Is It Complicated to Compose a Precis?

May 25, 2021

Student life can be enjoyable until this happiness finishes due to the workload present-day learners need to handle. Some learners spend day and night in front of books, while others would desire to spend more free time on fun. It doesn’t mean it is incorrect to enjoy your student life! Nevertheless, you cannot overlook the submission time because you may not receive your degree.

When it is the submission time, precis composing is the most challenging assignment that a learner needs to cope with. You can have some non-understanding of this, and that is precisely why we have prepared helpful information about it especially for you. Below are ways of writing a precis stage by stage, a definition of the term “precis”, and several important hints that you should be aware of.

Definition of Precis

When you receive a new academic paper assignment, the question “what is a precis?” appears in your mind. Its name originates from the French language and means a summary. It actually indicates ‘precise’ or ‘cut brief’. The precis definition concerns a summary of any writing paper (a book, an article, or a novel). If a learner is required to determine “precis”, they can tell it is a summary of the published work but not a reworded text.

Precis defines the point of the published work and possesses a structure. The precis format will assist you to comprehend the structure of the published work. It is an objective viewpoint, or you can name it a short summing up of thoughts. It is not a critical study, which expects you to research contents and thoughts outspoken in the text. It does not necessitate you to include your own viewpoint. Just basic moments need to be included. When you are composing a precis, you need to perform it briefly, accurately and you need to adhere to the topic.

Summary vs Precis

We’ve previously discussed that precis is actually a text summary. However, in fact, there’s a thin edge between the two titles. A summary is a short exposition that usually highlights the central points of a presented text. At the same time precis should possess a title and be 1/3 of the whole amount of words in the source passage. 

Additionally, a summary widely explains the central moments in general; at the same time, a precis concentrates on each detail and profoundly examines a specific situation. Let’s consider an instance to dissipate your bewilderment on this subject. Let’s imagine you’ve newly obtained an assignment to analyze the 3rd scene of the 2nd act of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”. 

Which kind would you refer this task to – precis or summary? You answer correctly if you select the first alternative. Thereby, a precis can be described as a short form of an essay or a section in a book, or an act in a play.

How to Begin Composing your Precis

The actions of composing a precis can be commonly described as those including a thorough analysis of the source (it is a good idea to take notes), defining a structure, and composing the precis itself. 

Composing a precis is the process of learning or examining a piece of writing and selecting the central points, to create a short summary of the mentioned piece of writing. Precis composing is not as simple as you can imagine! You need to hold specific details in your mind before you begin to write your precis down. But how to compose a precis? Below are several hints for you to compose it!

  • View the literary work thoroughly and pick out or note the principal ideas.
  • Attempt to think about what the writer is striving to inform with the help of the literary work.
  • Look closely at pieces of evidence that the writer has utilized.
  • You should formulate a thesis differently provided by the writer with the help of your individual expressions. Don’t forget that it needs to be accurate and of current interest.
  • You are required to compose just several sentences for every section. It will be a summary of every section but avoid using too many words.
  • Then, you are required to read the literary work once again and verify whether it is connected with your summary.
  • You need to examine the summary and check whether you have justified the central points or miss something. Always utilize a logical structure.
  • Verify the writing result for accuracy and precision. Perform a grammar checking before presenting it to the educator.

The Signs of a Powerful Precis

Now it will be correct to verify and determine what should be included in your precis if you want to get the highest grade.

  • The text needs to be clear and precise.
  • It is a bad idea for the learner to include sentences from the source text. You are required to utilize your unique words.
  • A precis requires to be brief – to communicate meaningful rather than minor information. Additionally, important moments should be enumerated totally, comprising the material as far and wide as possible.
  • It is a summary of the literary work but not its paraphrased option.
  • Composing needs to be in a logical sequence. It needs to be well-connected.
  • It needs to possess a title.
  • There is no need to include unnecessary details.
  • Avoid taking information from other sources but the literary work.

Outline of Precis

The outline is one of the basic elements of precis composing. It enables you to correctly structure and order the stream of thoughts and assists you to sequentially point out the central arguments of your precis. 

Here you begin composing the outline, it’s necessary to boil down the list of potential themes to the central one. Next, you’ll be required to choose the aim of your outline, which depends on the theme you selected to write about. For instance, the outline can be composed for relaxing, thinking, or familiarizing the audience with this or that topic.

Extra important action on the way to composing a powerful outline concerns research. View the material completely, collect required information like quotes or data. Next, take notes, and collect all the parts together to begin making an outline, getting information here and there.

When you’re finished with this assignment, go to brainstorming. This great method of creating ideas can assist you in establishing that genius idea that simply appeared in your mind. You can write down brainstorm outcomes in the kind of random scribbles or form a mind map to create associations with the thoughts.

And if some items don’t suit your precis outline, you can constantly delete or avoid them. The following section of an outline is devoted to thought arrangement. If you question how to structure your assignment, keep in mind to always formulate the info that’ll be involved in the introductory part, as well as in main sections and summing-up.

At the step of concluding, don’t ignore to view your precis outline once again and include the lacking details if needed. Additionally, proofread your outline and writing thoughts on the task itself. That’s all; review it for typos, mistakes, and format mistakes.

Elements of Precis

Precis format is comparable to an essay; it composes of an introductory part, main sections, and summing-up.

Introductory part. The introductory part composes of information concerning:

  • The writer.
  • Title.
  • Publishing time within brackets.
  • A verb to describe the thesis.
  • The thesis.

The main part of the precis possesses separate sections devoted to every part of the source piece of work where you represent the writer’s opinions, views, and objectives.

Keep in mind that you can’t present your personal viewpoint or idea; instead of this, you should concentrate on analyzing the writer’s take on the central idea or problem.

In your summing-up, just formulate the central idea differently without any own remarks.

You Can Deal with Precis Writing

This article covered the first representation of how you can begin composing a precis. It is simple to speak about it, but when you sit down and compose it, you will have no words. It is simple to express your own ideas and thoughts, but precis is much more difficult than that, and you should have an enduring mind. Be confident that you view the text completely before summarizing the article. This will assist you in gathering all your thoughts and composing an excellent precis. But if you need essay help, you can always contact us.

The contemporary academic community has formed demanding rules and regulations, which seldom can be difficult to cope with. Getting higher education is hard in the 21st century; no learner would negate it.

Mixing courses, examinations, part-time jobs, social projects, and family life is a difficulty for any person. That is why online academic assistance is what we advise you to consider. It is a good idea to ask for assistance instead of overloading yourself with optional assignments that have no influence on your futurity and do not connect with principal courses at your educational institution.

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