Rogerian Essay Writing Tips And Tricks For Every Student

January 31, 2020

A Rogerian Argument is a unique way of leading a discussion. Why is it so special? Because both sides do not continue their discussion after it and start standing nearer each other instead. You will need to look for Boolean arguments that will support your opinion.

Such a discussion was invented by Carl Rogers. He aimed to make people understand each other and agree easier without leading endless discussions.

Such a negotiation strategy can be used both in oral and written form. So if you want to negotiate like a real rhetorician, follow our simple guide for every student and write your perfect Rogerian argument essay.

The Definition of the Rogerian Argument

As you already understood, a Rogerian Argument is a unique way of leading discussions requiring people to express the opinion of the opponents instead of trying to convince them. Both opponents try to be nearer the truth and find a common position.

But keep in mind that leading such a discussion is not always possible. You cannot use the Rogerian argument when discussing the facts which are beyond the dispute, for example. It is better to use it in subjective fields, for example, when it comes to religion, politics, morality, economy, etc.

When to Use a Rogerian Argument

According to the authors of “Rhetoric: Discovery and Change”, you can use that method to:

  1. To let the reader know he is understood;
  2. To distinguish the frame within which the reader’s position is valid according to the author;
  3. To make a reader believe he or she shares the same moral values as the author, for example, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, etc.

Rogerian Argument Essay Structure

As a rule, the Rogerian Argument has no structure. Moreover, when someone uses that strategy, he or she avoids traditional persuasive techniques or structures. The main reason for that is that the writer wants to avoid a sense of threat which can be caused by using those techniques and structures.

You should have a very flexible style when presenting your case and the case of the other side. So there is no one clear rule on how to present information or how much time devote to every section of your essay.

However, it is good to stick to a certain balance while you cannot spend too much time on your position. So, if you want to have some plan when working on your Rogerian Argument essay, you can consider the following structure:


Here you should present your topic as something you and your opponent should solve together.

Opposing position

In an objective manner, you should mention the opinion of your opponent. You should let your opponent know that you understand his or her position well, so it should be stated accurately.

Your opponent should see that you realize under what circumstances his or her position is valid.

Your position

Your position also has to be presented objectively. You should persuade your opponent but your opponent should see your position fairly and clearly.

You should also show your opponent the circumstances, under which your position is valid.


Here you should show your opponent how something of your position may be beneficial for his or her interests.

Remember that when you lead a discussion with people who disagree with you, your position should be broken into the objective elements. It will help the sides see the spheres of common ground.

Rogerian Argument Essay Writing Tips

When working on your Rogerian argument essay, you should avoid the following things:

  • Personal attacks (never use such expressions as “only silly people can think that…’);
  • Misstatement of the thesis of your opponent;
  • Convincing the reader while you are aimed to find a solution to the problem;
  • Agreeing just because you are tired of the discussion, it should be natural.

Here are some more tips that will help you write a good essay.

Use neutral language

Personal attacks are the biggest no-no, you should never express a subjective opinion, involve your emotions or feelings. Support your thesis with good arguments and respect your opponent.

Do the research of the topic

Before you even start, you should clearly understand what you will be talking about. So understanding your topic is a must. For that purpose, you should conduct thorough research on your topic.

So you can form the core points for your argument and know more the opinion of your opponent. It is crucial to analyze the opinion of your opponent.

How to write your introduction

To write an introduction for your Rogerian argument essay, you should think of an outstanding quote. It should be eye-catching and make the reader want to read the rest of your essay.

In the introduction, you should submit a statement about your theme and state your views on it briefly. Your thesis statement is to be included in the introduction, as well. Provide some background and tell what you will discuss later.

How to write your thesis

A thesis statement should provide your main point as well as the solution to the problem under discussion.

How to write your conclusion

The conclusion is similar to the introduction but you should not repeat it, just paraphrase. Here you summarize the main arguments and points and once again state your views and those of the opponent. In your conclusion, you will also provide a solution.

Rogerian Argument Example

Let us imagine your topic is religion. You should write about religion and church to be clearly separated from the state’s life, especially from schools, etc. And your opponent is talking about religion to be openly practiced in schools and different state organizations.

You believe that schools should be neutral about religious education and religion in general, unlike your opponent who wants religion to be an obligatory part of the school and public life.

Your aim here is to understand what the opinion of your opponent is. You should understand why they think and what their reasons for not allowing religion to be taught at schools openly are. You should do your primary research and evaluate the opinion of your opponent with the help of interviews, jokes, and other things found during your research. After that, you should state your position and give your evidence.

After you evaluate every argument equally, you move to your opinion rhetorically and can finish with the benefits for your position.

Rogerian Argument Essay Topics

Some good topics for your Rogerian Argument essay include those that can be argued from both sides. You can write about anything, from family values to politics, from moral values to environmental issues. So here is the list of some inspiring Rogerian argument topics:

  1. The death punishment should be banned by the world’s governments.
  2. Cannabis can be used as medicine.
  3. Cosmetics can be tested on animals.
  4. The Internet should be censored.
  5. Children become cruel due to violent video games.
  6. Single-sex schools are better than opposite-sex schools.
  7. Older women shouldn’t date younger men.
  8. Euthanasia should be allowed for terminally ill patients.
  9. Religious subjects should not be taught at schools.
  10. Tobacco advertising should not be restricted.
  11. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children.
  12. Pets should be sterilized.
  13. Contraceptives should be issued at schools for preventing teen pregnancy.
  14. The one-child policy should be implemented to prevent overpopulation.
  15. Smoking should be banned.


A Rogerian Argument essay may scare any student at first. But when you understand clearly what you are required to say or write, you will be able to do it easily, especially with the above-mentioned tips.

When it comes to the format of such an essay, it is better to use MLA or APA format. But you should listen to and stick to the requirements and guidelines of your teacher or educational establishment if any.

Just keep in mind that a Rogerian argument is not a classical argument and you should not write it with the same thoughts in your mind. A Rogerian argument is aimed to discuss both sides without disapproving of the opposing points of view. You should never intend to make your opponent disagree with his own point of view.

Writing a Rogerian argument essay is not as difficult as many of you may think at the beginning. But, of course, it requires some skills, knowledge, and, most of all, time to conduct decent research on your topic and understand all the details of the discussion, as well as the opposite point of view.

So, if you, as a student face the problem of lack of time or necessary knowledge or skills that is really important to complete such assignment, better apply to the help of professional writers. They will help you find a solution even within the toughest deadlines.

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