know what will your content about and write it well, you will be able to prepare a focused and effective document. To do this, you need to understand your customers’ wishes and problems. At the next stage you need to find suitable arguments, convincingly show that your decision is attractive. We offer a look at the key stages of writing a white paper. Let’s start by profiling your audience.

  • Understand your audience

We have already mentioned that a white paper is needed to uphold a certain position in relation to the problem. This means that most likely the problem is not global, as an environmental disaster. This is something specific, well known to a particular group. Therefore, it is important to first get to know your target audience, learn more about these people. This point is really important, as it will help shape your arguments. You must speak a language that is understandable not to you, but to your customers. It also depends on whether your paper wakes up simple or complex. Understanding the field of your readers, you can understand how to structure your white paper, how to make it attractive.

For example, if your audience includes professionals from the same field of practice, you can write your white paper with ease, adding some professional jargon. If there are people from different areas among the audience, the article should be more general. Try to use a minimum of scientific terms, always check them in detail.

Consider the following:

  • If your white paper is aimed at a corporate audience, tell it about possible growth, investment efficiency.
  • An official government document should talk about political implications.
  • Technical data and descriptions for them need to be selected for a specific field of knowledge.
  • It’s essential to choose the right title.

Be sure to focus on the catchy title. After all, it depends on it whether the reader will pay attention to your white paper. But this does not mean that it is worth using some clickbait – it is quite repulsive. The title should be related to the problem proposed in the document. Make it clear to a wide audience. You can add the words “white paper” in the title, but this is not necessary.

  • Hook the audience

Starting to write a book, get down to business immediately. Avoid unnecessary language, water, spatial reasoning that will not add any value to your white paper. It is important for you to attract and hold the reader’s attention so that he continues to study the paper.

  • Introduction

Your introduction should be simple and captivating. First things first, thank your audience for reading and tell them what you will write about. Next, you need to describe the problem and briefly tell why it matters. After that, you can provide a list of arguments and explain your position.

  • Provide a solution summary

Your next step is to briefly tell your audience about the method that you will use during the analysis. You also need to find a list of other solutions to the problem and explain why, in your opinion, they seem inappropriate. Readers should understand that exactly what you offer will save the situation.

After you describe all these aspects, clearly state the problem.

Take a look at our guidelines:

  • Problem Identification

The problem should not be based on your personal needs, but on what your audience needs. Make sure you focus on her. Also, take care to state the problem literally in one or two sentences.


  •    Increased number of university dropouts.
  •    Significant Decreasing Sales.
  •    Labor market stagnation
  •    Problem Analysis.

Now you need to talk about the problem in more detail, to present not only your attitude but also the available information. How do you understand that this problem deserves attention? What facts and figures confirm this? Make sure you speak clear and precise sentences. Try to put the analysis in one paragraph. This will help to earn the trust of readers, to show that you are not unfounded.

  • Give a Historical overview

A historical review will help to understand why the problem for which you are proposing a solution is indeed a problem. In most cases, it could arise as a result of attempts to solve another problem. Use having data to explain the root causes.

  • Use Images and Tables

Visual aids are very important. You need the audience to correctly understand your arguments, and they will help. It can be graphs, charts, diagrams. Keep in mind that they not only emphasize the arguments but also attract the attention of the audience. You can place visual aids directly in the text or add to the application section.

  • Provide additional findings

Make sure that you correctly understand the statistical information that you provide. Your arguments should be simple, clear and correctly explained. No room for doubt! Let different people read the text and ask them if they understand the provided data the same way.

Finally, you need to find the right arguments that provide compelling and attractive solutions:

  • Provide the decision

Once you told about the existence of the problem, explained why it matters and argued for it, you need to prepare a suitable solution. Not just in words, but with a clear plan on how you will implement your ideas. To make the reader easily follow your ideas and understand them, divide your text into several parts. The pre-compiled outline will help you in this way.

  • Provide justification

It is very important to find enough arguments and evidence that your decision will really save the situation and that people should follow your recommendations. Rely on scientific articles, government publications, industry journals, data and figures from your research.

You can also refer to other solutions that are possible. Recognize that they also have positive aspects and may help, but explain to the audience that your decision is the best.

  • Provide a summary

Try to summarize. Briefly tell about the problem, about your solution, and about the expected results.

Several Tips for a Successful Writing

Below are some tips you can use to prepare a compelling white paper.

  •    Relevant topic

A topic is the face of your document. At first glance, this task seems as simple as possible, but many people have to deal with issues in finding a topic for their white paper. Still, it defines whether people want to read your text. To facilitate your choice of topic, describe your audience. Who are they, how old are they, what are they doing and are interested in. Now you can analyze the problems relevant to them and choose the best topic for your white paper.

  •    Professionalism

You should consider that you are not writing a general blog, post or story. Your document has a specific purpose – to provide a solution to a problem. Make sure that you are professional, write in a business style, clearly and clearly state your point of view.

  •   Catchy introduction

Having already looked at the headline and the introduction, the reader understands whether he wants to read the text further. So make sure the introduction is fun. At first, it is important to attract attention, and then to tell what the reader learns from the article. You will need to describe the content, cover the topics of your paper in a nutshell.

  •   Show value

Do not consider your white paper as a form of advertising. Rather, it is an opportunity to express an expert opinion, to communicate with readers on a topic that they are interested in. Then you will benefit from writing the document. For example, you will attract more new audience. The main goal is to make the technical document valuable, to provide useful tips and well-researched information.

  •    Proper organization

It is important to properly organize your white paper. Before you start drafting a technical document, make sure that you have an outline and it meets your goals. Only in this way can you attract the attention of readers, show them the value of your decision, begin to act in the right direction.

  •    Editing and Proofreading

This is a very significant part of the technical document. You need to reread it at least twice, to make sure that there are no errors in the text. If you write a white paper well, it will raise your credibility. Get rid of any spelling and grammar mistakes, typos. Check how easy the text is to read.

We ourselves cannot always correctly evaluate what we have written, therefore, attracting other people to check. They will read and express their opinion, which will help to take a different look at their white paper.

  •     Follow up

If your official document contains information useful to readers on how to use a particular product or service, be sure to indicate this at the end of the article. The white paper itself should not contain goods and services. Mentioning them, include them in the text naturally, without intrusive advertising.

White Paper Writing Format

Follow the next outline to prepare a good paper:

  1. Title/Headline – this should describe your topic sweet but short.
  2. Executive summary- reveals the goals of your book.
  3. Introduction – a brief description of the content, all its sections and issues.
  4. A subheading for every section – divide your white into sections to keep the structure.
  5. Sidebars – additional data. Add it if applicable.
  6. Conclusion – findings and call to action.

Following this guide, you will surely write an outstanding white paper. You can be inspired by various patterns or patterns. But if you still feel insecure or do not have time, you can always order a white paper from professional authors.

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