Format And Peculiarities Of A Research Paper Title Page

November 13, 2020


The way you begin your research paper is closely connected with its overall look, and of course, with the grade you will be given for it. To perform a high-quality and highly estimated paper, you are required to alloy several important components together into one piece of writing for it to have a finished and perfect look. One of the key components is how your title page is presented. 

We are eager and competent in catering all sorts of title pages with the strict observation of all the requirements to the title page. Furthermore, we are conscious of the importance of a high-quality level when we provide the right format for your paper and have given our writers the necessary proficiency via multiple tests and routine inspection of their grade of qualification. You should not have any doubts and worries about whether the experienced person is dealing with your paper. 

When completing the title page for your research paper, you should become certain that it implies all the requirable content. 

It should be made up of the title of the paper, the student’s name, and the institution. Pay primary attention to involving all these peculiarities and strictly according to the right order as it will have a prominent impact on how your paper will be rated and grated. Always exert all your powers to giving those who read your paper the greatest initial impression, which will draw their attention and make them interested in reading the rest of your paper. 

Main Information

The way your writing looks initially and is presented is crucial and essential for your success. This is mainly since the title page is considered to be like the opening gate to the writing itself. 

In case your front page is written in a poor way, you can give up hope of getting the highest scores. Just to name a few, the one who will read your paper or your tutor might lose the thread of the paper, providing that your first page is carried out according to MLA format, and the remaining portion of your paper is formatted using Harvard style.

Remember that the way your title page will look depends on the writing style you use because each of them has its own accepted corresponding writing predicted outcome. You should see a clear difference in which paper it is – APA or MLA simply having a look at their cover page. Check and gain assurance whether your presentation makes an impression of a particular style and takes out the reader in an effective way along with making their expected outcomes walk ahead. 

Would you like to find out how to complete a perfect front page for your research paper? Simply make a click, and you will get the desired help and assistance. When working on the cover page of your written paper, keep in mind the following basic points which it should contain: 

  • Name of the paper or subject;
  • Description of heading string;
  • Author or student name;
  • The name of a student’s college or university;
  • How the course is coded and called;
  • Drop-dead day.

By taking into account the style the instructor requires, the writer can easily arrange the points his or her title page should contain for a particular style of writing and render a stainless piece of writing.

The Guidelines to Be Taking Into an Account When Executing a Title Page for Your Research Paper

You need to pay a lot of effort to make your title page look perfect. To be able to do that, you need both know which components to include in it and, to the same extent, be aware of how to add them in the right way. Devote special attention to the expectations outlined in the rubric with guidance notes. For example, you are required to carry out your ongoing research paper title page by following the requirements of APA style, which has some distinctive features from a Chicago paper.

Having many years of experience in the area of working out various front pages, we have drawn a stepwise approach which students should take into consideration to make a successful cover. Our experts prepared the following procedure instruction:

The Theme of Your Research

The theme is closely connected with the name which was picked by you for your task. Topic refers to the name you have chosen for your assignment. A recommended standard requires to put the title at the first place. It also must be written in capital letters and should not be shorter than five words or longer than 15. 

The Name of a Student or an Author

As soon as you finished with the title, do not forget to put the name of the author as the next step. As a rule, the author of the assignment is the one who executes it. We highly recommend to observe and keep up with the very name you state on your class registration.

Institution Affiliation

When it comes to the graph of institution affiliation, state the name of the college, high school, or university where you are going to present the assignment. Very seldom, the piece of writing can be contributed by various writers from a few separate institutions. If the situation is like that, do not forget to provide the list of the institutions and naming each author. 

Course and Code Details

It is not always a must for students to name the course or its code. In case you are required to do it, you should provide this information in the following order: put the code of the course first and then state its name. It is advisable to put it after stating the name of the institution and the tile of the research paper.

What to Do to Provide an Effective Research Paper Title for a Paper of MLA Format

When executing a paper in MLA format, you should strictly follow some definite agreed standards and principles. In some cases, every institution accommodates the requirements for writing on the ground of practices reviewed by various tutors from corresponding faculties. If, in contrast, it is obligated to keep up with some general rules, it is necessary to incorporate the next positions.  

Front page

According to MLA format, you have to state such information as the name of the author, lecturer, or teacher, and date. Some of the most important issues to be included in your front page of the mentioned above style are:

  • The name of a student or author;
  • The name of a professor or instructor;
  • How your class or stream is called;
  • The deadline date.

Keep in mind that you should put these positions in a particular order. When it comes to the way to compile your page, try to stick to the required character style, dimension, margins, and distance, run alongside these agreed standards:

Character style

The unbreakable rule is to use the very character style, which will make paper reading clear and understandable. In most cases, teachers prefer using Times New Roman style, which is considered to be one of the easiest for understanding. 


As a rule, one of the most frequently used sizes is one of twelve points. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is required to apply it in the whole paper as well as the main pages.


It is recommended to use a 1-inch margin on the front page as well as in the whole paper. To choose and change the right margin, find the button of its modification in the layout part of the page.


If you want your paper to look like one piece of writing, apply double spacing for all its parts, including the front and the paper itself. 

The Distinctive Features of Research Paper Title Page of APA Style

In case you are up to execute a title page for the paper completed with the use of APA style, keep in mind that it has some unique features. Being a student requires awareness and understanding of how to present both types of formats. The most important thing to do is to provide careful and correct arranging of the items as well as the inclusion of the right components in the corresponding styles. As soon as you get familiar with the method of imposing and creating various parts of a front-page for different papers, all the subsequent assignments will be much easier to do.

 APA format requires following the next steps:

  • Put the title at the very beginning (it should be placed in the center, written in caps and on the mid-page);
  • Put the name of a student or author in the center then;
  • State the name of the university or college;
  • Do you best to put all the details in the center, stick to the Times New Roman style, font 12, and capitalized.

As you see, the process of composing a research title page is not that difficult if you know some main key points. In case you still would like to have someone to help with this task, you can address our website and find all the necessary requisite materials. Make your academic life easier – use our reliable paper help

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