Presidential Scholarship Program and Your Bright Future

September 24, 2020

The majority of high school students have a dream college and know exactly where they want to study. Unfortunately, the competition is intense, and it may be quite difficult to stand out from other candidates.

While writing essays and doing homework is tough, filing for a presidential scholarship is a real challenge. Most students are so afraid of it that don’t even want to try. However, everything is possible if you know what this program is about and what to do to succeed. Below we will tell you about the presidential scholarship, application process, and requirements. And we’ll introduce to a few winning tips that will definitely be of great help!

What is the presidential scholarship?

The US Presidential Scholarship is a prestigious program that recognizes high school students for their talents and achievements. The program was created in 1964, and over the years, has helped thousands of students.

Every year, over 160 of high-achieving scholars get a presidential scholarship. These are students with great academic performance, commitment to the community, and those who possess strong leadership skills. They can also be students of technical, career, and arts background.

However, the main thing to keep in mind is that the presidential scholarship doesn’t provide real money. Fortunately, it gives students outstanding opportunities, and being awarded the scholarship is an honor that is known globally.

Students with a presidential scholarship get a paid trip to Washington every June. They participate in a White House ceremony and are given a special medallion. In addition, they visit museums and attend ceremonials for the scholarship holders.

During the trip, students meet educators, government representatives, musicians, and public figures. And they also get a chance to meet students from all parts of the country. The presidential scholarship gives a great opportunity to network and decides which academic path to choose.

Presidential scholarship requirements

There are two main parts of the scholarship, arts, and CTE, which consist of unique requirements.

For the arts part students should:

  • Be US citizens or have the Legal Permanent residence by the deadline of applying;
  • The graduate school between January and August;
  • Have proven talents and accomplishments in visual and creative arts;
  • Take part in the YoungArts program.

For the CTE part students need to:

  • Be US citizens or have the Legal Permanent residence by the deadline of applying;
  • The graduate school between January and August;
  • Show achievements in technical and career fields;
  • Be nominated by the local Chief State School Officer.

How to apply

Now, when you know what the presidential scholarship is and what achievements it’s necessary to demonstrate, let us discuss how the process looks like. Together with the application form, students need to provide self-assessment, essays, and transcripts.

The committee evaluates candidates considering a few factors, including academic performance, public service, and leadership skills. Students need to show strong academic aspirations and diverse interests. They should also tell about any community projects they have participated in.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to participate in the presidential scholarship because the process requires an invitation. There are three different ways to get an invitation:

  • Have the highest SAT or ACT scores;
  • Be nominated by the local State School Officer;
  • Be nominated by one of the partner institutions.

However, there are a few other options for students of the technical, arts, or career background. For example, art scholars should be YoungArts members. The program representatives select 60 members for the presidential scholarship.

Students with technical and career backgrounds are nominated by the CSSO, each of which can nominate five students for the scholarship.

The process of obtaining a presidential scholarship

Once the invitation is sent, and a student collects all the necessary documents and transcripts, the US Department of Education steps in. It looks at the test scores of every state and compares student’s Math SAT and ERW with the average score. Only the highest scores are taken into account.

Afterward, the committee ranks examinees by the highest combined score in every state. Examinees are also divided by gender: there are 20 female and 20 male students in each state who are selected. In addition, Chief State School Officers and partner organizations can also nominate students.

To pass to the next stage, potential scholarship holders should provide essays, school reports, self-assessments, and transcripts.

Useful tips

As you see, it is quite challenging to get a presidential scholarship, and you need to possess a large number of skills and features in order to stand out from thousands of other candidates. Moreover, you’ll need to prepare well in advance.

Luckily, it is not impossible, and we are ready to share a few tips that can make the process of applying for a presidential scholarship simpler:

  • Work on your grades. This may sound boring, but without the highest grades on SAT or ACT, it is impossible to be selected. We recommend improving the grades either on your own or hiring experienced specialists like tutors or online academic helpers. They will improve your grades and explain how to deal with similar tasks during exams;
  • Participate in community service. Showing commitment to the local community is an important part of our lives, and any presidential scholarship candidate should show that they are genuinely interested in helping others. It doesn’t mean that your participation should occupy all your free time. And to remain motivated, we recommend picking a program you like: teaching elementary school children, doing grocery shopping for elderly people, planting trees in the park, and so on;
  • Choose arts or technical fields. These are the two fields that can get an additional invitation from the YoungArts program or CSSO. This means that your chances of being accepted are much higher. Pick a field and make sure to do your best;
  • Improve writing skills. It is not a secret that being able to write strong texts gives a huge advantage. If you learn how to complete essays and reviews, the chances of being awarded a presidential scholarship significantly increase. If possible, send your articles to newspapers and websites to be published under your own name. Who knows, maybe this becomes your occupation in the future?
  • Boost leadership skills. Presidential Scholarship is about innovators and leaders who are ready to change the world and society. The program is not interested in students who are too afraid to share their opinion. Thus, if you are scared to perform or tell what you think, it’s the right time to get started. Remember that if you obtain a presidential scholarship, you’ll have to perform quite often. Moreover, the art of public speaking is a great skill to master no matter what occupation you decide to choose;
  • Get familiar with the Chief State School Officer. These are the people who nominate students. You can learn more about them and even discuss your future. If you show genuine interest in the presidential scholarship, local CSSO will pay more attention to your candidacy. And this is exactly what you need. And overall, networking is a great opportunity to make useful connections or at least befriend with same-minded people.

Yes, this may sound too much at first, but there is no need to work on each of the fields at once. Pick one of the fields and improve it. Then move to another one, and you’ll see that it’s actually simple to be an active member of society, have high scores, and lead others.

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Even though the invitation for a presidential scholarship is not in your hands, you have all the chances of being nominated. Read the instruction above and see yourself that there’s nothing difficult. Especially if you give yourself enough time to improve and study.

However, even the most experienced and aspiring students need help from time to time. You may feel stressed or tired, short of motivation, or even depressed. We understand your worries and want to do everything, not to let you quit!

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If your dream is to get the presidential scholarship, remember that everything is possible and that we have a key to make your dreams come true. There are a few presidential scholarship holders in our team, and they’ll share a few unique insights with you.

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