Creating a Powerpoint Presentation and a Speech: Things to Note

February 18, 2019

Creating a Powerpoint Presentation

Creating a functional and well-outlined presentation is a critical tool that can be used to promote the lucidity of your ideas. It helps your audience to create a visual representation of the things either being said or shown. The use of PowerPoint presentation makes the topic more captivating and clearer. This is because of the application of other elements such as images, graphs, charts, and even slides. There are some core things and concepts that one need to consider when developing clear and well-created presentations. Some of the concerns that this study will capture include the following:

  1. What is the PowerPoint presentation
  2. Tips on how to create a PowerPoint presentation
  3. How to develop and work on the visual elements
  4. Techniques and tips on how to prepare a speech
  5. Types of speeches
  6. Creating a PowerPoint presentation
  7. Examples of PowerPoint topics

What is A PowerPoint Presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation also known as PPT is a slide show that is often developed with the aid of Microsoft PowerPoint Application. The same can also be improved with the use of online tools which include the Google PowerPoint or Prezi. The basis of the PowerPoint presentation is to offer precise and well-described information on some specific topics. It is one of the most useful tools which can be used in areas where there is a need for a bright and descriptive overview. It is, therefore, a useful tool which can be applied in a business meeting, conferencing, training, educational needs, lectures and even giving out instructions.

Rules of a successful PowerPoint Presentation

Some necessary qualities make a power point presentation unique. The fundamental rules of a successful power point presentation include:

  • It shows less information but in a more profound way. This is often known as less in more where less information is shown in a PPT to imply more of the same
  • Applies images and the technique of imagery to pass information
  • Narrows down the text
  • Inserts and utilizes multimedia in the text

Currently, many people make the use of PowerPoint Presentations. Most professors and other trainers find writing information in a chalkboard a cumbersome activity. It is for this reason that most teachers and other trainers are currently into the use of PowerPoint Presentations as a form of teaching. Students are also currently using PPT to defend their assignments or to present their work in a classroom. The basis of a PowerPoint Presentation is often to capture on the memory of the people by creating an audience memory framework system.

The use of PowerPoint Presentations is seen as a unique way of capturing the attention of its audience through imagery memory retention. This aspect is done through:

  • The Central Exclusive. It is the management of information through the three major techniques; that is hearing, seeing and saving the same information. A person who applies these three concepts has a higher retention percentage
  • The Phonological loop: this is the auditory information, that is the whole information that one hears and puts them into use
  • The Visual-Spatial This is the concept that is used in explaining what people see around them. It applies the use of colors, shapes, spaces, and videography
  • The Episodic Buffer. It is the concepts that deal with the sensory domains and are more related to long-term memory. The use of PowerPoint Presentation reduces the amount of information that one needs to remember as its merely the information through summarizing

Tips on how to create a PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint Presentation must-have an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion. It is, therefore, important for everyone to consider these important factors when creating a PowerPoint Presentation to ensure that it stands out clearly.

Creating a thesis for PowerPoint Presentation

The basis of any statement relies on its thesis. A thesis provides a general overview of what the study aims at achieving and the main objectives behind a given study. It is, therefore, prudent to develop a captivating thesis that will supplement your entire research. When designing an argument, one should consider the following:

  1. Your thesis must always represent the visual stimulus. One should still pick the pictures or any visual elements that relate to the topic that needs to be illustrated
  2. Your thesis statement must be short, sound and clear. It should appear on the second slide after the title of your presentation, and this will make your audience glued to your work
  3. It is essential to create a thesis outline, and this will divide your entire text into logical pieces. You should ensure that your slides are between three to four sentences
  4. Do not use funny audios and any other inappropriate sounds. Always stick to professionalism when creating slides

How to develop and work on the visual elements

  • PowerPoint Templates should be organized more creatively to create a unique look. One should use online software that offers professional templates and other designs
  • Charts, graphs, and tables should fit in the PPT topic and should avoid ambiguity
  • Color themes: Colors play an indispensable role in a PPT. In academic writing, blue and green color themes are the primary basis of the PPT. This aspect is because such colors stand for balance, harmony, trust, and
  • Clear and readable fonts should be used. Your font size should also be eligible and readable

Writing a Speech

The development and writing a PowerPoint Presentation goes hand in hand with speech writing. A PowerPoint Presentation should be devoid of more text, and here a speech is seen as the best option to aid in such situations. The supporting speech may be required in a PPT to enable your audience to understand the images, infographics, tables, and graphs that one has applied in the presentation.

Types of Speeches

It is prudent to have full knowledge of various types and structures of speeches. This will make you more knowledgeable on multiple kinds of speeches, how they are written and the importance of each type of speech, The basic types of speeches include the following:

  1. Informative
  2. Persuasive
  3. Entertaining
  4. Instructional
  5. Special Organizations

These are the major types of speeches that you will come across in your day to day activities. Having full knowledge of these types of speeches will make you develop a speech that will fit the occasion.

  • An informative speech is based on an expository In this case, the author should present the topic, inform the audience about the basics of the audience and explain the basis of various happenings.
  • Entertainment speeches are mainly meant to entertain the watchers. They are created comically, and they are expected mostly to pass an entertaining message
  • Instructional speeches are intended to give instructions on how to conduct various activities
  • Individual occasion speeches are designed to pass particular These can be emergencies, weddings, campaigns among others.

Tips on how to start a speech

An introduction paragraph is a significant part of the speech., Therefore, one should always develop an impressive introduction that will capture on the attention of your audience. Your first paragraph should act as an attention grabber, and this can be in the form of a shocking fact, joke, rhetorical question, quote from a prominent person or a literary quote.

Writing the body of the speech

A body of a speech should be made inclusively. The recommended way of writing a body of a speech is depicted below:

  • Chronology- this is a description of the events in a chronological order
  • Spatial- this offers a general overview of the design
  • Topic-this introduces one subject to the other at once
  • Causal- is used to describe the causes and corresponding effects of the same problem

The last thing in writing a speech working on the speech conclusion. When writing the conclusion, summarize all the critical points by restating them. One should also consider the use of smart quotes and definite ending.

Creating a powerpoint presentation

  1. The first step is launching the app that you will use in PowerPoint Presentation. The program should contain color themes, fonts, and over design tips
  2. Pick an issue that you are going to use
  3. The next step is selecting

In creating a PowerPoint Presentation, it is essential to consider some other relevant factors. One of the core factors is on how to convert a PDF to PowerPoint and vice versa. The process can be quite a tricky situation if you have less knowledge of the same. To be on the safe side, you should always make use of the free online converters. Doing it manually is not advisable.

PowerPoint Topics and Examples

The choice of keywords is a creative concept in developing a topic for PowerPoint Presentation. It is therefore vital to ensure that you develop a keyword coherent title. Selecting the best item will create a unique content which will capture the attention of your audience. Examples of some topics include:

  • The Secrets of Making Hay
  • The Pain of Love
  • How to Swim

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