Exemplification Essay: Reveal and Prove Your Ideas

January 13, 2020

An exemplification essay is an academic paper that has special features. This academic assignment can bring some difficulties for students. Still, when you know how to perform an essay of this type properly, the entire writing process becomes extremely easy and convenient. An exemplification essay is a special type of analytical and argumentative essay that requires numerous examples as evidence. This exceptional paper is based on a strong thesis statement and relevant proofs.

Like any other paper, this essay is written according to assigned requirements and guidelines. You must conduct a profound research, outline a thesis statement, prepare main arguments, and come up with proper evidence and recommendations. This is a research piece, thus be ready to prove your thesis. Once dealing with a wide selection of possible topics for your exemplification essay, always make sure to choose the one that allows bringing up solid and reliable evidence with detailed examples.

When selecting a topic, be very careful. Remember that every research project is based on relevant evidence that includes statistics, various calculations, chronology, and other examples. Focus on the topic that allows analyzing and revealing a lot of background information, valid data, and materials. Your main research work must be focused on a topic’s detailed analysis. Sometimes, you have to deal with raw data and previously unpublished investigations. Make sure to check and organize the found evidence and materials properly to use them as examples in your exemplification essay.

How to Perform an Excellent Exemplification Essay

When completing an exemplification essay, you need to reveal and analyze the topic using various examples. The entire essay is built on relevant evidence disclosure. Be ready to prove your thesis statement and main arguments with solid and up-to-date facts, data, statistics, etc. Therefore, you have to conduct a deep topic of research first. You must perform your essay once bringing enough evidence and illustrated examples for readers to support your point of view. Make sure to describe every argument and supporting evidence profoundly.

The main purpose of every analytical and argumentative essay is to come up with a strong thesis statement and support it with undeniable evidence. In such a case, the entire research work must be built on supporting evidence disclosure and detailed explanation. You have to explain and prove your point of view. It is great to use various illustrative examples. Moreover, it can be a great strategy to prove your main arguments and thesis statement based on detailed examples and illustrations.

An exemplification essay also requires a proper format and structure. At the same time, the paper’s structure is similar to argumentative and analytical essays, you simply should focus more on evidence. Consequently, make sure to pay enough time to come up with solid and up-to-date pieces of evidence. Reveal your original ideas and support them with strong proofs. Remember that your essay is based on the found evidence, thus choose the topic with the main points that can be proven easily.

The Most Winning Exemplification Essay Topics

An exemplification essay is an analytical paper that requires strong arguments and supporting evidence. You can use various research methods and tools to discover your topic. Many researchers build their research work on complex calculations, surveys, and examinations trying to provide practical results. This essay can be written in another way as well. There is no need to spend time conducting different complex research works when you know how to get the needed evidence quickly.

In fact, in order to write an excellent exemplification essay, you must be interested in a paper’s subject to provide great results. Still, there is no need to be too personal. In fact, an essay should not be a reflection of the author’s experience and personal worldview, but an analytical paper that reveals facts, data, and current state of an analyzed problem. At the same time, this type of paper calls for choosing aside. You must reveal your opinion and support it with facts.

Every writer who completes an exemplification essay must select a great topic and organize the writing process properly. Often, your ideas can be further used by other researchers in the matching field of science. As a result, try to bring original ideas, but only those with solid evidence. Check the following topic samples to write your original paper with great content and detailed explanations and proofs. You can use the provided essay topics or check the ideas to create your own exemplification essay topic.

Great Exemplification Essay Topics Examples

  1. The recent stereotypes about migrants in the world
  2. The influence of Netflix on the modern TV industry
  3. The ways to improve education systems in the world
  4. The rapid increase of populistic tendencies worldwide
  5. Advanced possibilities of high-tech innovations
  6. Influence of social media on the modern generation
  7. Political aspects of the rapid increase of migration
  8. The best ways to treat your siblings and relatives
  9. Ways to improve the education system with IT
  10. Vegetarians: myths and real benefits for animals
  11. Mass shootings: the solutions and new challenges
  12. Hidden cameras: way to prevent crimes or rude policy
  13. The higher productivity solutions: freelance and its benefits
  14. The improved work productivity with a 4-day working week
  15. The digital videos as a new tool of education
  16. Music therapy as one of the effective treatment ways
  17. The benefits of reading for young people and adults
  18. The hacking attacks influence on politics and economics
  19. The social media role in the modern digital world
  20. The best mechanisms and practices of positive thinking
  21. How to define free speech and a hate speech
  22. The technology of audience influence over commercials on TV
  23. The improvement of modern news channels
  24. The latest food industry trends and tendencies
  25. The reasons to legalize weed in the entire world
  26. The theory of multitasking: myth or a real matter
  27. The influence of migration over the country’s economy
  28. The advanced ways of violence prevention at schools
  29. The benefits of online education in the USA
  30. How to avoid dangerous habits with music therapy

How to Organize a Good Exemplification Essay

An exemplification essay is an analytical piece of writing. When preparing a paper, make sure to provide strong arguments and plenty of supporting evidence. You must reveal your point of view supported by proofs, that can include various facts, survey results, statistical data, etc. Often, you can use other writers’ quotes to prove your opinion. In such a case, be ready to cite the used sources properly and assure the final paper’s flawless structure.

In order to organize an exemplification essay properly, be ready to check an analytical and argumentative essay’s tutorials. Your essay is an analytical paper that reveals facts, data, and current state of an analyzed problem, thus it requires up-to-date evidence. Make sure you deal with the latest facts and recent materials.

Exemplification Essay: Writing Tips and Guides

Every writer who completes an exemplification essay must select a great topic and organize the writing process properly. You must reveal original ideas and support them with solid evidence. Use the following guides and tips to come up with a flawless essay with a proper structure and format.

  1. Focus on a proper topic selection. You must come up with a strong thesis statement, valid arguments that must be proven eventually with solid evidence. The analyzed topic must cover a wide set of information and details to be used as a thesis statement verification. Choose a short and concise subject that sounds like a statement. Be ready to prove your point of view with all excited proofs.
  2. Prepare a strong introduction. You have to start your essay paper with a strong introduction when revealing and describing the main purpose of your analysis, the central message of a paper, and a thesis statement. The thesis statement must be at the end of an introduction.
  3. Prepare body paragraphs. Make sure to start each body paragraph with a new argument and support it with solid evidence, facts, statistics, etc. In general, this essay type requires three main body paragraphs.
  4. Write an appealing conclusion. This is the final message of your paper, thus it should be strong and detailed. You must prove your thesis statement and outline the main results of your research work in the conclusions.

Use these tips and guides to complete an original and flawless exemplification essay and submit it to your tutor or college professor on time.

Importance of Exemplification Essay’s Good Topic

An exemplification essay is an exceptional type of analytical or argumentative essay that requires numerous examples as evidence. This unique piece is based on a strong thesis statement and related data. You prove your point of view and a thesis statement with strong evidence, including verified facts, data, statistics, etc.

You have to conduct a profound research, write down a thesis statement, prepare main arguments, and come up with proper evidence and recommendations. Moreover, this research paper is based on a thesis verification. Therefore, select only the topic for your exemplification essay that allows bringing up solid and reliable evidence with detailed descriptions, explanations, and illustrated examples.

Exemplification Essay Example

“Hidden Cameras: Way to Prevent Crimes or Rude Policy”

With the recent cases of the school shooting and the increase of violence rate in the US, it is logical that state authorities tend to improve a security system in educational facilities. At the same time, the implementation of hidden cameras can cause a decrease in the personal freedoms of students. It is not a new saying that declares that “a big brother watches you”. Thus, there could be two sides of the mentioned dilemma.

Even with the best intentions to prevent violence at schools and colleges, the authorities’ policy related to students seems rude. It violates people’s personal freedoms and rights. It is important to draw the red lines the current policies should not pass through. Students’ personal freedoms must remain together with their complete safety at schools and colleges.

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