Passing English 101 Exams with Ease

March 30, 2020

Passing English 101 Exams with Ease

Basic information

Most college students should pass 101 English tests during the first semester of studies. This entry-level test enables us to understand what knowledge students have concerning:

  • grammar basics;
  • the building of language structures;
  • a manner of writing.

At the same time, some schools can focus more on literature and different authors.

Information you need

Grammar rules

Remembering all grammar rules is your must-have knowledge to pass this test. Yes, they can be treated as burdensome, but you will need them far more than only during the passing of 101 English test.

During your preparation, cover first of all the following topics: tenses, types of sentence structure, and punctuation. Comprehensive grammar guides, various tutorials on YouTube, schemes, and other resources can help you to grasp and memorize these rules. Different manuals for remembering grammar rules in context will help you to accelerate this process and keep them in your memory much longer.

Apart from this, there are many online educational resources and services, like PaperHelpWriting. We contain a lot of articles and provide online checkers to examine and boost your grammar skills. If used frequently, we can enhance your grammar proficiency significantly.

Educational resources and writing centers


In most cases, you will receive two textbooks to prepare yourself for 101 English test:

  • a book of essays;
  • a writing handbook.

Your book of essays will contain essay topics or similar writing assignments. When working with this textbook, read an assignment a couple of times:

  • during the first round grasp the essence of certain assignment;
  • during the second round, think about what you can and want to say concerning this topic, gather your thoughts and make some notes. This way, you will form a comprehensive understanding of any topic.

Your writing book can be helpful for you much longer than only during your preparation for 101 English test. This book provides valuable information on essay writing:

  • how to generate ideas and form statements from them;
  • how to create outlines for your essays;
  • tips for drafting your essays;
  • advice on editing your essays;
  • how to revise your essays effectively.

Writing centers

Referring to writing centers or similar classes can help you significantly in the course of your preparation. Apart from the opportunity to receive practical advice and feedback, these centers are good places for exchanging peer-to-peer experience.

As a rule, in this writing center, you can have a tutor who will work with you one-to-one. This assistance can be of great help, especially if you get stuck on your assignment and any handbook cannot help. In this center, you will receive the required assistance to move forward and prepare a better essay.

Useful tips

To help within your preparation for 101 English test, we have picked up the most important advice:

  • start your preparation in advance – rushing will certainly cause a poor preparation and the same results;
  • mindset matters – keep yourself enthusiastic and motivated to cope with any difficulties or failures during your preparation;
  • to tackle procrastination – think wisely about benefits you may receive if prepare yourself as you should, and about the adverse consequences you may face with in case of poor preparation; try to find some practical implication of the skills and experience you may receive during your preparation for 101 English test; for instance, your skills of essay writing can be applied in the short term perspective for writing various posts in your social media accounts or for keeping your blog;
  • read carefully each assignment – you should understand properly it: the overall sense and meaning of each word; in case of doubts – clarify such at once to save yourself from extra work and lower results;
  • take care of your time – get used to devote a specific amount of time to your writing assignment;
  • look for successful papers of your peers and form your own understanding of what kind of writing work you should prepare; this will help you to see any possible mistakes and improve your writing;
  • ask for help – this is necessary if you have any concerns regarding your preparation for 101 English test; however, even if you feel okay about it, you still can receive additional feedback and support, increasing your chances for better results this way;
  • look for extra teaching resources, especially online;
  • search for any resources or literature that can inspire you, especially look for the books of famous essay writers or novelists;
  • develop your ability to focus on the main things;
  • accustom yourself to organize your thoughts;
  • consider 101 English test as a good chance to enhance your analytical and writing skills;
  • be connected to your class – communicate as often as possible and appropriate with your professor and peers;
  • read all instructions and watch all tutorials thoroughly;
  • try to look on your drafts impartially to see all things you can improve;
  • give your draft to your peers for review;
  • take efforts to cope with possible anxiety – learn yourself to be calm and organized for the forthcoming 101 English test;
  • organize breaks during your preparation to save and improve your productivity.

Essay writing

General approach

When you have a topic, at the beginning make some reflections in this regard: define your thoughts, feelings, considerations, and the main point of view. At this stage, you may write any ideas related to your topic to select the most valuable among them later. Providing additional research, if required, will also be a very good idea for a better understanding of your topic. Make sure you understand its overall sense and the meaning of all words in your topic properly.

From your pool of ideas, highlight secondary ideas to support your main statement. Having your list of ideas, make a structure for your future answer. The basic example of such a structure is the following:

  • introduction;
  • body paragraphs;
  • conclusion.

Your introduction should be limited to 3-4 sentences and comprise a thesis statement. Formulate it shortly, avoiding an overload of details. It is desired to add some hook to your introduction to interest your reader this way.

The number of paragraphs should be close to the number of secondary statements you have elaborated to support the main idea – approximately one paragraph per each statement. Each paragraph is designated to provide supporting arguments, evidence, quotes, valuable considerations that may reaffirm your opinion. Complicated topics always require more supporting statements and simple topics…wait a minute. Is it really interesting to choose a simple topic? Oh, and one more thing – make sure you have smooth transitions between your paragraphs.

Your conclusion should be an extract from your previous content, 3-4 sentences approximately. As in the case with your introduction, the conclusion should also include some interesting statements to finish your essay smoothly.

In the end, your essay should be:

  • concise;
  • easy to read and understand;
  • interesting;
  • flowing.

Other important considerations to keep in mind

To boost your skills further, look for various resources regarding readability. Pay special attention and avoid any plagiarism. If you write your essay on your own and express your thoughts only, the risk of failing any plagiarism test will be minimal. To be on the safe side, it is better to double-check it using any online services.

Topics to practice

To gain more experience in drafting answers for your 101 English test here some topics for you to practice:

  • What is better: international or local education?
  • Modern technologies in economics
  • Harassment in modern society
  • Democracy and its drawbacks
  • Digital economy and its future
  • Influence of modern technologies on education
  • Ways for combating terrorism
  • Whether online dating is a place where love exists?
  • What is bodybuilding: mastering your body or satisfying ego?
  • Factors that affect human behavior today most of all
  • Cybercrime as a new form of terrorism
  • Social media in the modern world
  • Ways to tackle procrastination
  • Regulation of sports betting
  • Influence of pop culture
  • Role of tobacco advertising
  • Modern civil rights movement
  • Standardized tests: pros and cons
  • Ways to get motivated
  • Role of the first lady in modern society
  • Ways of effective sport training
  • Genetics or a choice: what influences most of all on a person’s life?

Last words

Sincerely hope this article can help you during the preparation for 101 English test. Simply understand and memorize grammar rules, grasp writing tips, and work on enhancing your skills regularly.

Keep in mind all mentioned above advice, remain calm, and do your best to pass this test successfully.

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