Things to Note Entering CalTech University Easily

June 26, 2020

Tips On Entering The CalTech University With Ease

           CalTech or the California Institute of Technology is a private research university that is located in Pasadena, California. It is a world-renowned engineering and science institute with alumni network and faculty which have earned both international and national accolades.

          CalTech is well-known for being a selective and small campus. They feature one of the lowest faculty national student ratios that allow for a more intimate and personalized learning experience for every student. Provided its small size, there is no wonder that this university features a rather low acceptance rate, which is 6.6%. 

         So how to get to this prestigious but small institution? Let’s read on to know more. 

A review on applying to CalTech

       According to the undergraduate admissions website of CalTech, it is an art to make admissions decisions. The applicants ask themselves three things when being evaluated:

  • Are you well prepared academically?
  • Have you shown a consistent interest in Math, Technology, or science?
  • What is the way you will affect Caltech’s Campus Community?

         In your interview setting and application, you will have to be prepared to answer all these three questions. 

        Applying to CalTech, you might fill out the Coalition App or the Common App. There is no need to fill out both of them. There are also more application papers that you will have to fill out. You will have to submit either an ACT or SAT score. It is necessary to note that the ACT Writing exam and the SAT paper is no longer needed.

          Additionally, CalTech requires every student to submit and take 1 Science SAT Subject Test (Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Ecological Biology, or Physics) and an SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test. You will have to take and schedule these exams well to submit them on time for CalTech admissions to consider your application.

           CalTech also demands two recommendation letters from high school teachers. One of the recommendation letters should be from a science or a math teacher. The other must be from the social sciences or humanities teacher. 

           To sum up, CalTech requires the students to submit a Secondary School Report, which is submitted by the high school counselor. This is a specific counselor recommendation form, which you will need to have a meeting with your counselor in order to set up. You will also have to send the official copy of the high school transcript. 

Is it difficult to get into CalTech?

           While each admitted class there is rather different, you may be able to get a clear idea of what its class looks like through looking at particular stats from the CalTech Class of 2022. Here are the things you will have to be aware of:

  • The applications number: 8,208
  • The admit rate: 6.6%
  • The number enrolled: 231
  • Men: 54%
  • Women: 46%
  • International students: 8%
  • Underrepresented minorities: 25%
  • Middle 50% ACT and SAT test score ranges:
  • SAT: 1520-1570
  • ACT: 35-36
  • SAT Math Level 2 Subject Test: 800-800

So how is it possible to get into a CalTech?

          To impress the Admissions Committee at this university is a two-part process with such a low acceptance rate. First of all, you will need to meet their basic requirements. Then you will have to wow them with your application rest.

          To begin with, you will have to do your best to make sure that your test scores and GPA correspond to the average test scores of a regular student at CalTech. The average GPA and test scores to shoot for are like these:

  • Average SAT Score: 1555
  • Average ACT Score: 35
  • Average high school GPA: 4.0

           If you meet all these academic requirements, you will have to stand out with your application. This university ranked recommendation letters, character/personal qualities, and the application paper as 3 “Very Important” factors to make up their minds. 

ACT requirements and scores

          Most of the admitted students are falling within the top 1% on the ACT nationally. The average 50% of students admitted to this university had received from 35 to 36 when 25% scored an ideal 36, and also 25% scored below 35.


          This university doesn’t overscore ACT results. The highest composite ACT score you have will be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, if you took the ACT for a few times, this university will take notes of the differences in the section scores. This university doesn’t require the ACT writing section, which is optional.


          This university doesn’t give information about the high school GPAs of the admitted students. For instance, in 2019, 99% of the admitted students who gave information, indicating that they have ranked in the top 10% of the high school class.

Admissions chances

         Being one of the most selective colleges in the nation, CalTech looks for applicants with test scores and grades that are rather above average. Nevertheless, CalTech features the holistic admissions policy. The admissions officers will look for more than high standardized test scores and good grades. They will also wish to view strong extracurricular involvement, winning papers, glowing letters of recommendation, and challenging courses. Success in IB, Honors, and AP classes will be important. However, the admissions committee would also read every single word of the application paper with short answer responses. Keep in mind that this university looks for more than stellar engineers and scientists. they want to enroll students that will enrich their campus community in sensible ways.   

How to generate the application that stands out?

            Being a school that concentrates on the STEM-related curriculum, it is necessary that your high school resume demonstrates the aptitude for STEM fields. There are several ways to demonstrate an interest in STEM:

  • Taking more science or math electives than needed.
  • Joining the STEM-related extracurricular activities such as Mathletes or Science Olympiad.
  • Scoring in the biggest percentile on all math and science standardized tests.

         For sure, the aptitude for STEM seems not to be the only one thing that might make your application stand out among others. Your application should be unique for the Admissions Committee to keep you in mind. To set yourself apart, your application must be completely original. When you are thinking about what to include in it, think critically why you are a special one if compared to other applicants. Articulate this in your papers.

What if you will be rejected?

           Do not worry if you get rejected at this university. It is not the end of the world. This university features such a low acceptance rate. So even if you were rejected, it does not mean that you are not a capable student. 

          The following step for you will be to apply and find other universities with great STEM programs. You will also have to ensure the criteria of these schools are similar to CalTech, so you will boost your chances to get in.


           All things considered, it is worth mentioning that entering and being enrolled in CalTech is such a complicated procedure. However, if it is your dream to enter this university, you should never give up even if you were rejected for the first time trying to apply for it. Note that your application paper has to sound fresh, brand new, and unique. All the members of the admission committee are sick and tired of boring stories written in the essays by many students who have only copied them from the ones present online. Therefore, you should be wise and write an essay that will highlight your uniqueness and exclusivity. Make sure your essay is interesting to read and provides the reader with inspiring information. Include there your own experience that will prove you are the best fit for this university. If you try hard to compose the most genuine essay, they will notice it, and you will definitely be enrolled. No way you should use the data and examples from the Internet because this is a road to nowhere.

So how to get the best application essay for CalTech to be enrolled?

           One of the most reliable ways to get your place at CalTech University is by asking the expert writer to write the application essay for you. We know it might sound strange, but this is the best way out for many students who want to succeed. It is not a secret that the vast majority of the students who focus on science and math, feel difficult when they are supposed to write any kind of paper. As long as an application paper is one of the most complicated and responsible for writing, they face the problem trying to deliver the information they have in a proper way. Most of such students do not really know the rules of the right formatting and composition of the application essays.             

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