Shortly about a Scholarship Thank You Letter

October 7, 2020

Just imagine. You have got a scholarship for your studies and can forget completely or partially about looking for the funds. Everyone will be extremely happy. Still, there is one thing that is important for making this process completed – a scholarship thank you letter.
You may think that your donor does not need that. It is not so. Receiving gratitude is always pleasant. Let’s say, and this is a thing each donor will be glad to receive from you. Your further success, thanks to this aid, also will be a very good thing. But this will be later. Gratitude will be first.
You, from your side, would probably thank anyone who has given you something less significant. It is just a sign of politeness. The same thing is to this letter. It also signifies your politeness and… professionalism. Yes, yes, your professionalism.
So, a scholarship thanks you letter is a kind of writing addressed to a donor who has provided you funding. It contains statements about your gratitude and the importance of this aid to you. Let’s look more precisely at these points.


The foremost thing when you start writing this letter is to share your sincere emotions about getting this scholarship. It is important. That’s the things a donor will feel.
If you still have doubts about writing this letter, try to think about it from the other side. It can help you not only express your gratitude but also to establish good relations with this organization in the future. This is important in our modern world, especially with organizations that encourage studies this way.

Writing recommendations

Here are the most common guidelines for writing a scholarship thank you letter:
1. Be sincere in your letter. Avoid telling about those feelings that are possible in this situation, but you don’t experience them at the moment. For instance, if you are not enthusiastic about future researches for some reasons, like fear of failures, it is better to avoid telling about such. If you are only grateful, focus your writing on this feeling only to make it effective.
2. Gather your thoughts. Perfectly, if you do this nearly at once after have found that a scholarship is yours. List on a separate paper all things you would like to say to your donor. Don’t be afraid of a blank paper at this point. This can prevent you from writing and may result in missing valuable information you could share with your donor. Yes, it is always easy to write about something when you have fresh memories of that. List all your ideas, even if they seem dull at the moment. You will have a chance to rewrite them later.
3. Look for similar examples of these letters. They will help you to form a view about how this letter should look like. In this article, you will find a couple for your reference.
4. Plan your work ahead. This writing should not take too long. Set your own deadline for drafting. In fact, this process should not take more than a couple of days.
5. Start writing at once. It is better to make a preliminary draft from your first attempt. You will revise it later.
6. Use advanced editing tools. You may find a lot online, and they are free to use. These tools will help you shorten sentences and condense similar phrases. In the outcome, your letter will look a number of times better. Editing your letter is important. A properly written letter will signify your professionalism again.
7. Check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation by using various specific tools. It is important to ensure your letter is free from any typos, errors, and omissions. To be on the safe side, you may print this letter. Frequently, this helps to fix errors and correct them.
8. Check the address, contact details of your donor, and yours. This is important for making everything right.
9. If this organization has special formatting requirements, follow them. If it uses certain colors for its appearance, think about how to use such colors gently for your letter.
It is also necessary to say a few words about its form. If it is possible, you may handwrite this letter. In some cases, this can be a sign of your special attention to the matter of writing. Still, in the modern world, email or mail is more convenient and faster. Everything here depends on your case.

How to structure your letter?

The basic structure of a scholarship thanks you letter should comprise:
1. Its introduction, where you indicate the first words of gratitude, state who you are, what scholarship you have obtained.
2. In the main part of your letter, indicate the preconditions that encouraged you to apply for this scholarship. Additionally, you may indicate future anticipated researches or similar things that have become possible thanks to this scholarship.
3. In the conclusion of your letter, express your gratitude once again. Optionally, you may state something about this activity as a whole. For instance, you may feel the enthusiasm to help students like you in the future.
This structure is preliminary. Its purpose is to give you an overview of how this letter should look like. For your convenience, here are some examples.

Examples for reference

In this part, we have a couple of examples for you. One of them is for university students, and another is for PhD students. Feel free to take these examples and adapt them to your particular needs.
So, let’s say you have got funds for your university education. Here is how your scholarship thank you letter may look like:
[name of a person/organization]
[mailing address of this person/organization]
Dear [indicate the name of a contact person]
Thank you in advance for your time and attention. And also thank you for [indicate the title of a scholarship you have got]. This year I was honored to get this aid from you. I appreciate it so much and grateful to you.
If I have not received this aid, I have to work hard for covering my educational expenses on my own. I have a great commitment to my education and now can focus only on it. My previous educational experience was successful, and I will do my best to make the next one the same for sure. So, your investment could bring results. I will always remember thanks to whom I have got this chance of getting my education. So, I will make my best effort to achieve professional success. And this will be thanks to your financial help.
Thank you very much again. One day I hope to help students like me keeping in mind your example. I am grateful to you for making this study possible.
[indicate your name]
Another example we want to provide you could be of help to PhD students.
[name of a person/organization]
[mailing address of this person/organization]
Dear [indicate the name of a contact person]
I am grateful for having this opportunity to contact you concerning recently obtained scholarship [indicate the title of a scholarship you have got]. This award encourages me to work twice more for achieving great academic results.
Your financial help will enable me to realize my academic aspirations faster. Without it, I should postpone my education and research in [indicate the field of your research] for a couple of years until collecting the exact amount I need. But, now, thanks to this opportunity, I have a chance to do the next things:
1. [indicate your objective #1];
2. [indicate your objective #2];
3. ……
I will do my best, so this research could bring these results:
1. [indicate anticipated result #1];
2. [indicate anticipated result #1];
3. …
All these results will become possible only thanks to your help. So, any possible success of mine will be your success also. Thank you sincerely for the funds you have generously granted to me.
Kind regards,
[indicate your name]

Final words

Writing a scholarship thank you letter is necessary for expressing your gratitude to a donor. Don’t think it is not important. It is important. And it is always pleasant to get this letter. So, share your gratitude and sincere emotions.
Make sure drafting does not take too much time. Organizing your writing within a couple of days is more than possible. List your main ideas and write the first draft. Polishing by using various tools and check for any typos and errors. Your letter should be correct and easy to read.
If you are overloaded at the moment or excited so much that you cannot collect your thoughts, professional writers can always help you with this writing.

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