Twenty Top Words and Phrases for a Great Essay

April 13, 2019

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The best way to prepare a great essay paper is to find those top words and phrases to connect all your ideas into one single masterpiece. The transition words and the top phrases described below will help you to complete a perfect essay paper. Just make sure you know how to reveal your ideas and understand the needs of your audience. Every word and phrase must have its proper place in a paper. Still, you will not be successful when using even the top-notch phrases in the wrong places. Careful and correct usage of the words and phrases is important for a great final paper.

Linking Words to Create a Perfect Paper

Transition words are the exact linking elements that bring the entire text into one flawless piece of writing. Proper structure of the text means a lot, thus using top-notch transition words is important for the result. In the same time, you must know how to use the words properly. It means there is a difference where you place words and phrases. There is no need to put transition words into every sentence, but it is important to use them in order to combine ideas, enhance the meaning of the exact argument, and keep the audience interested in what you are writing about in your paper. When you have a plan for your essay paper and know what the exact results you are tending to reach, it will be much easier to write your perfect essay paper.

The Best Transition Words

Transition words are extremely important elements of every academic paper. They are great tools as well since they bring a chance to improve an essay paper and make a writing process exciting. Be sure, without proper transition words your writing will remain a low-quality text. First, learn how to use the words and phrases properly, and start improving your writings with top-notch transition words. Be sure, linking words are used not simply for combining different parts of the sentence, but also for emphasizing specific ideas.

Additional Information

Furthermore. The word is used when you need to add some important information to get the entire clear picture of the situation revealed. It brings the expand information required. The beginning of the independent clause usually starts with “furthermore” word.

Moreover. This word has some similar features with the “furthermore” since it offers additional information. In the same time, it also brings an extra emphasis on showing the great importance of the following clause. “Even lacking a proper experience, he has got a great job; furthermore, he has become an executive director of the company.”

Many writers put additional information into their pieces of writing by using such words as “previously”, “firstly”, “preceded by”. These words show the order of the events occurred and the results achieved. “The modern popularity of the artist was preceded by many years of singing in small local clubs.”

The words “simultaneously” and “meanwhile” show that the events were happening at the same time. The word “incidentally” brings the additional description of the way the situation happened. “This non-government program was focused on the protection of various species. Every program was facing many difficulties, while simultaneously; many people were helping the volunteers to save animals from extinction. Meanwhile, hundreds of tourists visit the country every year, who were, incidentally, happy to see positive changes.”

When you need to add information after the fact, it is proper to use words “afterward” or “subsequently”.

Contrast and Compare

The use of certain words depends on the situation illustrated. When you need to show the similarity, it is proper to use “comparatively” and “correspondingly”. In case you need to show a difference, use “however”, “nevertheless”, and “on the other hand”.

“There are some differences in the education process in different countries. Nevertheless, people have used to work with various sources of information and educational tools. Besides, many theories used in the process of study are comparatively related.”

Clarification and Conclusions

In order to clarify some point of view or ideas, it is great to use such transitional phrases like “to reiterate”, “inasmuch as”, “specifically”, etc.

When you need to complete your paper and provide some useful conclusions, it is properly using words “thus”, “accordingly” or “hence”. These words are aimed at highlighting the main results of the paper and the provided recommendations.

Once you are well aware of the top transition words and phrases to use in your paper, you can start improving your essay. The popular linking words are aimed at combining the ideas into one single piece of writing. They allow completing a proper essay paper with the perfect structure and useful context.

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