How to Write an Original Discursive Essay

April 18, 2020

Discursive Essay: Write Your Flawless Paper

Writing various academic papers can be difficult. You can get lost in requirements and writing guides. Thus, when you have an essay assigned, be sure to perform a great paper once paying attention to its format and structure. First, check the requirements. Further, learn how to write it properly. Most students get frustrated when dealing with complex assignments. There are many difficult types of essays. Still, you can perform them excellently if you know how to do it properly.

A discursive essay is a special type of essay college students usually complete. This paper is aimed at a discussion on a certain topic. When you perform an essay, you do not support the issue or stand against it. With your arguments and supportive evidence, you reveal the topic objectively. You need to provide an original and unprejudiced opinion. Besides, your written piece must be flawless and unique.

Discursive Essay: Definition

A discursive essay is a type of essay based on a discussion on a particular topic. It is quite similar to the argumentative essay. Still, it has another purpose. The discursive paper is aimed at revealing and providing a dispassionate and trustworthy assessment of an analyzed issue. It means the entire paper must be built on strong arguments and relevant supporting evidence. The writer should avoid personal affections. Thus, the entire style of an essay must be fully neutral.

Use facts and findings to perform a paper. Check some research reports to come up with solid arguments. The impersonal style is always winning when you deal with this type of essay. Still, you can reveal your story analyzing both sides and focusing on the most vital aspects. This essay requires a standard structure. Thus, it requires an attention-grabbing introduction.

Every argument must be written in a separate paragraph of the main body. Each paragraph must reveal a separate idea. Make sure to include only powerful sentences. Also, organize your paper to make a one-point paragraph to be followed by a counterpoint paragraph. Check the structure of a discursive essay in advance. It will ease your writing process and bring additional benefits.

Main Types of Discursive Essay

When you only start preparing a discursive essay, think about its top purposes. There are three main types of discursive essay you may need to complete in college:

  • Opinion Essay. This piece of writing requires a writer’s opinion. The opinion must be clear and concise. Also, it should be supported by facts, strong arguments, and solid evidence. This paper also must reveal opposite arguments in the body paragraphs. The conclusion of a familiar essay outlines a writer’s opinion and summarizes the facts.
  • For and Against Essay. This type of essay allows investigating an issue providing real debates on the topic. You also use both points of view. Thus, the opposite point of view must be outlined. Every point must be revealed in detail. You should provide solid examples, arguments, and reasons that support your validations. The writer’s opinion can be revealed only in the conclusions.
  • Solution Suggesting Essay. This type of essay is aimed at providing solutions. Thus, you need to declare a problem in the introduction. Further, you should analyze its reasons and consequences. Place some suggestions in the main body paragraphs. Come up with solid problem solutions in the closing part. Also, summarize your opinion in the conclusions.

Structure of Discursive Essay

A discursive essay has quite a standard structure. The paper requires a strong introduction, the main body part, and conclusions. Every idea and argument must be revealed in a separate paragraph. You need to write an attention-grabbing introduction and reveal the main topic explanation. Further, you need to write down and explain your arguments. The closing part includes the final message and a summary of the main findings.


The essay requires a strong introduction. To make readers interested in the topic, you reveal. Make sure to bring up an attention-grabbing introduction. Moreover, you can always use a hook sentence. It means you can write down a funny sentence, interesting fact, or rhetorical question. It will help to gather readers’ attention. Be sure to avoid any generalization or stereotypes in your introduction part. Make sure to place the main thesis at the end of an introduction.

Main Body

Write down every argument and counterargument into detached paragraphs. Thus, it reveals every new idea separately. Remember, you need to be unprejudiced. You need to discover both sides of an investigated issue. The entire work must be built on facts and research results. You should avoid revealing your feelings in the text. Your essay must be clear and diverse. You need to keep the balance of the content. Thus, you should first write down an argument and describe it. The following paragraph must discover the opposite argument. It allows for revealing a topic properly. Every paragraph must include an argument and supporting evidence. It helps readers understand your point.


The conclusion is the final part of an essay. This is the closing part. Review your arguments and findings. The main points must be summarized from the main body paragraphs. You can also provide your opinion. Still, remember to avoid repeating yourself. The conclusion must be short.

Writing Tips and Guides

If you want to complete a good discursive essay, check the following writing tips and guides. There are do’s and don’ts for writers. A great essay always reveals a perfect content. The text must be flawless and unique. Moreover, numerous writing tips can be very beneficial. They help to deliver good content.

Main Do’s of a Discursive Essay

  1. Write in impersonal and format language
  2. Write every argument in a separate paragraph
  3. Use the main issue for every paragraph
  4. Write down examples for every revealed point
  5. Use connecting words and phrases
  6. Make proper references to other sources
  7. Describe the used sources
  8. Follow every argument with an opposite
  9. Follow the proper essay structure

Main Don’ts of a Discursive Essay

  1. Do not use short forms like don’t, I’ll, they’ve
  2. Avoid informal language and colloquial sayings
  3. Do not use expressive language, since the paper must be impersonal
  4. Avoid generalization and stereotypes in your paper
  5. Do not build your paper on personal opinions
  6. Do not use statistics, figures, or data without proper references
  7. Avoid personal examples or situations from life
  8. Do not place any information without proper references

Discursive Essay: How to Write It Properly

When you write a discursive essay, it can make time to come up with strong arguments and counterarguments. There are a few main rules of excellent essay writing. First, you should remain neutral. This is not a proper paper to reveal your personal feelings or experience. The impersonal style of writing is requested. Second, you need to provide your opinion only in conclusions. Third, pay time to deal with references. Every piece of data and statistics must be properly cited. You need to organize the list of references. The discursive essay always contains discussions. Therefore, you need to ensure its proper format and content. Place every argument in a separate paragraph. Then, following an argument with an opposite one. It will help you to remain neutral and reveal both sides of an investigated issue.

The discursive essay investigates the issue. You perform a paper once placing arguments followed by opposite ones. You need to let the reader see the full picture of the revealed problem. Your arguments and evidence must be strong and relevant. You both investigate the reasons for the problem and its possible outcomes. Stay neutral to discover the issue properly. Personal opinions and feelings must be left for another piece of writing.

Writing Strategy and Actions

Every discursive essay must be written properly. It includes an accurate organization of paragraphs, structure, and format. Since writers often deal with controversial topics, they first need to define the exact topic to discover. There is no need to write a personal opinion on the topic. Make sure to build your paper on facts.

You may need to add an outline of your essay. The outline can be used as an effective writing plan. With it, you can better organize your arguments and counterarguments. You must state your topic in an introduction. Further, you reveal the main arguments in the main body paragraphs. The conclusions should establish the final message of the paper. The main body can include 4-6 points. Be sure to add arguments of both sides. You do not need to come up with your personal attitude. The facts and research reports must be revealed. There is no need to define what argument is the opposite one. Let your readers come up with their estimation. Every argument needs to be supported by strong evidence. Supportive evidence always needs to be relevant and up-to-date. Surely, you can use other researchers’ reports, but make sure to cite them properly.

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