Effective Tips to Cope with Dissertations Topics

May 16, 2020

Dissertations Topics And Tips On Writing The Paper

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a massive project. This is a demanding process, and in many cases, it requires lots of effort from the writer. The project is a long piece of writing where you present your research on the topic. For many students this type of academic paper is the most difficult one. The reason is that it has different requirements in terms of format and structure. And if you want to get high points, you should mind these aspects. The project has more weight than a regular essay. 

It has a definite structure and aims to investigate the topic more deeply. It often happens that the professor who checks the work pays attention both to the content and to the format of the text. That’s why it is mandatory to know what structure a good dissertation project should follow. It can help not only get better grades but make the writing process much easier. 

Dissertation: how to structure it

The dissertation isn’t easy for writing. It has so many details that s diligent writer should take into account. In fact, the structure of the dissertation varies depending on the field of research. But in general, there are common features that are applicable to almost every kind of writing. Actually, the structure of your dissertation paper may also depend on the requirements of your professor or university. So, it’s better to check whether there are some particular shifts or inconsistency. If you make sure, the dissertation follows basic rules, then let’s see what is the structure of a good dissertation and find out if it’s really that daunting.


Every piece of writing starts with an introduction. You can’t omit this part or consider it unnecessary. Its purpose is to present the topic and get your reader acquainted with the text. Here you should briefly tell about the research you have done. You should also explain the choice of the topic if there are any specific reasons for it. And the most important part that a dissertation has is a statement. Here you state the idea of your message to the reader. 

Literature review

This is another part of the dissertation that many students fear. But you don’t have to. Your task is to show what has already been researched in the field and what knowledge or information you can benefit from. You have to research the sources and find already existing data about the topic. You need to mention what difficulties are on your way and what gaps there may be. 


While researching the issue, you have resorted to several methods or techniques. To make your report credible and professional, you have to list these techniques. It will show the reader what methods you used and why. It can really improve your work if you do it correctly. 


If you don’t tell about the findings, your work is meaningless. The research you do and then present in the dissertation has to lead to some results. Otherwise, it has no practical importance to you and to the scientific community in general. So, make sure to define the major results or conclusions you’ve come up with, and let the reader know about it. 


In the previous section, you have listed the results, and here your task is to explain why they are important. You need to show that your work is relevant and can be helpful somehow. Here you reveal what value your findings have and how it can be applied in reality. 


Basically, the conclusion is regular. In the final part of the dissertation, you need to sum everything up and frame the text. The best way to do it is to tell how the research contributed to the discipline and what implications it has. 

Tips to make your dissertation better

Any academic task that you have can discourage you. It happens for different reasons, but you need to know how to override them. There are simple but effective ways to get on with procrastination and form a good writing habit for every other writing assignment. 

  • Create a plan. It is better to have your time scheduled. When you have too much free time or don’t know how to use if effectively, it harms your performance and results. So, schedule your day or week, and you will see how important it is for a good working mood. 
  • Make up a draft. Remember, it is better to try and then start writing your paper. When you make a draft and try to express your idea, you can practice it. The more you practice, the better your results will be in the end. 
  • Start writing. This is the simplest piece of advice that you can get. You can be stuck and feel embarrassed by the task because of the fear. When you forget about any prejudice and let your thoughts flow, you launch the process. 
  • Learn to adapt. You never know what may happen. So, to be sure you have enough time to finish the writing, you need to set your own deadlines a bit earlier than needed. This way, you will have additional time in case something happens. 

Dissertations topics

The dissertation is a broad task that demands profound research. To make up good and well-structured research, you need to find the best topic. 


  1. Do we need our school education system to be standardized? 
  2. Online education versus traditional education: what is better for today’s realia? 
  3. Pros and cons of education segregated by gender issues. 
  4. Best way to succeed in the university. 
  5. Do we need to pay for education? 
  6. Challenges for the students during quarantine: who can benefit from distance learning? 
  7. Computers vs humans: how technologies can replace teachers and professors for students. 
  8. Special education challenges. 
  9. The methodology of education: how to teach a student correctly? 
  10. Can a student rely on tutoring only? Is it necessary to find a balance between these teaching techniques? 


  1. Divorce in the family and children’s response to it. 
  2. The way we treat pain and disappointment. 
  3. Non-verbal communication among children of young ages. 
  4. How to cope with abuse in a family? 
  5. Depression and its influence on the mental health of a student. 
  6. Behavioral patterns in the workplace. 
  7. How can animals treat traumas? 
  8. Our memory and ways to extend it. 
  9. Bullying in schools: who is to blame and how to save the victim? 
  10. Self-isolation and its impact on our health. 

Social work and sociology

  1. Best ways to help domestic violence victims to overcome their fear. 
  2. Homeless people and their contribution to the economy of the country. 
  3. Suicides and how to prevent them with the help of social work activists. 
  4. How to resolve conflicts with peers? 
  5. Social work and its influence on activists. 
  6. Violence among children: how should parents respond to it? 
  7. Religion and its role in the modern world. 
  8. Opportunities for self-development in third-world countries. 
  9. An increasing number of divorces and reasons for the tendency. 
  10. Online communication: pros and cons. 

Political science

  1. Difference between voting systems in Europe. 
  2. The main idea behind the Brexit. 
  3. How should governments cope with social inequality? 
  4. How can religion influence political decisions? Show examples. 
  5. Global politics: challenges and opportunities. 
  6. The influence of the global community on the development of third-world countries. 
  7. Ordinary people and politicians: what relationship do they have? 
  8. Contemporary politics and how it is introduced in the media. 
  9. Major political majors in the 21st century. 
  10. What are the basics of the ruling parties in the country? 

Culture and music

  1. Intercultural relations between the European countries. 
  2. What role does a woman play in the modern cultural world? 
  3. Music and ethics: where’s the line? 
  4. How do immigrants contribute to the culture of a country? 
  5. Feminism and body-positive movement: what is the key idea behind the phenomena? 
  6. Do we need libraries anymore? Why? 
  7. A man of culture: has the image evolved with the times? 
  8. Social media memes and how they rule our minds. 
  9. High culture vs mass culture in the 21st century. 
  10. Fashion trends and tradition. 


To write a good dissertation paper, you need to know the structure of it and have the topic to research. In the article, we’ve tried to cover key points necessary to know before writing a dissertation. There is also some inspiration for you if you don’t have the topic for writing. 

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