Choice Solutions For A Controversial Argumentative Essay Topic

October 18, 2020

It is not easy to choose the right topic for the essay. Usually, students ask somebody for help. Yet they get no more than 5 topics that may be not enough. Therefore, we present the list of topics for controversial argumentative essay. Here you will find the most suitable subject for you to describe in an article.

Controversial Argumentative Essay: Definition and Purpose

A controversial argumentative essay is a research assignment that is based on an arguable issue and includes proving facts in favor of a specific position. It works well for essays and speeches both since these evoke strong opinions. It is popular in school disputes, political agitations, government policy forums, etc.

While the aptitude of controversial argumentative essays in government structures does not raise an issue, what is the purpose of these tasks at schools? Teachers and professors enjoy giving this task to see how well students can establish the reasons and support an argument.

A person who is intending to speak or write about a controversial issue takes the role of devil’s advocate. Awareness with the arguments, critical thinking: these are the best tools in defending the issue position that upraises the chances to engage the audience.

Arguments must be persuasive yet and strong enough to remodel the point of view of the audience on a controversial issue. The powerfulness of this text lies in the combination. An appeal to the audience to consider some viewpoint (persuasive speech) and drastic transformation generally accepted opinion (argumentative speech). Sure enough, it is a challenge for any orator. A thorough topic choosing comes essential.

How to Choose the Topic for a Controversial Argumentative Essay

The core of a controversial topic is a problem: the taboos, conflict of ethical principles, generally accepted views, delicate or painful remembrances, existence of separate groups with different life views, values, beliefs.

Some people might think mistakenly that plenty of information on the topic is the key to success. It is a wrong belief. Argumentative writing is being a specific type of paper. Here are several useful suggestions on how to select a controversial argumentative essay topic:

  1. Choose the debatable conversation subject if your academic advisor or instructor has provided you freedom of choice.
  2. Pay attention to dissonant themes that are interesting to you. The reader should be impressed by your way of defending an idea.
  3. Escape the topics on moral issues since these are usually very stable for each person and rarely develop a logical dispute.
  4. Make sure you have a strong position against someone’s claim with solid arguments to persuade your teacher or an audience. Weak support sources will fail your work.

Once you have determined with the topic, check out that you have enough information that matches this scheme in order:

  • false or genuine fact;
  • the official definition and your private position;
  • its importance for the society in general and each person particularly;
  • causes and effects connection;
  • what human society should do.

If all is alright, start writing a plan.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for School Students

For a brilliant controversial essay, a school student will need as many arguments as he/she can master. Below, there are the most appealing topics you to choose from to accomplish the writing task:

  1. Virtual games and murder: the connection of these concepts; violence and gunfight at schools due to playing computer games; ways of game censuring.
  2. Physical abuse: punishments at school and in the families; discipline versus punishment.
  3. Academic dishonesty: teacher’s or student’s fault; ways of reducing.
  4. Monosexual schools: advantages and disadvantages; is it an outdated hangover from the past, or it has the right to survive.
  5. Aggressive domination at schools: consequences of bullying; causes and measures of prevention; is it worthy of attention or ignorance.
  6. Educational performance: should parents benefit their children for good grades; should the grade mark be paid as a salary for the done school work; other ways of encouragement for kids.
  7. Home tasks: how effective is it in studying; should it be withdrawn from the studying program.
  8. Public prays at school: should children of non-Christian religion attend Christian school; should the school administration allow or cancel public praying.

The best topic for a writer is choosing the situation that he/she collapsed. Personal experience and a strict position will help to write a mind-blowing and meaningful essay.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

Look through the list of topics for college students. Hopefully, you will find something suitable for yourself:

  1. College price: should college education be free of charge? The moderation of the pricing policy; countries with the chargeless college studying and their economic system.
  2. Voting: does a college student have enough knowledge to vote; should the voting age be increased or decreased; why student voters matter.
  3. Energetic drinks: should they be banned; their impact on college students’ health.
  4. Athletics as a compulsory college subject: advantages and disadvantages, how physical disability students should pass the tests.
  5. Charity for students: should wealthy people pay higher taxes in favor of poor students; privileges in the job market for college students.
  6. Hookah fashion: should it be allowed or reduced; hookah dependence versus alcohol dependence.
  7. Experimental animals: should scientists keep on training on animals and stop; pros and cons of animal trials upon animals for researching.
  8. Social fear through media: how do terrific media news affect the public; measurements of control.
  9. Diet: how effective is it in losing weight; is harmful to general well-being.
  10. Religious fanatics and terrorism: how are the religion and terrorism connected; is this possible to reduce terrorism by canceling religion.

A good topic for an essay varies from one person to another and highly depends on a student’s life experience. Choose the most understandable one for you to impress your professor or the audience.

Controversial Argumentative Essay List by Subjects

If you got a task to write a controversial argumentative essay at a specific subject and looking for something exciting, look through the list. For your convenience, the ideas settle according to the science field:

Technology and progress:

  • how are personal data defended in social networks?
  • Manual workers or robots?
  • advantages of the law against using a cell-phone while driving;
  • the harm of smartphones for a human;
  • radio signals and their influence on health;
  • drones in our life;
  • does technology stimulate or limit creativity?

Health and medicine:

  • legalized cannabis: advantages and disadvantages;
  • affordable healthcare politics for everyone: a dream or reality?
  • Does milk destroy the organism or help?
  • Is obesity an epidemic?
  • Are the prescribed drugs under control?
  • euthanasia legalization;
  • medical experiments on humans.


  • the effectiveness of border walls against illegal immigrants;
  • measurements of struggle with illegal immigrants;
  • the connection between criminal justice and immigration;
  • slavery associated with illegal immigrants;
  • prostitution and illegal immigration;
  • death rates of undocumented immigrants;
  • citizenship for the newborns on national territory.


  • does training deflect teens’ attention from bad companies?
  • Is competition the best way to show talents?
  • the impact of athletics on children’s health;
  • types of sport with the highest level of trauma risks;
  • Is swimming the only kind of training that involves all groups of muscles?
  • Expensive sport for the wealthiest people;
  • dishonesty in sports and measurements of control.

Hopefully, you have found a good match for your subject.

Topics to Entertain the Audience

After studying, students love to participate in debates that help them to get a bit of fresh air away from exhausting books. If your target is entertaining the audience, have a look at these funny topics:

  • Can animals control the world?
  • Do gadgets make us stupid?
  • Which is better: being beautiful or smart?
  • Is using slang bad?
  • Discos in the church: right or wrong?
  • Should politicians pass the sport tests?
  • The stupidest things on the first dates;
  • What is the most popular book that you hate?
  • What is the worst popular movie you have ever seen?
  • Learn how to cook before marriage or after?
  • Why animal videos are the most popular on YouTube?
  • Are pot smokers the best writers?
  • Does smoking improve health?
  • Is drinking alcohol before exams helpful in stress-releasing?
  • Inattentive students are the smartest: true or false?
  • Men feel fashion better than women: right or wrong?

A suitable topic to the audience can cause a mighty furor. Relax, and have a good time!

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