How To Write An Introduction For Dissertation: Tips And Tricks

May 14, 2021


When composing dissertations, keep in mind that the opening chapter is necessary because it is a section that readers see apart from titles and abstracts. The dissertation intro must give the entire work’s brief overview. It should also explain basic targets, set its tone, and leave readers’ most positive impression. The bad start, however, might destroy even the ideal piece of writing. 

Glance over the key components of every winning dissertation intro like clarity, succinctness, and cogence. Strictly follow your selected topic since it will put you on the right path if you continue composing every subsequent complex academic project part.

What Is a Dissertation Intro?

It is a must for every student to ask this question to be aware that it is a starting point or opening chapter of their academic project in which they are supposed to overview the further work, include a clear issue statement, and describe its subject. 

What Is the Basic Target of the Intro?

Writing of the intro supposes reaching these basic targets:

  • Introduce the interesting topic, mentioning the target of your study.
  • Show the discussion’s relevance.
  • Ensure readers of its scientific and practical relevance.
  • Grab their attention by utilizing solid examples from the related sources.

What to Add to the Dissertation Intro?

  • Scope.

The intro is a structural section of any written work. The intro section must include a dissertation scope to inform the reader concerning the content. Define the dissertation’s topic, describing it in the intro. It must be based on your selected issue’s motivation or indication. Do not research too much. Analyze all the relevant sources and look in the original niche.

  • Issue indication or motivation.

The intro should determine your further research area, and it might include the things you are interested in. To encourage readers, you should choose the most interesting example.

  • Theoretical and practical research relevance.

Utilize your knowledge and strong claims to state the scientific research relevance. Then, you should cite scientific articles, combining them to reach your target. Emphasize the discussion sections of the studies you will utilize and explain the project’s practical application. You might ask your friends to assist you if you think this assignment is too complicated, so they might offer various perspectives on the subject. Demonstrate practical advantages in the dissertation intro.

  • Actual scientific state that is related to the research theme.

In this section of the dissertation intro, you should specify necessary scientific sources or articles related to the theme. Shortly explain them. This is the way you demonstrate to the readers that the topic features many relevant studies. Also, you will show them that it is simple to find data on it. 

  • Key terms and methodology.

Outline the methodology of the dissertation briefly. You might add a key terms list you will utilize in the dissertation. You should do it in order to provide the readers with the theoretical background general idea of the essay.

  • What is the objective?

Describe your academic essay’s main objective. Share its formulated issue statement. To answer the issue statement, utilize hypotheses or research questions. If it is difficult to formulate strong hypotheses for various reasons, you should conduct the literary review before you develop a conceptual framework.

  • The research design brief description.

In the dissertation intro, give readers a short summary since you will elaborate on your research design in detail in other paragraphs. It defines where and when you make your research.

  • Outline.

In this intro section, you shortly describe your dissertation structure, summing up each paragraph in a single clear sentence. Avoid repetitively phrasing your outline. Make sure your word choice is varied.

Research Objectives and Targets

Objectives and targets are wide statements of proper dissertation results. With them, the expectations of the research and topic are reflected, and long-term project results are addressed. 

These statements must utilize the concepts accurately, be concentrated, and possible to convey the research intentions. They might be links through which the research question is answered. 

Based on your hypothesis, research question, or topic, you must formulate your objectives and targets. These are your research question extension and simple statements. 

Via the objectives and targets, you might tell the readers what research aspects you have concluded and how you plan to answer the research question. 

In most cases, such statements are initiated with such words as “to evaluate”, “to understand”, “to critically assess”, “to assess”, “to study”, “to explore”, etc. 

You might ask your professor to give you specific intro examples to better comprehend how objectives and targets are designed. 

Your objectives and targets must be interrelated and connect the research issue and research question. If they are unable to do it, they will be treated as too broad and vague in scope. 

You should ensure your research objectives and targets are relevant, brief, and concise. Reaching the dissertation conclusion, you should revert back to figure out whether your research objectives and targets were met or not. Reflect on the way your research assisted in reaching your targets. 

Begin With Your Research Proposal

Your research proposal or action plan might be a great beginning for composing your perfect dissertation intro. You will finish by noticing that you have many parts. Despite the fact, the intro should always be at the start of any dissertation, and you do not have to end up this paragraph before you compose other sections. Once you proceed, it will be simpler to create a good opening and make sure it is up to a point. So you might compose this necessary paragraph later.

Verb Tenses

To indicate things you will discuss efficiently and introduce the main subject, make sure you utilize the present simple tense. If you give any background data in the dissertation intro, utilize the simple past tense or present perfect.

Few Words About Its Length

There are no set rules or strict requirements if it comes to the proper dissertation intro length. Therefore, you must not put everything on one page. Do not repeat yourself; compose everything up to a point, add only the details and facts important to introduce your theme and research.

Revising and Proofreading

Like any other piece of academic writing, revising and proofreading will assist you in mastering the dissertation intro quality. It must draw the attention of the readers when it leads them to the study. Make sure you have a proper amount of time to compose a good piece, and you should not view it at the last minute. 

Nice ideas to make the dissertation intro strong:

  • To draw the reader’s attention at once, you should create an interesting opening sentence.
  • Do not provide any promises which are impossible to deliver later on.
  •  Avoid sharing everything in the dissertation intro since it must outline the major idea and scope of your work.
  • Make sure your language is straightforward.

What Are Possible Issues?

There are specific issues that students might face in the case they compose a dissertation intro that becomes:

  • Predictable and formula-written or lacks enthusiasm and a sense of commitment.
  • Too much detailed. So it spoils the surprise effect for its readers.
  • Much lengthier than it was needed. 

Efficient Steps to Take

In most academic subjects, you should draw the reader’s interest in the dissertation intro. How to reach this target? There are some efficient things for you to use if you want to succeed:

  • Establish a certain research territory by demonstrating to your target reader that it is interesting, problematic, significant, and central.
  • Evaluate and introduce the same area’s previous research.
  •  Define your niche through the extension of the past knowledge and indication of the gaps in the previous studies.

A proper dissertation intro should let you occupy the niche through doing the next things:

  •  Listing research questions or hypotheses.
  • Stating the current research nature or outlining the basic targets of it.
  • Indicating the academic project structure.
  • Announcing necessary research findings.
  • Stating previous studies’ value. 

Final Thoughts

Your introduction supposes to create the first impression on your reader or target audience. Therefore, make sure it contains a hook to draw your reader’s attention and persuade them to read or listen on. Consequently, you should generate the intro for your dissertation that would be interesting and engaging, firstly, for you. Do your best to create the most motivating and inspiring dissertation introduction. 

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