How to Succeed with Stanford Supplemental Essays?

October 4, 2020

For lots of years already, Stanford has become that ideal institution which every student dreams about. It is almost like a place of destiny and power of knowledge that you feel by a specific atmosphere while in that area. Together with the popularity of this specific University, the South Bay area has greatly transformed into a place where the tech boom occurred. Now, it is more like a socially and economically growing region due to one institution.

Stanford is a place where all the innovations, latest research, and other activity happen so frequently, that you are getting used to it. It is just a prestigious area to be and to contact these extremely talented and passionate people who are around you.

If you desperately want to be a part of this society, you need to pass a difficult application process. A part of which includes the completion of Stanford supplemental essays. Via these short texts, the committee will check not only the unique writing style of each applicant but also some personal character traits. To be honest, this university is one of a few places that are really interested in the personality of the future students. Here you can share your deep beliefs and meaningful aspects for you as a person.

To make the application easier and more understandable, we’ve decided to discuss what the committee is paying attention to while reviewing short answers, and we will discuss each question separately to get a more detailed explanation. Moreover, here you will review Stanford supplemental essay sample, and that might be really helpful. 

The most popular topics for Stanford supplemental essay

Enumerate 5 words which will describe you!

It looks like an extremely simple task when compared with a general understanding of Stanford supplemental essay writing. However, it is not true. One inappropriate word in this list will definitely show your inattentiveness. To simplify the process, you may start with a brainstorm and write everything out that relates to your personality in a positive way. Here you should remember several rules: don’t use “big” words and avoid something that is too trite. Also, synonyms would be unsuitable for such a shortlist of words. One more great recommendation is to try and show your individuality. You will certainly impress the committee with some contradictions that you can include in these 5 words. Just be creative, stereotypes won’t help here.

Describe the biggest challenge of today’s society.

This and the below discussed short answers have a limitation of 50 words. Other Stanford supplemental essays may also include more words, and we will discuss this topic later on in the article.

While giving your answer about the significant challenge, you shouldn’t share general knowledge. Here you will need to show your analytical and critical thinking. When you are discussing something common like war conflicts or economic crisis, just specify your topic and share your thoughts. Ideally, a controversial discussion will be something interesting, but remember that you have a serious limitation on the number of words. It can be really tough to discuss everything in these couple of sentences.

What historical event would you like to be a witness to?

This question might seem easy, but it isn’t. Usually, the worst thing that an applicant does he/she describe a particular historical moment. That not what a committee is waiting from you. Here you should explain why this even is so important to you. Please, don’t waste your time on the choice of the historical period or event, it matters nothing. Here you’d better concentrate on your personal interpretation and intrigue a reader. If you can show your enthusiasm with great evidence and highlight your own thought in such short writing, it will definitely impress the committee.

The best practical recommendation if you don’t know what to start from – try to think about your hobbies and connect one of them with the historic event. For instance, a writer can emotionally discuss the invention of printing in China. Don’t be picky with the topic, think more about the emotionality that you can prove with arguments.

Name only one thing which you want to experience while being a Stanford student.     

This is a tricky answer. Students usually try to focus on their own life priorities and general understanding. However, this explanation needs to be connected with a deep understanding of the Stanford culture and traditions. First, you should make an investigation and write down all the facts that seem really exciting for you and only then pick something from your list. Don’t use anything too obvious! Your choice should show your personality and the understanding of major Stanford principles or unique traditions that are not easy to find out. Don’t include experience that you can receive at any institution, for instance – a student’s independence or deeper knowledge in Computer Science. 

What were your last 2 summers like?

As it is already clear, this essay isn’t long, that’s why it is better to specify two major things that occurred with you. Take some time and include only meaningful cases that happened to you. Maybe you were volunteer, were busy with academic writing, research work had some athletic or art experience. This should be a goal-oriented activity that can influence your future. Please, specify how this particular experience might influence the larger aim that you have. For instance, your experience as a volunteer camp assistant is connected with your major goal to become a teacher.

Don’t afraid and mention some fun things, but don’t discuss them in details. This should be a realistic story.

Recommendations about writing Stanford supplemental essay.

These Stanford supplemental essays are longer than previously discussed texts. The average essay of such a type should be something between 100 and 250 works. Well, after the short essays, it might seem a lot. However, you should still be precise and specific while writing.

Essay: The Stanford community is extremely motivated for learning. Share an experience or idea that can make you amazed about the process of learning.

This is an extremely curious topic for discussion. The thing which you should keep in mind while working on it is – it isn’t specifically related to this particular University or school-related learning. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how passionate you are to any type of learning and your real enthusiasm and emotions. Here you should pay attention to the manner of the writing more than to the topic of this Stanford supplemental essay.

The best possible recommendation is to recollect all your learning experience and the moments which were exciting to you. Try to be sincere with the real motivation that drives you mad. Maybe you have read a book that impressed you so much, and that helped to understand your mission or talent. Perhaps teamwork had changed the attitude towards a specific subject, and you’ve become an experience in it.

Here is an example part of such Stanford supplemental essay:

“While helping with tutoring freshmen Literature class last year, I learned that curiosity is something that is extremely connected with the response from others. This exciting period of my life was mainly related to answering some questions, proofreading compositions, and clarifying the major textual details. Maybe these questions or general atmosphere of learning and curiosity, but something provoked me for the deep investigations in the topics which I had never been interested in. For instance, one of the students asked about the proper description of “romantic” characters. As a person who usually skips romantic plots and tries to concentrate on something more meaningful, I couldn’t stop thinking about how this part affects the author’s style. An explanation that romantic plot doesn’t usually correlate with idealistic conception and stereotypical views came to my mind. I also found a complex dual conception that is not easy to notice in characters’ communication. When reading, I started to concentrate on those parts which I tried to skip. Except for this, I also found out that all my tutees had a specific style of learning which is usually a complex thing. Some people are better at learning when there are some diagrams, this type of mathematical learning is rarely met in its exclusivity. Usually, it is also connected with verbal proofs. This tutoring experience has led me to the understanding that each new opportunity creates a new curve in the endless road of life investigations and research.” 

Stanford supplemental essay assistance

Now, after reviewing some major recommendations and a sample work of the essay, you might start thinking – “it is impossible”. Yes, writing is not an easy thing, especially if it can influence your future success. The best recommendation for any applicant is to find this comfortable atmosphere and start working.

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