Stasis Theory: How to Conduct a Profound Research

May 1, 2020

Stasis Theory: Top Way To Conduct A Research

When you need to conduct a profound research, various investigation ways and research methods can be quite beneficial. Every research is aimed at revealing and solving a problem. It can be quite problematic to find a needed solution. Still, history knows a bunch of research methods that were created long ago and remain valid these days.

One of the top methods created by Aristotle, the stasis theory, is still highly used by researchers. This is a classical invention process. This research way is based on profound investigation and determination of the main roles and central details of an investigated issue. Stasis theory allows analyzing the issue’s true nature, finding the origin of the problem, revealing its core peculiarities, and coming up with effective solutions. This is a four-element effective problem-solving tool. It also allows following the proper order of investigation steps. Thus, it helps to organize the entire research process greatly.

Stasis Theory Explanation and Description

The stasis theory is a four-question prewriting process that is aimed at improving the research process. This is the first thing to do before starting a research work. It helps in developing a strong research strategy. Also, it allows checking the investigated issue more precisely.

The researchers often deal with complex topics. They need to use their critical thinking to explore and investigate the issue properly. This prewriting routine helps to develop the needed set of principles and tools to be used in research and writing processes. Finally, stasis theory focuses on writers’ attention on the most important and highly requested actions:

  • Estimation of the facts on the way;
  • Definition of the researched issue’s true nature;
  • Estimation of the seriousness of the problem;
  • Creation of the plan or call to action.

These are the four basic categories of stasis theory. They are so-called stasis categories. Every researcher deals with them before preparing research. Surely, these categories can be divided into sub-categories if needed. Use them when you need to focus on some minor details. You can write down a list of different questions to investigate an issue properly.

When you work as a group, it helps to assign every writer, researcher, or assistant to deal with a certain task. Thus, it helps in the research work’s organization. In the case with a big group of researchers, stasis categories and sub-categories allow dealing with numerous separate issues at once. Finally, the analyzed data is combined, and a single solution found.

Stasis Theory: Four-Question Structure

There are various questions you can base your research work on. It makes the research process more convenient. These questions help to conduct research greatly. They allow organizing the research and writing process. It is also easier to come up with findings. The findings are always relevant and can be used for further problem solution investigation. 

In short, the stasis theory is a procedure aimed at revealing the true nature of an investigated issue. The stasis questions must be answered properly. Moreover, they should be answered in the right order. Thus, you cannot skip one question and go to the next one. Every following question depends on the previous one. Thus, you always answer all of them and in proper order.

When dealing with research work, the researchers tend to focus on the four basic concepts:

  • Fact;
  • Definition;
  • Quality;
  • Policy.

It is crucial to follow this particular order. This is the only way to investigate the problem properly and come up with solid solutions and recommendations. You can break the mentioned categories into subcategories if needed. Besides, there is a list of sub-questions you can use within your research process.

Four Stasis Questions and Sub Questions

When you deal with a research paper, you need to think through a proper structure and format of a paper. The research work must be well-organized and delivered. The four stasis questions help to organize the investigation. You need to work properly with every aspect of your research work.

Finally, you can use sub-questions to discover and explore your investigated issue. Do not forget to pay your time completing a list of questions you plan to deal with in advance. It means, pays enough time selecting proper questions. 

1. Fact

  • What has happened
  • Why did it happen
  • When did it happen
  • Was it possible to avoid it

2. Definition

  • What is the real nature of a problem
  • What kind of problem we are dealing with
  • What are the main points and elements of an issue

3. Quality

  • It is a positive or negative issue in particular
  • What is the harshness of the problem (issue)
  • What kind of consequences it can bring
  • Who should deal with the problem
  • What can happen if to not solve a problem

4. Policy

  • Should we solve an issue
  • What action must be taken to solve it
  • What must be done to solve a problem

Once asking the right questions, the researchers can solve a problem more effectively. Stasis questions are important. It is the reason why you need to pay enough time and effort coming up with proper questions. Stasis theory is an effective method of research and problem-solving tool. It can bring numerous benefits for researchers.  

Stasis Theory Guides and Tips

When you conduct research work, asking proper questions is vital. You will not find needed answers without proper questions. Facts at hand must be estimated. You need to find the true nature of the problem. Keep it in your mind that your work must reveal the problem, analyze it, and finally solve it. Thus, first, you need to find out what you are dealing with. Ask your questions. When dealing with the problem, figure out its particularities. Focus on similarities and differences. 

You also need to find what your problem can cost if it is not solved on time. Thus, once checking the possible issue consequences, you can estimate the critical need to find a solution. The final set of stasis questions is aimed at dealing with a problem itself. It includes outlining the people who need to deal with a problem. Also, reveal effective methods and requested actions. 

The stasis theory helps to figure out what the exact question must be asked and what actions must be taken to solve a problem. You can use your question, but the main structure of a method must be followed. Four stasis questions are requested. Their proper order is requested too. With this effective method, you can find out the nature of the problem, its roots, severity, and come up with proper actions to deal with an issue.

Why and Where to Use Stasis Theory

Stasis theory is often used when you deal with controversial topics. You do not need to avoid complex topics when you have an effective method to investigate them properly. The stasis theory is a four-question prewriting process aimed at assuring a profound research work. The four questions used within a process are central. You need to deal with the key categories before starting research.

In addition to these four categories, you can write down numerous subcategories. It will help you to complete a strong research paper. Stasis theory helps to develop a good research strategy. It allows checking the investigated issue more accurately. It reveals the problem’s origin and true nature.

The investigators often deal with complex topics. They need to use their critical thinking to explore and investigate the issue properly. This prewriting routine helps to develop the needed set of steps to be used in research and writing processes. In conclusion, stasis theory focuses on writers’ attention to the most important problem-solving actions. It is quite a beneficial method to both reveal a problem’s true nature and solve the problem at once. 

Top Ways to Deal with Stasis Theory

The stasis method can be used in different ways. It allows finding the origin of the problem. Also, it brings effective methods to deal with the problem eventually. You need to learn how to deal with the four main stasis questions to conduct profound research. This is one of the top methods of investigation. 

The stasis theory is a four-question prewriting process that is aimed at assuring an effective research process. This is the first thing to do before starting a research work. It helps in developing a proper research strategy. Also, it allows checking the investigated issue more accurately.

Surely, you can find it a little complicated to ask the right questions. But it is easy to learn it with more experience gained. If you lack the needed skills, you can reach professional online assistance to help you with your research work. In such a case, you can easily succeed. Moreover, once dealing with experts, you will get both a completed research paper and a guide to using stasis questions effectively in the future.

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