The Best Chemistry Research Topics For Students

December 11, 2020


Writing a chemistry paper is challenging for many students. To find an appropriate topic is even harder. There are so many disciplines to choose from. Things get even worse when you need to choose between almost similar ideas.

When looking for the best chemistry research topic, one should be careful not to lose originality. There are many themes used everywhere. Your task is to find the original one that is of great interest to the target reader. Another point is to make up the topic that can be researched. If you choose the discipline with little sources of information, you can hardly produce a good text in the end. 

In the article, you will find tips on how to choose the best option from a wide variety of topics. You will also learn useful information about the ways to perform a well-structured and comprehensible paper. Want to write an engaging and professional text? Let’s read the article and learn how you can do it in the best possible way. 

Areas for Research: Which Discipline Is Better to Choose?

When you look for the topic to manage chemistry research, you need to choose one or two major areas to work with. If you don’t narrow down the scope of work, you can get lost in the flow of information. When you concentrate on the exact area of study, you can meticulously research and analyze it to perform a deep overview of the subject. You should also prefer to work with the area of your interest. When you are interested in the discipline, you don’t need to force yourself. You naturally analyze the information and try to get the most of it. 

When choosing the area to do research, you should keep in mind the contribution to the scientific community. Some students believe that chemistry is all about the periodic table elements or equations that we all learned during school classes. But real chemistry is fun and full of secrets. And your task is to reveal them to the wider audience. Let’s see what the basic areas you can work with are: 

  • Analytical chemistry. If you are interested in analyzing chemical compounds and researching their properties, this is the topic for you. If you decide to choose this area, you need to be careful. Keep in mind that you cannot cover all the compounds and their properties in one paper. There are cases when it is relevant to work on several points to illustrate how elements communicate with each other. But in most cases, you need to focus on a single issue to present exhaustive research. You can choose thermal analysis or electromagnetic radiation as the subject for your research. Think of models and patterns to exemplify the theoretical aspects of the paper;
  • Biomolecular chemistry. If you choose this area, you must be ready for the difficulties since this is thought to be the most challenging task. Dealing with high-throughput systems is a lot of work. The knowledge is used when working with drugs, active genes, or antibody identification. The research of the information can lead to landmark findings. The topics presuppose in-depth analysis. In our list, we will perform several topics related to biomolecular research. If you find them extremely complex, you can facilitate them somehow. But you shouldn’t be afraid of it. If you have basic knowledge in chemistry, understand regular processes, and can follow the logic, you will manage the task. Getting inspiration from various experiments can be beneficial if you don’t know where to start;
  • Biochemistry. This is a complex term. It works with diverse areas of research. If you deal with biochemistry, you may cover such themes as healthcare, protection of the environment, or genetics. This is highly connected with biology and laboratory research. You can conduct experiments or explore reactions. This is one of the most interesting fields for research. You can learn how genetically-modified food is being made. You can also learn more about painkillers use. The information is always useful and can be adjusted to real life, which makes biochemistry especially interesting for the students;
  • Organic chemistry. If you enjoy working with organic compounds containing carbon, studying their structure and basic properties, this should be your choice for the research paper. Why is it important? Analyzing the topics and researching them, you can help doctors, engineers, and other specialists engaged in living organisms’ research. This is the knowledge you can often use in real life. Foods, plastics, or fuels are common issues for research when it comes to organic chemistry;
  • Nanochemistry. This is a comparatively new area of research in the scientific world. It is combined with nanoscience and its findings. Have you heard about how military weapons are constructed? Or are you familiar with genome study? These are only some of the topics that nanochemistry covers. If you enjoy working with new or even controversial issues, this is the best option for you. But be careful when working with information sources. Since the area is more or less new, there are few reliable resources for scientific research. 

Top 5 Tips to Perform Extensive Research

Our experts preperaed a list of tricks to make your research better.

Create an Outline

When working on academic writing, you need to stick to the structure. If you don’t follow the plan, you can easily lose the train of thought and forget about the research’s important details. With a well-designed outline, you can develop a step-by-step structure with arguable sections. Start by highlighting the major points and then more to the details. It will help you create the correct outline. 

Avoid Using Colloquial Speech

Active voice is necessary for scientific research writing. You should follow a relevant tone and voice. If you incorporate slang or inappropriate phrases in the research, the reader might miscomprehend the writing. 

Make Use of Reliable Information

When writing a scientific paper, you need to refer to the previous works. Citing redundant information would be a mistake. If you provide misleading facts, you damage the paper and may lose the trust of the readers. 

Work on the Structure

If you want to make the most of the topic and convey it clearly, you should mind the structure. Presenting the information in a scattered order is a bad idea. First, you need to make up sections and subsections of the research. And then you can introduce additional parts. 

Benefit From Visual Materials

Using pictures, graphics, and other illustrations will help the reader create an image of what you are talking about. Look for reliable resources to find the pictures. The reader will appreciate visual material in the research. 

Let’s Look at the Best Chemistry Research Topics for a Student

If you are struggling with choosing the topic, we can help you. Some of our writers created a list of the most actual issues.

Innovative Topics for Chemistry Research

  1. What is chemical ethics? 
  2. Gene analysis and its implementation in real life. 
  3. Basic issues in synthetic biology. 
  4. The use of machinery in chemistry. 
  5. Why do we need to avoid pesticides? How does it affect agriculture? 
  6. The phenomenon of 3D printing. 
  7. How can we apply chemistry in aeronautics? 
  8. Chemistry knowledge in medicine: what are the latest breakthroughs in the field? 
  9. How do we benefit from isomerism?
  10. Chemical equilibrium: what do scientists say about the phenomenon? 

High School Topics for the Chemistry Research

  1. Experiments in biochemistry: what should you remember when entering the laboratory? 
  2. Compare suspensions and dispersions issues. 
  3. What are the most beneficial ways to calculate pH level? Why do we need it? 
  4. How to identify isotopes? 
  5. The history of the periodic table of elements? 
  6. What is your favorite element in the periodic table? Why? 
  7. The latest experiments in nanochemistry. 
  8. What safety rules should you follow during the experiments in the laboratory? 
  9. How do we apply the gas laws in real life? 
  10. What skills do you need to work with the equation experiments? 

Basic Topics for Research Paper

  1. How do salts and acids interact in oxidation processes? 
  2. Introduce the analysis of molecular polarity. 
  3. Chemical formulas: is it essential to learn them? 
  4. Hydrolysis: what is it, and why we need to know more about it? 
  5. Why is biomolecular research considered to be a tough discipline? 
  6. What are your favorite areas of research? Why? 
  7. Why do students consider chemistry challenging? 
  8. Can everyone study chemistry? What are the main difficulties? 
  9. What if the reactions go wrong? Who is responsible for an irrelevant outcome? 
  10. The law of partial pressures: describe the notion in detail.


Chemistry research writing is an interesting task. If you are good at chemistry, you will find it easy to work on paper. All you need is to choose the topic from our list and start analyzing it. The process will be easier if you follow our tips and work on the structure. 

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