Great Technology Topics For Research Paper Writing

December 13, 2020


No one can deny the fact that technology is the key element of the progress we can observe today. In every field, industry, or area of human activity, technological breakthroughs are used to launch and boost the processes. For this reason, knowledge in technology is paramount to develop, evolve, and raise the standards of living. But what is the best way for students to get acquainted with technological progress and its basic components? This is a research paper writing that can help shed light on various issues in the technological world. 

This is the sphere that is constantly developing due to the scientific research made by professionals. By following the suit, students can contribute to the research and learn more about modern-day tendencies. To keep up with the novelties and even predict their appearance, students have to stay tuned and update their knowledge in the field. And writing assignments are working just fine to ensure acquaintance with the latest findings and breakthroughs. 

When writing a paper on technology issues, you can find it difficult to choose from a great variety of options. There are tons of topics related to different spheres of our activity. But which one is better to choose? What is the best topic to work with? You may find it difficult to answer these questions. In the article, we will help you make the decision and choose the most relevant topic for the technology research paper. Let’s read the paper to learn the secrets of the writing process. 

Tips to Choose the Most Appropriate Topic for the Research

What is the aim of the paper? In the research, you need to reveal new information or interestingly present the already known facts. You have to hook the reader even if he is familiar with the topic. But to make sure you raise interest in your paper, you need to find the appropriate topic to work with. What are some necessary things to remember when choosing the topic? 

  • Make sure you know it well. To convey the substantial information in the reader’s way, you need to be an expert on this topic. If you are not knowledgeable enough to contemplate on the subject, you should look for another one. The reader has to trust your words and the information you provide in the paper. So, think of the topics you are interested in the most and talk for hours and hours about it; 
  • Try to choose an innovative issue but make sure someone has already researched in this field. You should stay away from popular topics because people already know a lot about it. It will be easier to find the appropriate information. But what’s the reason to work on the topic if the reader is not impressed with the information anymore. To find a unique topic, read relevant literature, research journals, or topic-related online resources. Benefit from the publications of recent years to find modern-day issues for discussion;
  • Use the Internet. This is the place where people publish fresh news in technological fields. For example, you can choose cyberbullying’s impact on today’s society if it rings a bell for you or other emerging issues related to AI and its use in real life. There are both technical and ethical issues that people may be concerned about. On the Internet, you have more chances to find the topic interesting for the target audience;
  • Identify your readers. Writing about the issues of your interest can give you an edge. But if it has nothing to do with your target reader, your paper will fail to raise relevant interest. Think of people who will read the paper. Ponder over their area of interest and analyze how it intersects with your preferences. If you find something in common, think further in this direction;
  • Follow the guidelines. Technology research writing is an academic task meaning that you got it from a professor. In the task, you have received the requirements. These should be necessarily read before conducting any research. In some cases, you should strictly stick to the guidelines. But sometimes, you can slightly divert from the rules and show your approach. To figure out whether you can introduce changes to the topic or not, you need to read the instructions carefully. The professor may specify the areas for research. This is very helpful because it gives you direction. This way, you don’t need to spend hours narrowing down the scope of work. 

Topics for Research Paper on Technology

Interesting and engaging technology research paper topics:

  1. How does the popularity of social media resources influence our life? Does it affect the communication and personal relations between people? 
  2. Do we need to use technology in military service? What are the examples of technological implementation in the industry? 
  3. Genetic engineering: how do we intersect it with technological breakthroughs? 
  4. What findings in the technological field are used to treat cancer? 
  5. How do we communicate with each other today using technological devices? Don’t we overdo it? 
  6. How can the implementation of technological innovations enhance movie production?
  7. Have our standards of living raised with technological advancement? 
  8. What is genetically modified food? What are the benefits of using it as an everyday meal choice? 
  9. We can find robots in every apartment today. Is it a step forward for a new society? 
  10. How do children react to advancements in technology? Does it influence them positively? Or does it have a reverse effect? 

Topics on Technology for High School Students

  1.  Is it cost-effective to purchase new updated versions of technological devices? 
  2. What can we expect in the next few years with the development of the technology industry? 
  3. How do we benefit from virtual reality? Is it correct to use the advancement in schools? Can we call it an amusing rather than an educational thing? 
  4. Do we enhance our creativity with the advent of a new technological era? 
  5. How does nuclear technology contribute to the military industry? 
  6. Drones are new devices for taking photos and recording videos. What are the benefits of using them? Is it ethical to use drones in public places? 
  7. Reading electronic books is a new trend. Does it mean that we’ve abandoned paper copies? 
  8. Everyone is using social media today. Does it influence the hiring process? Can the HR manager reject your application because of the profile on social media? 
  9. Texting is a new way to commence a relationship. What is your opinion? 
  10. Learning through social media: does it make any difference? Do we need it to improve our skills and knowledge? 

Topics for Meticulous Research

  1. How to resist addiction caused by social media? 
  2. Digital currency: do we need to abandon paper money and prefer online wallets? 
  3. Social media influences the way we feel about our bodies, faces, and lives in general. What can you say about it? 
  4. How can one secure their data when using social media? 
  5. Some people say that video games enhance cognitive skills in children. Others don’t agree with the statement. What is your opinion concerning the issue? 
  6. The reality of using self-driving cars: who is responsible for the accidents on the road? 
  7. Online transactions and banking accounts: how can we secure our payments on the Internet? 
  8. The issue of cybercrime: effective ways to resist fraud. Do we face it now more than several years ago? 
  9. How does religion react to technology? 
  10. Do we need to use identity chips? Is it true that they ensure our security? Or is it another way to keep track of our lives? 


Technology impacts our lives. And no one can object to this statement. We live in a world that is constantly developing its abilities. Some of the technological advances aim to improve our standards of living. Some of them divert our attention and tend to disturb us. There’s no single opinion towards the use of technology in modern life. It is present everywhere, and the tendency is gaining momentum. We can only analyze the information through technological research writing to stay tuned. 

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