Ride the Information Wave: A Reliable Path to Writing an Informative Essay

October 21, 2018

Writing an Informative Essay by PaperHelpWriting

It is easy to assume that any essay could be an informative essay since it delivers some kind of information (objective or subjective, factual or fictional). This belief may be close to reality to some extent but nevertheless this kind of essay has its guidelines and rules. If you want to create a good informative essay with minimal loses of time and energy, read on the article.

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Informative essay: a new kid in town

The following are some most popular types of essays among the professors:

  • Descriptive essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Causal essay
  • Compare & Contrast essay
  • Analysis essay
  • Synthesis essay
  • Rhetorical exploration essay
  • Reflective essay

An informative essay stands as a separate item. This task may seem easy, but actually it is a complex assignment that requires both analysis and synthesis. Informative essay is not only about description of some issue – it is about giving a large picture full of smaller details. It needs analyzing what is to be included and what is to be omitted, what matters most and what is secondary, and then it needs organizing the gathered material in a coherent, clear and engaging manner. It needs examples and their explanation to the audience. In other words, this task makes a student into a teacher who educates the listeners or readers.

So, in a nutshell: this essay allows teacher to see if a student have mastered the topic sufficiently by providing relevant and succinct information about it. And a student has a certain degree of freedom to decide what goes into the essay and how it is organized to provide a comprehensive understanding of a given matter.

How to’s about Informative Essay: general guideline to approaching it

Follow these steps in preparation for writing in order to get a full command of the process and not get stuck in the middle.

  • Pick a topic. You can brainstorm or google, use a topic offered by teacher or explore the one that interests you most. There two key points about selecting it: it should be interesting to you and it should be supported and explored in a number of current and reliable sources. Take smartphones: should young kids be allowed to play with smartphones? Quite a hot issue of today that will resonate with readers.
  • This leads to a logical second step: doing the research. Select trustworthy sources of peer–reviewed journals, reputable magazines, pick the ones that illustrate what you want to say, and read them carefully emphasizing the most important facts, figures, examples or conclusions. It will be of great help during the writing process.
  • Now that you have explored that material, come up with a statement you will be discussing – a preliminary thesis. Instead of getting vague like in the question “should young kids be allowed to play with smartphones?” say something more specific like “young children who spend too much time on the phones have health troubles and difficulties in socializing”. It depends on what data you find. The more focused the thesis, the better the essay.
  • Now it is time for an outline. You can call it a draft, but a draft is almost a ready essay prepared for submission. So it is an outline. It is like steps at which you jump two at a time instead of taking each one separately. Just main points to include in the paper. And some remarks about vital examples, evidence and idea. Not much, really.
  • Now you are ready to write an essay itself. Let the outline guide you, consult the sources you have picked, provide the crucial facts and findings, support them with examples and explanations of examples, but be sure to keep close to the thesis. It is your lighthouse in the sea of information, which will help you to concentrate on the main point and keep talking about gadget addiction among toddlers rather than start writing about a new model of iPhone instead. Speak of pros and cons of giving phones to kids, how they replace live communication and playing with parents, as well as how gadgets can give parents a break in parenting and child caring at least for a half an hour.
  • Make a pause and review the paper. Or ask somebody to read it and point any inconsistencies or gaps in information that hinder understanding. Or use some free software or app to check for mistakes and stylistic flaws. Add the references list and hand it in safely.

Three pillars of Informative Essay Outline

You may skip this step, but then be ready to face a writing block right after writing a couple of sentences because you have forgotten what you wanted to say and in what order. Outline has a typical structure and if you learn to create it for this essay you will create it easily for any other type. So, an outline rests on three pillars: introduction, body and conclusion. Conclusion is the easiest part, so be sure to spend more time on introduction and main body. Read below to know how to write them.

Tackling the introduction of Informative Essay

This part contains the backbone of an essay – a thesis – and it also attracts attention to what you have to say. If you manage to catch readers by the intro, they are 70% likely to read the paper through. And the teacher will appreciate it as well. This attention catcher is called a hook.

Listen to an advice of one of our in-house writing experts who is also a professor at one of the leading California universities: ‘Catch immediate attention in the first lines of the essay by some unexpected fact, a paradox, shocking fact, a joke, some impressive data or a quote. For example: Modern parenting is called digital parenting because parents and toddlers spend more time on their gadgets than they spend communicating with each other. Then develop the background of the topic in 2-3 sentences and set up a thesis. Now you are ready to expand the body of the paper.’

Dealing with Informative Essay body paragraphs

Rely on your outline to mention key points in separate paragraphs. That will be the body. Break your information into paragraphs in logical sequence, put down topic sentences, examples you want to use and their connection to your topic. Explain relations and hidden causes, highlight unusual viewpoints, pros and cons of things taken for granted, go into details to educate readers and to show the teacher that you know your topic well. Include statistical data and citations that you highlighted in the sources earlier.

Strike a chord with powerful conclusion

Conclusion will be a restatement of a thesis and information you provide, in concise and rewritten form. Do not copy paste the thesis and do not bring in any new info. But you can make some interesting ending by pointing where the research could go or how this issue relates to some larger challenge or phenomenon. It would make your essay look profound and well-thought.

A pattern for creating an outline – for free!

Yep, it all sounds so fine and clear when written in general, but what about a sample? How to make an outline of informative essay on the topic, of say, the issues of toddlers on smartphones?


  1. Use a hook (Modern parenting is called digital parenting because parents and toddlers spend more time on their gadgets than they spend communicating with each other).
  2. Explain what it actually means (parents prefer to give kids a phone or a tablet and let them entertain themselves).
  3. Thesis: toddlers on gadgets develop health problems as well as socialization problems, and learning difficulties (this is just an example, be sure to research the topic in advance and give the proved facts).


  1. Why parents give kids gadgets.
  2. Negative sides of this phenomenon.
  3. Positive sides of it.
  4. Solutions and remedies (if needed).


  1. Reword the thesis.
  2. Reiterate the main findings (in brief).
  3. Mention solutions (in brief).
  4. Point to the larger background: today gadgets facilitate human communication and relations in all spheres of life, so we need to do something about it, not just protect toddlers from ever-pervading technology.

Works cited

Obligatory part. List all the sources you used, and insert citations in the text of the paper.

What to write about except smartphones? There is a plenty of topics, just take one below or invent your own.

Top chart of 40 cool and useful Informative Essay topics

College level Informative Essay topics

  1. Fast food in huge amounts in our lives
  2. Healthy eating and its components
  3. Strong spirits and their consumption throughout the American history
  4. Climate change as a global challenge
  5. Instagram belle: virtual standards of beauty for real girls
  6. Environmental protection and what everyone can do
  7. Facing stress: how to defeat it
  8. Gun violence and gun legislation: which way to go?
  9. Cyberbullying
  10. Why colleges should be free

Middle school Informative Essay topics

  1. School athletes: do they have the same access to education?
  2. Cell phones and their mechanics
  3. Homelessness and how it can be tackled
  4. The book I totally disagree with
  5. School laws: the best and the worst
  6. Home task: the ever-growing load and what to do about it
  7. Parents and teens relations: how to improve them
  8. Local historical hero or event
  9. The first bill you will sign into law as the President
  10. Smoking and its impact on human health

Cool and challenging Informative Essay topics

  1. Illegal immigration: SWAT analysis for America
  2. Racism in the 21st century in America
  3. Domestic violence: its nature, consequences and solutions
  4. Prostitution: is it acceptable as a legal job?
  5. Homeopathy and its relations with scientific medicine
  6. Is there censorship in TV or other media?
  7. Is American electoral system still viable?
  8. Dress code and equal rights to education: connections between the two
  9. Facebook as a new Big Brother that is watching you
  10. Violence on campuses: causes and consequences

Informative Essay topics easy to write on

  1. Life cycle of plastic
  2. How to make a tree house
  3. Cool ways to recycle
  4. Why comics make such successful movies?
  5. Mac vs. Microsoft Windows computers
  6. How to deal with the issue of wearing hijab at school?
  7. Essay on a historical figure and his/her impact in the history
  8. The roots of jazz
  9. Artificial intelligence and robots
  10. The weirdest food/dish you know

Working by example of Informative Essay is the best way to reach perfection

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