Writing Macbeth Essay: Professional Tips and Topic Ideas for Students

February 15, 2020

Writing Macbeth Essay: Professional Tips and Topic Ideas for Students

Being a school student or already in a college, you would probably have a writing task based on William Shakespeare’s literature. His personality is iconic in the drama world and his works of art will always have an important place in the educational system. So there is no wonder that literature and humanitarian students have plenty of tasks connected with his works. One of the most frequent cases is Macbeth essay. The thing is that text can be discussed in various ways and in numerous aspects that make it possible for students to disclose their worldviews and beliefs.

After reading this piece of literature students may have many thoughts and opinions considering events, characters and ideas disclosed there. But the problem for most of them is composing a decent essay based on the mentioned aspects. The great thing is that you can learn how to create a compelling essay and impress your teachers and peers. To start with you can take a look at the basic rules for writing academic texts. Then consider peculiarities of the source. In this article, you will get insights on writing in general as well as analyzing Macbeth.

How to work on Macbeth essay

Do not panic if you get a task to write an essay based on Macbeth’s play. You might not know what to start with, but there is a solution. First of all, you have to be familiar with the source, as this is the basis of your writing. Then you can search for the inspiration in the critical materials on Macbeth. Try to analyze what aspects other authors are focusing on and what are the most frequent and most rare topics. From the online sources and articles like this, you can learn the main writing tips from the experts in the field. The unity of the received pieces of knowledge will form the bases for your own unique and compelling essay.


The most important thing in analyzing Macbeth is taking a good look at its characters. The mains are Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Witches and so on. Each of them has unique features and you can write an entire essay about all of them or focusing on somebody in particular. You have to be good at “reading” people, or at least being able to summarize the existing opinions in order to disclose each character to its fullest. In your arguments, you can use examples of monologues, events, and thoughts of heroes in the play.


An important stage of the essay creation is composing an outline. For Macbeth’s essay, the approach will be the same as for any other type of academic writing. You should gather, arrange and structure all ideas, arguments and other materials in order to transform them into meaningful essays. So, start with defining what thoughts are suitable for introduction, what arguments can be disclosed in the body paragraphs and what conclusion you may get considering the thesis of your essay. Then just disclose each section of the text, creating an essay.


The final part of your essay should be relevant to the main content, but also provide a meaningful conclusion resulted from your thoughts in the body paragraphs. It should be laconic and meaningful, providing answers on questions and thesis you presented in the intro part. Do not add new information. The conclusion should derive from the previous parts of the text giving the reader the feeling that he/she has finished the whole thinking process displayed on a paper.

Macbeth essay writing tips

One of the main reasons for Macbeth’s popularity is its dramatics as well as ideas and thoughts relevant at any time. This feature gives students the opportunity to choose any topic or direction in their essays. But the wise approach is to define the topic and the content from the following aspects:

  • Target audience;
  • The objective in your essay;
  • The suitable type of essay;
  • Your awareness and knowledge of the topic.

Considering essay types, you can also choose different approaches to disclosing the topic relevant to Macbeth.

For instance, in a comparative essay, you can describe and analyze events from a different point of view and compare your conclusions. You can also focus on characters and compare their characteristics, views, etc. In the end, you should summarize everything and tell readers about your findings. In an argumentative essay, you can state a point and provide its support, using arguments and examples based on Macbeth’s characters or events.

A bit more complicated will be analytical and critical essays. Here you should not only state some points but to come up with them analyzing and reviewing the material. The approach here is mostly based on your critical view on Macbeth as a piece of literature. You have to analyze the approach in writing or literary tools Shakespeare used in his play. Along with the analysis, you should write about possible or definite reasons the aspect exists in this piece of literature and create a meaningful, supported by arguments, conclusion. For instance, did the used methods help the author to evoke particular emotions from readers?

Topic ideas for Macbeth essay

If you cannot come up with ideas about what to write about, you can find some inspiration from the topics offered below:

  1. Contracting and comparative analysis of the Macbeth and King Duncan characters.
  2. Main literature approaches and methods most frequently used in Macbeth.
  3. The meaning of the exaggerated figure of witches in the play.
  4. The main moral questions from Macbeth play.
  5. The significance of Lady Macbeth’s character for the plot.
  6. The meaning of the witch prophesies shown to Macbeth.
  7. The reason for including the betrayal element to Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
  8. The importance of the message from prophecies.
  9. The comparative analysis of the Macbeth’s and Duncan’s betrayal.
  10. The manipulative factor in Shakespeare’s play.
  11. The anti-heroic figure of Macbeth.
  12. Proves of sorrow on Macbeth.
  13. The significance of including a mystical element to the Macbeth’s plot.
  14. What was the main motivation for murdering Duncan?
  15. Ways the play demonstrates feminism and masculinity.
  16. Violent deeds in Macbeth: honorable and dishonorable presentation of it.
  17. The significance of King Duncan as a character for the play.
  18. The proof that Macbeth’s power was abused.
  19. Comparison of Macduff, and Macbeth.
  20. Differences in describing characters considering their gender in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Sample of the essay on Macbeth piece of literature

When we read Shakespeare’s Macbeth, we can spot many references to blood. This element is used for indicating numerous things in the play.

The first time we can see this word is in Act I scene one where a Sergeant is having a conversation with Duncan about the war. In the phrase “bloody execution” Sergeant wanted to point out that Macbeth was a great warrior and shown true bravery and courage.

Another significant mention of the blood can be spotted in Act II scene 2 after the murdering of King Duncan by Macbeth. He considers hand as “hangman’s hands” as his deeds were similar to the executioner who handles all executions and has a bloodstain not only on his hands and clothes but on his soul that is impossible to remove. The dreadfulness of his deed scares Macbeth to panic and his Lady decided to comfort him. At the end of the scene, we read the following Macbeth line: “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood from my hands?” meaning that the seriousness of the act is so big that nothing can be done to compensate the consequences. He mentions Neptune, the god of the seas, to highlight his sinfulness and that this fact will be forever. These words highlight his remorse and that he wishes to undo his crime. We can imagine how Macbeth dreamed about turning the clock around and to defend his status as a good person. But eventually, he becomes who he was afraid of – a heartless tyrant without any moral orienteers.

In Act IV scene 3 we observe as Macduff was moving to England and having a conversation with Malcolm, Duncan’s son. And we see a serious statement: “Fit to govern! No, not to live. O nation miserable, With an untitled tyrant bloody scepter” that was the reference to Macbeth’s path to his current position as a tyrant and murder.

Along with the entire play, we can spot various allusions to blood with different meanings. We can see how the meaning of the word has changed from symbolizing honor and bravery to defining treachery and evil in general.


This article will be helpful for any students who want to succeed in writing Macbeth essay. However, in case you still have some difficulties or a lack of time, there is a solution for you as well. Our service can offer you not only professional writing tips but also professional writing help. So if you want our experts to assist you in preparing your writing assignment, do not hesitate to address your request to our team!

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