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November 25, 2020


A problem statement is a document that describes the complication and offers measurements to correct the current situation. It focuses on the scale of the problem, the information about the product, and the wrong process of affairs. It consists of facts, opinions, and possible way outs. Answers the questions who, what, when, where, and why are the core points of the document structure. That makes the statement readable and easy to discuss further progressive steps.

Problem Statement: Meaning and Purpose

A problem statement is an often-used communication tool in a business sphere, among individuals and the social groups on the stage of developing projects that crave for improvement. It is well-spread among project teams to define and clarify the problem and find the proper solutions. Being an assemblage of information is a crucial assignment for decision-making during project processes.

There Are Two Clue Purposes of a Problem Statement:

  1. Includes a comprehensive view of the difficulties, identifying the contributing factors, the negative or destroying impact, area of the trouble, and urgency of the problem fixing.
  2. Clarifies the fixing measurements and expected outcomes. The proposed solution must be in the statement.

A problem statement aims to help the team remain concentrated and helps to work smoothly and effectively. Also, it settles the ranges of the solutions and allows moving forward strictly according to the plan without improvisation. That excludes the problem of recurrence in the future.

Attributes of a Statement of the Problem

A professionally done assignment must meet the following requirements:

  • fill the gap in existing knowledge;
  • contain a significant problem;
  • stimulate further progress;
  • include proper facts investigations;
  • meet the skills and intellectual level of the audience;
  • provide an ethical approach towards the problem fixing.

A problem in a statement demands pure attention. An unclear or poorly settled issue may fail the whole document. A well-settled problem is measurable in terms of quantity, frequency, and the population affected. It must describe its impact on the business or a customer. Therefore, focusing on customer needs is highly recommended. Indicating the process activities related to the problem issue is essential.

Escape settling more than one problem in a document, assigning its causes, or blaming. Without detailed key factors view of a problem statement, an assignment loses its concise and focusing on the specific impacting problem.

Use the problem as a driver for change and finish the assignment with a problem solution. People reading a statement should immediately understand it. A weak problem solution section will leave people thinking that wastes the statement purpose idea itself. Settle a problem as a question that you need to answer in the end, being objective enough.

Problem Statement Structure

A problem statement has three significant parts:

  • part 1 describes the perfect coincidence, explains how the work should go in a successful turn of events;
  • part 2 clarifies the conditions that prevent to reach the goal, ideal state of things, or their value at the moment, settles the scale of the falls;
  • part 3 specifies the methods of improving the case, moving it as closer to the ideal result as possible.

The general style of writing should be dynamic. Addressing the area that has gone wrong, a writer should empathize with why this problem is paramount and the importance of its timely fixing.

Answering 5 «W» questions is fundamental for the overall document:

  1. «What»: explains the problem and should be expressed in 1-2 sentences. It should outline the negative factors and their impact.
  2. «When»: mention the time frames that a business or its department experience the difficulties; time frames for the correction of the situation.
  3. «Why»: explain the importance of the problem.
  4. «How»: represent the methods of the situation improving.
  5. «Who»: mention people responsible for the process. A problem statement crafting is an activity that usually involves a small group of 4-6 people.

Remember that you should settle only one problematic issue in a document, do not exceed two sentences, and escape offering an answer immediately. Use powerful language, keep the audience concentrated, and represent a solvable situation.

Writing Tips

Usually, the target audience of a problem statement is people from management to stakeholders. Do your best to express your thoughts precisely. Take into account these useful writing suggestions while crafting a document:

  1. Describe an ideal situation. Perhaps, some context might be appropriate. Before explaining the problem, tell how things would go if the work did not go the wrong way.
  2. Announce the complication and its destroying effect, mention the place and time frames of the troubles arising. Pay attention to the «W» questions here. For instance, why the things appear to be a problem, why the innovation is necessary, mention the departments that experience its negative impact.
  3. Tell the price of the problem. Money is the language of all businessmen. Therefore, it’s meaningful to settle a difficulty in the financial frame. In the quality of an empowering factor, mention how much the unsolved problem may cost later.
  4. Provide evidence such as research, including sources citing or any related data to represent. Neglecting this step, a statement of a problem loses its deep meaning.
  5. Explain a solution. A practical approach for attacking the problem is necessary.
  6. Focus on the solution benefits. The data that proves the effectiveness of the solution is an excellent benefits demonstration.
  7. Summarize a problematic point and solution. The question settled at the beginning of a statement must be solved.

Ideally, a statement should be up to one page, including several logically chained paragraphs. Remain as concise and concrete as possible.

Business Problem Statement

Every great company starts by solving a significant difficulty. A problem statement in business is one of the practical techniques. The most spread business problem statement categories are below:

  1. Strategy: weak target plan, fresh initiatives, particular project implementation.
  2. Goods and maintenance: service delivery problems caused by the delayed data update, slow sales, frequent product returns.
  3. Staff and customers: lack of professional training, wrong division of responsibilities in the team, weak delivery service.
  4. Ongoing tasks: duplicated procedures, overloaded manual processes.
  5. Applications: dysfunction due to evolving business climate, functional requirements, old software.
  6. Data: mess in the information storage, data search difficulties.
  7. Ground environment: poor system knowledge and subsequent coordination problems, duplicate applications, and system overloading.

Developing an own problem statement is possible when you are familiar with the associated risks, collaborate with experts of the particular business area. Having enough information, use the tips described above. The effectively crafted business problem statement can form the basis of building income growing business cases and justify the needs for each separate project.

Making a problem statement clear for the audience is essential. A misunderstanding may lead to numerous conflicts while discussing and prioritizing requirements for further moves. The more accurately the statement is written, the more effective solution will appear.

A problem statement is your initiative. In science and other areas of work, an overwhelming amount of information may get you lost easily. It is necessary to stay focused on a specific issue. As a result, you can easily reach the goal without time-wasting.

Why Writing an Impressive Problem Statement Is Difficult, and What to Do?

Writing a brilliant problem statement on your own is a challenge. Be ready to face many complications, such as:

  • specifying the topic instead of a problem;
  • problem is not significant or senseless;
  • the problem is too simple for a serious discussion;
  • the issue theory bases on belief rather than facts;
  • exceeded length;
  • misses the ideal or desired condition;
  • being unclear, nonspecific;
  • involves other problems aside from the scale, and many more.

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