University of Phoenix: Acceptance Rate and Overview

May 10, 2020

University Of Phoenix Acceptance Rate: Smart Guide

When students face a choice of university, they tend to evaluate different institutions by lots of criteria, one of which is the acceptance rate. This criterion shows whether it is going to be highly competitive to enter the university and how strict the requirements for applicants are. 

The University of Phoenix (UOPX) has more than 1 million graduating students. Even international applicants can try luck and fill in the form. However, the requirements for admission may differ for US residents and foreign students.

We’ll overview the main aspects of applying to the University of Phoenix, acceptance rate, admissions, and submission deadline, and get you prepared for the journey through the university life. 

All you need to know about University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is a commercially-rated private educational establishment, which is situated in Temple, Arizona. It was founded in 1976. It has more than 100 campuses as well as an online department, which is sometimes called e-campus. 

Besides numerous campuses, the University proposes a huge library and other resources for students’ comfort learning.

A huge benefit of the University of Phoenix is that it focuses not only on the theoretical knowledge but also practical skills are well trained. Students who study there obtain such important skills for modern society as problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, learning to learn, etc. 

As a result, students who graduate from the University of Phoenix have all they need for a future career by means of a modern approach to education and sophisticated methods.

Learn more about online education

In 1995 University of Phoenix started to provide online education. And it was one of the first private institutions, which offered a web-based higher education program. At the moment, not only US residents, but also people around the world have the opportunity to study there over the Internet. 

What is important, the university allows students to complete study courses according to their natural work speed.

Below we’ve tried to gather other main benefits of online education at University of Phoenix: 

  • You can manage the workload to be able to complete the tasks on time. 
  • The university provides a career center and a life resource center for students to make it easier for them to cope with numerous tasks. 
  • With the help of university resources, you can transfer credits in an easy way (you just have to supply a document proving similarity and conformity of the university courses).
  • While studying remotely, you still have the opportunity to take part in a lot of activities, use online libraries, and access the coursework by means of a convenient and interactive online education platform. 
  • All the tutorials are available online in a convenient format. Moreover, you have the opportunity to communicate with the academic staff. 

The UOPX ensures its applicant that studying online doesn’t mean being on your own; they support their students along the way. 

Due to more than 20 years of experience in the field of online education, the University of Phoenix acceptance rate may be higher than in other universities, as a bigger number of students worldwide has a chance to study there from home.

Application requirements and acceptance rate

So what is required from students both, working online or attending classes, to join the line? We’ve picked up information for you to have an idea of what you have to provide or what knowledge and skills you need to possess to be able to apply to the University of Phoenix.

Main admission requirements can be divided into:

  • Average GPA requirements, which are not reported directly to applicants by the University, but the score should be not less than 2,5 for the Master’s and 3.0 for Doctoral degree, as an example. 
  • ACT & SAT test scores – Unfortunately, average scores for the current year are not published by the university. That is why we advise you to check this information for the year of question on their official website. 
  • GED testing or acceptable high school record for Undergrad.

 Speaking of the University of Phoenix acceptance rate, it is almost 100% due to the fact that the admission policy is open. It means, if students applying to the university fall under the requirement, they can be accepted. 

Application requirements for international students

For international applicants to the University of Phoenix besides ACT & SAT testing scores, the following requirements should be met:

  • Provide eligible scores on such language tests as TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS;
  • Provide official academic transcripts; 
  • Supply supporting documents, such as passport and visa copy, financial information, identity certificates;

The rest of the requirements are the same as for domestic applicants: the application fee is equal. And you can also apply using the university website form.

Application fees at the University of Phoenix

If you want to apply to the University of Phoenix, no matter which course you aim for, there is an online admission portal, where you have to submit your application. 

After completing the registration, applicants have to put in the application fee. The cost of application, according to the latest numbers, is 45 USD. However, make sure to check this information again on the official website on the date of your actual applying.

After this stage is reached, you can proceed with the selection of a desirable program.

Majors offered at the UOPX

The University of Phoenix offers 14 Majors and 147 online programs for students. We’ve collected all the majors available for your convenience:

  1. Accounting – with nine programs available for 4 degrees;
  2. Psychology – with three programs available for 1 degree;
  3. Literature – with one program available for 1 degree;
  4. Information technology – with 24 programs available for 4 degrees;
  5. Information systems – with 13 programs available for 4 degrees;
  6. Media studies – with 1program available for 1 degree;
  7. Business management – with 52 programs available for 6 degrees;
  8. Environmental science – with 1program available for 1 degree;
  9. Nursing – with eight programs available for 3 degrees;
  10. Services – with one program available for 1 degree;
  11. Science – with 14 programs available for 5 degrees;
  12. Administration – with two programs available for 2 degrees;
  13. Justice – with six programs available for 3 degrees.

And the following degrees are available at University of Phoenix:

  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
  • Doctoral
  • Associate
  • Certificate
  • Single course

All the existing programs for each degree are enumerated on the university website, which is indicated at the end of this article.

What financial aid is available

What is worth to know, financial aid is available both to American and international students. You can receive funding with the help of:

  • Loans, which you will have to return in the specified period after the graduation from the degree program;
  • Grants, which you don’t return, as you you’ve been awarded them for certain merits, talents, residential status, etc.;
  • Work-study – those you return by working for the organization, which funded your education.

There are also other types of financial support, which you can get if you adhere to the requirements:

  • FAFSA, which is short for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. To apply for it, high school students have to complete a form and submit it by web or snail mail. In such an application, you indicate colleges or universities you consider entering and their federal school codes (like the University of Phoenix in our case, which has 014593 code). And the Department of education in the USA estimates the possible amount for your financial support. If you decide to apply for this form of aid, don’t forget to additionally submit a Master Promissory Note, Loan request form, and Entrance Counselling. 
  • Scholarships can also be received by the University of Phoenix, regardless of the campus or its placement (EANGUS Future Phoenix Scholarship, etc.). For scholarship details, you can visit the UOPX website.
  • Veteran & Military benefits are very common, too, for the University of Phoenix. Such financial aid is available for students of military schools: Military Tuition Assistance, the Yellow Ribbon Program, and Montgomery GI Bill.

UOPX Deadlines for application

Although the University of Phoenix acceptance rate is high indeed, late applying may put your acceptance at risk, or you will have to pay extra a late fee. That is why we generously provide the information about the terms for submitting your applications. 

The deadline varies depending on the course –whether it is undergraduate or graduate. Applications are accepted till July 24. Starting from July 30, the classes begin. And from the 10th of September, enrolment to a new semester starts. 

For more information, you can visit the official website of the University of Phoenix at https://www.phoenix.edu/, and for getting assistance with your application writing, you can contact our team. Don’t be intimidated by this challenge – we have your back at our writing service!

Examples of similar colleges

Considering the University of Phoenix acceptance rate, you have many chances to be accepted if you meet the basic requirements. However, we’ve gathered some other options for you based on some similarity: 

  • National American University in South Dakota;
  • Ashworth College inGeorgia;
  • Alcorn State University in Mississippi;
  • Columbia Southern University in Alabama;
  • Bay State College in Massachusetts;
  • Alfred University in New York;
  • Bryant and Stratton College in Buffalo, etc.;

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