Writing a Gay Marriage Essay: Recommendations and Examples from Profs

February 25, 2020

Writing a Gay Marriage Essay

The topic connected to gay marriages almost always causes a fierce debate in society. It is true as the problem of the acceptance of the LGBT is still unsolved and people often have different views on this issue. But this is also an opportunity for young people in colleges to present their own and honest opinion on the relevant topic. What is interesting is that at the same time that students do not always feel confident to openly discuss such topics. This may be due to religious and personal views, as well as the fear of the judgment from their peers or teachers.

However, colleges often insist on adding gay marriage essay tasks to the curriculum in social studies, humanitarian and other disciplines. This, in turn, causes even more problems and fears for students. But considering the tendencies in society and education, they cannot avoid dealing with this topic. So in this article, we decided to share some of our experiences considering working with an essay on the controversial topic. You will find here some useful writing tips as well as topic ideas that will help you to start working on your assignment. Also, we have added an example of gay marriage essay that can put you in the right direction considering your writing task.

Arguments that can be used in a gay marriage essay

An important part of working on a gay marriage essay is choosing the right arguments to defend your point of view. One of the best ways to start your work is by providing statistics or facts that will present your point of view and the objective of the topic. For instance, you can point out the level of aggression towards gay couples and mentioning particular countries and cultures where such people endure the fiercest problems. This trick will give the reader an understanding of what this essay is about, what is your opinion and what you will stand for.

However, choosing arguments and facts, keep in mind, that your reader might not share your views and he/she might have directly the opposite opinion ion the presented facts. So you can also point out that some people support the views you do not approve of. But try to build your essay in a way where the reader will gradually share your thesis, at least partially. Then you can move to more strong arguments where you prove why gay marriages should be accepted as well as traditional ones. Describe social and cultural opportunities we can get legalizing same-sex relationships in the whole country. Try to focus on points that are hard to argue against (again, facts, statistics, numbers, etc.).

Knowing the background of the Gay marriage topic

If you want to feel free in the open discussion as well as during in-class assignment on the LGBT topics, you should know not only current facts and statistics but also a history of this social phenomenon.

Same-sex relationships existed thousand years ago and in those ancient times being gay wasn’t something extraordinary, as now. Many well-known historical figures are claimed to be gay or at least bi-sexual. Some of them are Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Da Vinci, and Marlowe. The concept of gay marriage is our heritage. People started to fight for their rights, and gay couples also decided to earn equality considering their relationship rights.

This information can help you to build a background for more detailed disclosing the same-sex marriage issue and presenting your points for or against this concept. You should collect all the relevant info you want to use and arrange it outlining the future essay or paper. Divide facts and arguments for using them in particular parts of your essay. And then arrange them in a logical sequence.

30+ Topic ideas to disclose the gay marriage issue

Some students are aware of writing tips and research process. But they struggle to choose a topic that will be the most suitable variant for presenting their thoughts and ideas. We’ve got your back here as well! Below you will find more than 30 topics that are relevant to the gay marriage and LGBT issues.

  1. Reasons some societies consider homosexuality offensive and inappropriate.
  2. Should all countries and nations create a unique approach to handling gay marriage requests?
  3. Adoption in homosexual marriages.

Topics for argumentative essays

  1. Should all countries legalize same-sex marriages?
  2. Why there should be one ultimate law for all states considering gay marriages?
  3. Is the legalization of gay marriage a victory for a society?
  4. Different religious attitudes towards homosexual relationships.
  5. Are gay couples legally protected as well as traditional ones?
  6. Pros and cons of the legalization of homosexual marriages.
  7. Consequences gay families may have on society in general.
  8. Why society should accept the legal status of gay marriages?
  9. Can it be possible that gay marriages become legal in Asia?
  10. Financial benefits of the lawful status of same-sex families.

Topics for compare and contrast essays

  1. Comparison of the traditional family values and values that gay marriage may have.
  2. Two opposite points of view on homosexual relationships: its pros and cons.
  3. Difficulties in traditional families vs difficulties in gay marriages.
  4. Family as a concept in gay marriage vs traditional understanding of it.
  5. Theoretical and applied issues of same-sex couples.
  6. Sets of rights for gay couples compared to the rights of a traditional family.
  7. Differences between being gay and being gender unidentified.
  8. Similarities between LGBT marches and political movements.
  9. Attitude at the workplace: a gay person and a heterosexual person.
  10. Children’s worldview in gay couples and in traditional families.

Topics ideas for discussions

  1. Professional discrimination considering sexual orientation.
  2. Being openly gay is a human right or human liberty?
  3. Is it possible to legalize gay marriages in Taxes?
  4. Same-sex couples as a social issue.
  5. Increasing acceptance of homosexual relationships in 21 century.
  6. Reasons people consider LGBT immoral.
  7. Birth level and increase of gay marriage rates.
  8. Why people should learn how to accept gay marriages?
  9. Religious ideas pro and against gay marriages.
  10. What person can be called gay?

We hope you will find the topic that will suit your task the most and you will be able to disclose the gay marriage topic to its fullest.

Example of an essay about gay marriage

It is not surprising that the topic of LGBT status in our society is becoming more and more urgent. People more often feel need to open up their views and life preferences. Sexual orientation becomes an important part of a person’s self-image. Hiding their gay nature can be devastating and destructive. So there should be a time when a person will reveal his or her homosexuality. This is called “coming out”.

But still not every adult, without mentioning teenagers, can openly reveal their nature. So for adolescences, it may cause not only self-identification problems. Young people who hide their homosexuality also often experience social difficulties. Constant lies to them make it almost impossible to get closer to somebody. The lack of acceptance in families also may discourage young people to be open about their orientation.

Another terrifying issue that, without an opportunity to be honest with family and friends, gay teenagers will look for an alternative society, where they can feel free and accepted. But this desire can put them in so-called bad companies where people not only accept each other but also put each other in danger, encourage any type of “anti-social” behavior.

Considering this, we should encourage young people to be honest about their sexual orientation. This is the only way those young people will be educated properly and aware of all the issues and possible difficulties they might have in life. But the will be prepared, which is very important nowadays.


The main thing in gay marriage essays is not to hurt anybody’s feelings. People should understand that homosexuality is a feature of some human beings just like heterosexuality and it is hard to adjust it to some standardized forms of traditional human behavior. But this situation refers to any phenomena where people can differ from others somehow. So the best thing we can do for our social welfare is to bring up the tolerance for people of any kind.

As well as the gay marriage topic can be difficult for some students to disclose properly, this type of assignment can be considered as high-complicated. However, you can easily cope with any “delicate” writing assignments if you delegate its preparation to people who are experienced in writing on similar topics. So, if you cannot find decent arguments or do not feel confident in this life sphere, our professional writers will save you.

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