Speech Writing: Tips to Achieve the Best Result

April 5, 2020

Speech Writing: Tips to Achieve the Best Result

Let us define the phenomenon

The idea behind it is clear: to sound persuasive in front of the audience; you should have your speech text in the written form. This way, you will be more confident, and the chances to mess up with the performance will be reduced to a minimum.

Speech writing is basically the process of putting down your ideas in the written form into a full text. Having equipped with the ready-to-go speech variant, you will ensure interesting, informative, and concise message delivery that will not annoy the listener.

Structure your speech like a pro

In a nutshell, the structure is a substantial part that you need to consider. The success of your performance is mainly dependent on the way you frame your ideas. If you mess up with facts and succession of events, you will fail with the whole topic interpretation. Thus, you should follow a regular pattern for academic writing which consists of 3 textual parts:


If you have accomplished a few academic writing tasks, you are probably aware of the opening part. This section is aimed at the introduction of the topic. Here you should also hook the reader/listener with an impressive or even controversial statement. The final aspect includes providing the audience with the purpose of your performance.

Main body

This section suggests the list of arguments that you support with credible information. Make sure to be consistent with introducing new information, and do not forget to back up what you say. Being illustrative will also give you an edge. Make this part informative enough so that there are no questions left.


Go back to the very beginning and sum up what has been said. Your task consists of summarizing the information and encouraging the listener to act. Thus, it includes a persuasive call to action to make people reflect upon the speech.

Facilitate the process of writing with the following tips

The writing process is a demanding activity, and sometimes it requires too many efforts from the author. Therefore, you need to have some working tips on hands:

  • Make sure to research the topic and know its ins and outs to sound professional. You should be convincing when working with the audience so that your words have enough power. To this purpose, learn information from credible sources, so that you can easily support your point of view.
  • A well-organized outline will be extremely helpful for you, so take your time and put your ideas into a list or in any other writing form working for you.
  • Start your speech with a haunting hook. This is a 100% working method to catch the attention of the audience and make them listen to you. Make the introductory utterance attention-grabbing by using funny, sad, or even shocking facts.
  • Avoid generalization and refer to more specific aspects to give the listeners valuable information. Nonetheless, make sure to touch upon out-of-scope subtopics to perform additional background knowledge.
  • Be coherent in introducing information and follow logical patterns. This way, the audience will not be confused and absorb what you say in the way you planned. Make your text cohesive and pleasant to hear with the help of transitive words and word constructions. It can help you avoid confusion and go to the next part of your speech without a hitch.

Topics examples to create the best speech

Now that you know the basic rules of structuring the text, your task is to decide on the topic of speech writing. There are four basic directions where you can stop your attention.

Informative Speech Writing Topics

When you need to inform your reader about an event or a process, you should resort to informative speech writing. This type of writing aims at educating the audience and providing people with the necessary information.

  1. Find out the ways to make your plants grow faster.
  2. The process of losing weight and its basic steps.
  3. What you should do to work out an effective business strategy for your business.
  4. Let’s make the ball rolling: tips to make the start-up work.
  5. Ways and methods to become a better driver.
  6. What to use when one needs to move into a new house.
  7. Cybercrime and what implications it causes on modern society.
  8. The change in the education system and how we should respond.
  9. Suicide rates and their dependence on a person’s sex.
  10. Video games as a means to develop violence.

Persuasive Speech Writing Topics

When dealing with persuasive writing, a writer attempts to make the audience think in one way or another. Usually, there are two or more sides of the problem, and the writer should provide others with convincing arguments for supporting his or her thoughts.

  1. Do we need to expel bully students?
  2. Best ways to prevent students from suffering aggression attacks from others.
  3. Prostitution issue and how we should respond to the legalization of the activity.
  4. Transgenders and military service: is it allowed for this minority to enter the military?
  5. Compulsory voting is a violation of rights.
  6. Do we need the border between the USA and Mexico to provide the best form of defense?
  7. Assisted suicide: purposes and responsibility.
  8. Schools and public prayers: do we need to implement it?
  9. How should protected marine areas respond to offshore drilling?
  10. Swimming classes in schools and its necessity.

Entertaining Speech Writing Topics

Topics of the kind are supposed to entertain the audience and uplift the overall atmosphere of the performance.

  1. Tell about a regular thing in a personal dramatic twist.
  2. Comment on an ordinary situation in a different way using mocking.
  3. Use your creativity to find the difference in mostly similar objects/processes/events.
  4. Your worst date experiences.
  5. How to achieve success and professional growth in watching the TV.
  6. Ways to make your first impression bad.
  7. Figure out methods to fail your enrollment tests.
  8. Best way to introduce lie to your opponent.
  9. Be the center of attention at any event with these tips.
  10. Being passive-aggressive to make another person do the dishes.

Special Occasion Speech Writing Topics

Basically, this type of speech writing is the same in the structure and methods of introducing the information. The purpose, however, is different. The message you need to deliver is specific and is presented on special occasions. The range of special events can range depending on your lifestyle and schedule. Thus, it may be either a graduation process, a wedding, or a simple family dinner.

  1. Wedding speech: how I met your mother.
  2. Tips to make your graduation speech perfect and memorable.
  3. Avoid these mistakes when writing a welcome speech.
  4. Ways to write an interesting and alluring birthday speech.
  5. Tips to continue the conversation: after dinner speech topics.
  6. Ways to create a relevant anniversary speech.
  7. Find out how to master your retirement speech writing.
  8. Best wedding speech examples for the bride and groom.
  9. Write impressive valedictorian speech with these tips.
  10. Amusing graduation speech example.

Develop your own ideas on the basis of our speech example

Lack of discipline in schools  

In the last few years, the rates of teenage aggression in schools have risen tremendously. The number of fights and cases of bullying attacks is huge, and we need to ring a bell and raise the matter. Today, I, Amanda, consider it to be my responsibility to shed light on recklessness that led to huge indiscipline in schools. 

Bullying, fights, or verbal assault comes both from students and their teachers, so the issue is really urgent, and needs to be resolved. Apart from in-school incidents, there are many cases when parents themselves address the administration of the school to admit the shift in their child behavior. The chaos present in educational institutions put their mark on the students and affects their physical and mental state. 

There are different aspects that affected the situation that got worsen. Excessive use of social media, domestic violence, inadequate guidance are thought to be the core causes of the present challenge. To address the issue, the government tries to implement appropriate measures, which include mandatory life skill classes, regular seminars for family members, anonymous psychological assistance. These steps are considered to help release the pressure and make a decrease in the occurrence of in-school incidents.  

We should not forget that school property was also damaged due to the inadequate behavior of the students, so the above-mentioned actions can contribute to the stabilizing of the situation. 

Hence, we should act together to build a better healthy environment for the upcoming generation. 

Thank you for your attention!

Let’s conclude

Advice from Paper Help: Speech writing is a responsible and demanding process. You cannot neglect it or underestimate its importance. To sound professional, you should base your speech on profound research and a list of well-developed arguments to prove your ideas. Thus, be sure to make use of our speech writing guide, and your performance will be breathtaking.

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