Get Acquainted with Your Best Travelling Essay Guide

March 5, 2020

Get Acquainted with Your Best Travelling Essay Guide

Let’s find the best definition for a Travelling essay

Dealing with writing tasks in the university is a common practice for the students of different disciplines. Such assignments represent both creativity and interest in the subject matter. There is a great number of topics that you can cover with the help of essay writing. Usually, professors assign their students with the task when they want to get a response and find out the view of the trainees. While studying in an institution, you will surely come up with tons of writing tasks. They may consider various domains of our life. It can be an essay on politics or environmental situations. It can also be a less thought-provoking task to write about your previous travelling experience.

This is called a travelling essay, and it mainly covers your journey and the feelings you experienced there. You are supposed to shed the light on your latest adventure and tell in detail why it was such a breath-taking and catchy activity.

It is not a short review, but rather a detailed and descriptive story where you share your memories and personal thoughts. Thus, there is no place for hesitation or reluctance. To express your thoughts in a clear way, you need to collect the information from a few sources. Try to consult the people you traveled with to get another viewpoint on the journey. Furthermore, make sure to prove your knowledge with research to represent the place you visited in the best possible way.

If you are keen on writing and composing a text causes no difficulties for you, that’s good news. However, if you fail to find a common language with writing tasks, you need a guide to help you with it.

The best way to frame your essay

It happens that students get confused about the tasks and exaggerate their difficulty because they simply lack the understanding of the overall structure. It is always easier to generate ideas when you do not have to think over the number of paragraphs or the best way to put them together. On the contrary, having a clear picture of the necessary structure you save yourself precious time and effort.

Travelling essay should not fear you, as it follows regular rules and is not distinctive when it comes to structuring. When you have the idea of what to talk in your writing, you need to divide the text into 3 main parts:

  • introduction;
  • main body;
  • conclusion.


As you can see, there is nothing special considering the structure. At first, you get your reader familiar with your motivation to talk and the place you decided to discuss. This is it for the introductory part.

Main body

Then you move to the main body where there is a need to develop your train of thought and dig deeper into details. Here your task is to be descriptive, try to convey the atmosphere and encourage the reader to fall in love with your journey. Try to take these points into account:

  • always express the thought from 1st person perspective, as travelling experience is a part of your life, and no one but you can convey the feelings in a correct manner;
  • be specific here and try to avoid using general descriptions;
  • research peculiar features about the place and share your personal findings as a tourist travelling off the beaten track;
  • provide clear arguments and reinforce them with vivid examples;
  • let the reader get to know both the pros and cons of your trip.

Conclusive part

The conclusion is supposed, to sum up, the information, so that the reader can clearly get what are the pros and cons of the story. Here you should strike a discreet tone and avoid adding new information.

Best tips to design your text

Being acquainted with the common structure is not enough to make the reader enjoy your story. There are a few things to consider so that the story does not seem dull or lacking sense. These tips will help you make the text meaningful and nice to read:

  1. Research information sources and include only relevant data into your story: never lie to your readers.
  2. Before proceeding with text writing, make sure to plan your speech and write down at least the main points.
  3. Avoid the use of confusing facts and try to filter out redundant information.
  4. Be clear with your speech not to make readers feel puzzled over your words.
  5. Complex sentences are not the best choice in this case. It is better to make use of simple constructions but juicy and ear-candy language.
  6. Keep tabs on the consistency of your narrative.

Choose your topic

Travelling essay may seem quite a vague task for you. However, there are a few main directions to focus your attention on and thus develop your train of thought.

Captivating travelling Essay topics

  1. Can travelling experience change the way you look at regular phenomena?
  2. Have you noticed the way your outlook changed throughout your travelling adventures?
  3. Don’t you think that travelling contributed to your tolerance towards other people?
  4. Can frequent travelling influence relationships in a family?
  5. Would you change the way people travel? In what perspective?
  6. What are the most popular modes to move from one place to another? Which one is your favorite?
  7. Share the story about the loveliest trip you have had lately.
  8. Why is travelling so important? How can it contribute to our mental state?
  9. Are there any rules considering nature-friendly travelling?
  10. What are the most desirable places you want to visit? Why? Whom would you choose as a partner for a journey?

Easy Travelling essay topics

  1. What are the tips for an inexperienced traveler?
  2. Can possessing a car help increase the number of trips within a family?
  3. How has technological breakthrough assisted the development of the travelling business?
  4. How popular is a journey into the space today? Can anyone experience this exciting trip?
  5. What can you tell about the cross-cultural differences?
  6. What are the top 3 countries you want to visit? Explain your choice.
  7. Do you need to consult a travel agency before taking a trip?
  8. Couchsurfing as a new way to learn the nuances of a new cultural environment.
  9. Would you like to travel back in time? What century or time period would you choose?
  10. Being a docent involves risks: what can you expect being involved in such an activity?

Consult the example of a Travelling Essay

Travelling is a special time in the life of every person. For some people, it is a simple vacation, while for others it constitutes a whole new precious life experience. You can spend a fortune to feel comfortable during your journey, as well as travel on a low budget feeling complete happiness. Being open to the world and ready to face its beauty is what travelling means, in fact. Whatever your aim is, travelling is the best contribution you can invest in yourself. 

While getting acquainted with different cultures, I personally experience great changes considering my mental state. Broaden the horizons never goes unnoticed, and it definitely leaves its imprint in my life. When I visit new countries, these are not tourist spots that make me feel impressed. I get inspiration from people, customs and the spiritual atmosphere of the place. Getting familiar with different values and another world view is what makes me grow and mature as a person. 

Moreover, new places help me notice the beauty that lies in our differences. Experiencing new cultures, I get to know different behavioral patterns and various approaches to the study of our inner world. It encourages me to tolerate other people and accept their peculiar features as another side of their individuality. 

Thus, travelling is a whole new world that opens up our eyes and makes us look differently on regular phenomena. While some people enjoy spending a lot of money on entertainment, for some of us the acquaintance with new civilizations is much more important. In spite of your goal, travelling is worth it.

Let’s summarize

As a student, you need to be ready for various writing assignments. They are given to you on purpose, so try to take a responsible approach when dealing with the tasks. The assignments can touch upon different topics, so your main duty is to be versatile, flexible and inventive.

Travelling essay is another task that you can face. To manage it, you need to choose the topic, research it carefully and represent it in an interesting manner. Another tip for you consists of following the rules that will assist you to build a well-structured text. Do not get confused about the task, take it easy and enjoy the process of sharing your point of view with the reader.

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