Some Features of the Writing Process of Pride and Prejudice Essay

February 29, 2020

Writing Process of Pride and Prejudice Essay

It is a well-known fact that the essay occupies one of the key positions among the favorite genres of many academic disciplines. The topics that appear in this assignment may relate to the most diverse areas and clarify certain aspects.

Writing essays that are associated with a particular literary work is also not rare. Moreover, they can be divided into many interesting options. While some works take the form of an essay, the central element of others is the disclosure of the characters or the problems that are raised by the author. If you are reading this article, your academic assignment involves writing a pride and prejudice essay.

Below we described in more detail the essence of this assignment, highlighted the main stages and put together a list of the most fascinating topics that you can reveal to the paper or even use as a source of inspiration to create your own.

What Does It Mean

First of all, let’s get acquainted with brief information about the phenomenon that you will explore in your academic paper. Pride and prejudice is one of the most popular masterpieces, the authorship of which belongs to a world-famous writer named Jane Austen. This person possesses the skills of combining simple storylines with deep psychological aspects and light but at the same time unique humorous notes.

This inimitable work appeared in 1813 and introduces a love story that is subject to various difficulties associated with the then life of English society. We will not delve into the content and tell you what happened. You need to read the novel because the essay will not be of maximum quality without this aspect. Moreover, there is an excellent film adaptation of this masterpiece familiarization with which will also not be superfluous.

Structure of the Future Pride And Prejudice Essay

Before you start working with the contents of this academic paper and expressing your own thoughts, you need to pay attention to some elements that relate to the structure. In fact, a literary essay does not have many differences from any other types of this genre and consists of:

  • introduction;
  • main body;
  • final part.

If we are talking about a more detailed subdivision of a future essay, it is also not very different from the traditional structure of any similar academic paper. Typically, a literary essay contains the following elements:

  • statement of the main problem;
  • expressions of the position of the author of the work;
  • your own point of view;
  • key arguments;
  • conclusions.

The beginning of your work is always the formulation of a problem or question from which you will proceed further. You can start the pride and prejudice essay with some facts about the novel itself, that the further context will be clearer to the audience.

You can also decorate the introductory part by quoting the work of some critic who is dedicated to this work. But do this only if you are well acquainted with the source.

Nevertheless, remember that the main aspect is still the identification of the main problem since the further development of the narrative will depend on how you present this part.

What Should Be in the Main Body

Traditionally, the main part of the essay is the most voluminous contains a large amount of information. It is also divided into several key fragments, each of which illuminates a particular area. First, you need to indicate the main thesis which is the answer to the problem or question that you described in the introductory part. Then your task is to explain why your essay is dedicated to the chosen topic.

The next stage is the statement of the author’s position on the problem posed. You can enhance its relevance by quoting from a novel.

Then your task is to state your own point of view. Remember that it has to be clear and understandable in order to achieve maximum effect, you need to use the argument for which the following elements are suitable:

  • following the key problem of the novel;
  • quoting with your own analysis;
  • adding other materials related to the text, that you explore etc.

How to Finish Paper

The final part should be a synthesis of everything that was mentioned earlier. Many students make the mistake of rephrasing the introduction, but this is not the right decision. Of course, the main problem should appear in the conclusion, but at the same time, it should be connected with all the other stages of the work that you went through. Add your own thoughts about the selected topic again. You can also use quotes.

Some More Tips

In addition to the generally accepted rules for writing academic papers, there are also aspects that stand out among others and are considered the most during the evaluating. There are the following criteria among them:

  • logical and harmonious narrative;
  • literacy;
  • the link between idea and content;
  • using the quotes etc.

Which Topic to Choose

This is amazing but the most important thing we saved for the last. Before you start exploring this unsurpassed novel, the task is to decide on the topic that you will reveal. In this article, we have provided a small classification and highlighted the most interesting topics that you can use during writing this academic work or be inspired to search for your own.

When It Is About Analytical Paper

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bennett as exemplary parents.
  • The image of marriage in the masterpiece Pride and Prejudice.
  • Uncover the issue of women’s rights and limitations through Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. Which aspects are more significant and which are less valuable?
  • Explore the nature of the main characters in the beginning and in the final part of the novel. Track how they develop and express your opinion on the nature of these changes.
  • Identify the motives for marriage in the novel Pride and Prejudice.
  • Figures of Elizabeth and Darcy as an illustration of 19th century English society.
  • Novel Pride and Prejudice as the destruction of stereotypes about women.
  • How does Jane Austen deal with the silence and secrets in her?
  • How important for a literary work is the construction of dialogues? Uncover the problem through Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice.

Drop of Ideas

  • The Importance of Humor in Pride and Prejudice.
  • How the main problems and tips of the work Pride and prejudice can affect the life of modern society?
  • What features of Elizabeth are unique and distinguish her from the rest of the heroes of the novel?
  • Which is better: a book or a movie? Expand the topic by referring to the work Pride and Prejudice?
  • What political and social issues are raised in the novel?
  • The influence of cultural social and geographical aspects on the character and life of Elizabeth.

What About Examples

Of course, we could not deprive you of our own pride and prejudice essay. The finished text is the best lesson and guide that will help you familiarize yourself with the basic principles of creating this academic paper.

Is Pride a Strength or Weakness?

Almost everyone is proud of something, regardless of their social status. There can be many reasons for this: from the pedigree to the shade of the iris. However, it is worthwhile to clearly separate hubris and pride, as these are similar, but not related, concepts. Pride is a positive emotion, as it reflects positive self-esteem. However, its excessive manifestation leads us to another quality which is denoted by the concept of hubris, which means arrogance, selfishness, excessive selfishness. Some mistakenly regard pride as a weakness. On the contrary, we will try to prove with the following examples that pride is a strength of character.

There is a great example in world literature that can be found in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. There, the main carriers of this quality are both Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. Upon learning of some arrogant attitude of Mr. Bingley’s mysterious friend to their family, Elizabeth instantly loses interest in him. She does not want to admit that he surpasses her family both in education, mind, and etiquette. That is, not wanting to accept this attitude, the heroine shows pride. Neither the money nor Darcy’s position convinces her of the correctness of his arrogance. 

The mirror image of the heroine is Mr. Darcy himself, in which pride is rather a hubris. However, after some time, he managed to overcome this feeling. In order to admit the mistake, you really need to have a certain strength and ability to step over yourself, that just confirms our idea. Both proud heroes were strong and independent personalities. One of the manifestations of their strong-willed character was precisely pride. Elizabeth was not even seduced by the money of a noble gentleman, and he was not tempted by the beauty of the heroine, so both remained true to their beliefs.

Based on the above evidence, you can verify that demonstrating pride, a person also shows his inner strength. Elizabeth, who did not try to get Mr. Darcy’s attention after learning of his neglect of her family. These slightly different manifestations of the same character traits prove the strength of its carrier.

Final Instructions

Writing an academic paper is a very important and useful task that can develop your creative and practical skills. Familiarize yourself with all the highlighted aspects and take this responsibly. If all the necessary requirements and recommendations are met, the result will definitely be of high quality.

Nevertheless, if for some reason you are unable to cope with this task, remember that a professional company is always ready to offer its help and write a paper quickly and perfectly. Apply now and get your pride and prejudice essay.


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