Stanford University Acceptance Rate Details

June 8, 2020

Stanford University Acceptance Rate Specifics

Being accepted to a famous university is a dream of every student. Still, it can become a real challenge for most applicants to try to get a place at Stanford University. Many universities accept only the most well-promising candidates. Thus, you need to demonstrate decent talents, skills, and knowledge to get your desired place at the wanted education facility.

Stanford University is one of the oldest and the most famous universities in the world. In fact, this is an advanced private research institute. Thousands of learners every year try their chances once applying for a place at Stanford University. This is a tough call since only about 4.3% of applicants are accepted eventually. Thus, the Stanford University Acceptance Rate makes the application process really difficult. 

The university is located in Silicon Valley and remains one of the oldest education institutions in the United States. The university generally accepts about 7,000 students every year. The lucky applicants are accommodated at the territory of the university campus. If you want to become a student of this advanced education facility, you need to do your best to impress the admission committee. The following guide will help you to check the Stanford University Acceptance Rate and its background. With this useful information, you will learn how to increase your chances of becoming a student at Stanford University.

Why to Choose Stanford University

There is no doubt, thousands of students want to study at Stanford University. This advanced research institution has a wide variety of benefits for scholars. First, the territory of the campus includes over 1700 buildings. Many of the university buildings are real masterpieces and works of art. They are a part of history already. The university is one of the top education facilities in the United States. The applicants can find any specialties they need, starting from humanities and ending up with engineering. The university has a significant budget and can allow numerous advanced researches to be conducted every year. Thus, this is the top place for young researchers.

The Stanford University Acceptance Rate shows that the institution selects only the best applicants. With the acceptance rate of about 4,3%, it is understandable that only 4 of 100 students are accepted. Therefore, the admission procedure at Stanford University is extremely challenging. Last year, the total number of applicants was over 50 000 people. Only 4, 3% of them have become apprentices of Stanford University.

Stanford University accepts students with the highest SAT scores nationally. According to official statistics, over 50% of university scholars get over 700, and a 25% get over 770. As it was calculated, scholars with a combined SAT score higher 1570 have good chances to be accepted to Stanford University.

Stanford University Acceptance Rate Requirements

It is not easy to be accepted to Stanford University. Many students visit the admission committee, both with anxiety and fear. You need to demonstrate great personal achievements, knowledge, and skills to become a learner at Stanford University. Once dealing with your application, it is preferable to connect the admission office first to find out all the details of an admission process. Stanford allows selecting the SAT Subject tests. Thus, you can choose the one that meets your future discipline requirements. SAT scores must be added to the application. At the same time, you can add ACT scores if applicable. In the previous year, about half of the students were submitting ACT scores. The Stanford students are in the top 3% within the country.

Stanford application process is complicated. It is aimed at selecting the most promising candidates. Mostly, students with high scores and personal achievements get a place at the university. Stanford does not call for the ACT writing section. The admission committee pays attention to the highest ACT subscores.

In 2019, 95% of students had GPAs of 4.0 and above. This means that almost all the successful candidates have mostly A grades at the high school. It is quite a strong characteristic of Stanford’s role as one of the leading universities in the United States. The admission process is really complex. And your results must be above average to become a student at Stanford University. At the same time, you can increase your chances of being accepted at the academy. But first, you need to calculate your potential chances to succeed once applying to Stanford University.

Stanford University Admissions Chances

Stanford University offers extreme competition for students. There is no way to get a place at the university without decent scores and impressive personal achievements. The Stanford University Acceptance Rate is indeed low. You need to demonstrate great personal qualities and high SAT/ACT scores to succeed.

At the same time, the admission process also includes additional important factors. First, you need to submit a strong application essay. It should truly be a great essay where your best qualities and talents are mentioned. The application essay must remain a real masterpiece where your decent writing talents are shown. The letter of recommendation is also requested. You need to provide the recommendations of people who can improve your application with their references. Be careful when applying. Do not forget to add some information about your extra curriculum activities. If you have some exceptional personal achievements, you need to write about them in your application essay. 

Stanford admissions office admires candidates with personal achievements and ones who are not scared to be a leader. Even if your scores and grades are not so good, your personal achievements can bring you the desired place at the university. Students who are accepted at Stanford University mostly have the A grades at high school. Their SAT scores combined are above 1450, and ACT scores are above 30. You can also get additional bonuses if you have graduated from one of the highly selective schools.

Stanford University Application Process

Stanford University is the exact place where students get an opportunity to obtain the best education. You can also conduct a bunch of research works once studying at one of the most advantageous research institutions in the world. When you apply for a place at the institution, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • SAT/ACT scores;
  • GPAs grades;
  • Personal achievements;
  • Strong application essay;
  • The letter of recommendation.

With the Stanford University Acceptance Rate of about 4,3%, you need to get the best of your personal scores and achievements. Since only 4 of 100 applicants are successful, be ready to work hard to get the place at Stanford. The university is extremely selective, and your admission essay must be perfect. Write a flawless and unique essay paper with the main topic perfectly revealed.

Sometimes, students increase their chances to be accepted at Stanford University once demonstrating impressive personal achievements and talents. It is good when you can add extra curriculum activities’ list. Still, in order to get through numerous rounds of a complex admission process, you need to provide good SAT/ACT scores. The University has a filter based on students’ academic preparation level. Without good SAT/ACT scores, your chances are going down to zero. You need to remember that you have to impress the admission office. Thus, your application essay and letter of recommendation must be flawless. Make sure the letter of recommendation you provide only increases your chances of being accepted in academia.

Stanford University Application Essay

Stanford University accepts mostly students with high GPA grades. Thus, the successful applicants, on average, have mostly A grades. The biggest part of Stanford applicant has GPAs over 4.0. You can compensate for your low GPAs grades with high SAT/ACT scores. Still, be ready to demonstrate only top scores and grades since only the highest results can bring you a place at Stanford University. Most successful applicants also demonstrate decent writing talents. Therefore, your application essay must be unique and flawless. There is no way to submit an essay with any mistakes or plagiarism.

You can submit SAT or ACT scores. Different schools have different requirements for SAT or ACTs. Many schools need SAT subject tests. You select what test to pass. Thus, you sent either SAT or ACT scores. Remember, they must be added to your application. What is more, you need to pay attention and time to submit a strong final application. Your application must reveal your strongest sides, talents, skills, and impressive personal achievements.

The successful Stanford applicants mostly get over 1550 of the combined SAT and over 30 of ACT. This shows that the admission process is never easy for any applicant. Thus, you need to do your best to provide a strong application with high scores and grades to succeed in your admission process.

The application essay can become your lucky ticket when you lack high scores and grades. Once impressing the admission committee with your excellent writings, you can earn your chance to become a student at Stanford University. In such a case, you need to provide an exceptional essay. The one where you let the committee to see that you are the best candidate for a place at the university. Therefore, do your best to submit a great application with a strong essay.

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