Romeo And Juliet: Learn How To Analyze The Narrative

February 19, 2020

Romeo And Juliet: Learn How To Analyze The Narrative

The notion of Romeo and Juliet essay

Romeo and Juliet’s story is a majestic novel that left a significant imprint in the history of world literature. It influenced the whole world and changed the picture of a loving couple forever having settled a so-called example of selfless love. Affection together with fate has combined to create a breathtaking story that strikes with its tragic plot.

In the novel, there are various personalities and relationships between them. These phenomena represent not particular 16-century realia. The scenes from William Shakespeare’s novel serve a good example of family ties in general and how devastating they may become in the end.

The story gave rise to various reflections, and the greatest minds of the world have contemplated the plot and analyzed it thoroughly. Thus, for this reason, the topic is highly appreciated by the professors so that they assign a Romeo and Juliet essay task as a compulsory component in the curriculum. The number of possible topics to discuss is enormous, and so every student can share his or her own opinion considering the aspects of the story.

In a nutshell, Romeo and Juliet essay predetermines discussing global issues touched upon in the original text. In some cases, you do not have to base your essay merely on the characters’ descriptions. In the text, one can find tons of themes revealed by the author. These should not be fully consistent with the plot but have to render the main idea at least.

To figure out how to create the best possible text and not fail with presenting the topic, make sure you write the text in compliance with the structure.

How to frame the text as best as possible: simple structure guide

Any type of essay is supposed to follow the same structure. It is a compulsory step that makes the whole process be easier. This way you free your hands a little and help the professor be more objective when assessing the work. Thus, you need to stick to a simple structure pattern, which is:

  • Introduction;
  • Main body:
  • Conclusion.

As you can see, the list of components is regular and is nothing special for a student. If you had a chance to compose at least a few essays in your life, you would nail Romeo and Juliet essay as well.

In a nutshell, the first step relates to choosing the topic for discussion. You include your idea in the Introduction part where the reader gets acquainted with the aspect of the novel being discussed.

In the main part, you have to give appropriate examples from the text and support it with your own experience, for example. You can analyze the phenomena both on the basis of the original text or using the arguments that please you.

In the final part be ready, to sum up, the ideas and find common ground to interrelate them.

Useful tips to make the essay flawless

Make the process of writing easier with the help of these prompts. Using them, you will definitely assist yourself with a better-quality text.

  1. Make sure to read the novel to be aware of the context. Having read the text, you will be able to use allusions and refer to various parts of the story when giving examples.
  2. Choose the topic and then research it thoroughly. You cannot miss anything and fail to present the topic. Therefore, well-structured research has to be accomplished.
  3. A good pre-writing draft will help you keep on the same path.
  4. When the text is ready, look through it for the mistakes or content inconsistency.

Benefit from the list of topics for Romeo and Juliet essay

Simple topics for Romeo and Juliet essay

  1. Can you name the novel a satirical drama? What genre can you associate the story with?
  2. What are the characteristics that make you love the couple?
  3. was there any chance to avoid the death of the lovers?
  4. Why is the love story being so popular?
  5. How can you compare the novel with other Shakespeare’s plays?
  6. Was there any development of characters in the novel?
  7. Is the love story applicable to our reality?
  8. The main lesson to learn from the novel?
  9. Historical realia described in the novel.
  10. Was it a true love?

Analytical topics for Romeo and Juliet essay

  1. Who is to blame for the deaths of the two lovers? Can we point out these characters?
  2. Name how real love is manifested in the relationships.
  3. Are there any signs of Romeo and Juliet’s influence on the modern literature world?
  4. What is the main lesson to learn from the novel?
  5. Can we relate the concept of a predetermined fate to the story?
  6. How did the couple prove their love to each other?
  7. Did they experience real feelings?
  8. Who was the best example of high morals in the text?
  9. Who is responsible for the tragic ending of the love story?
  10. Feminism issue displayed in the novel: discuss the role of women in the 16th century.

Argumentative topics for Romeo and Juliet essay

  1. What prevented the lovers to get married? Who prevented them from becoming a wife and a husband?
  2. What are the changes that Romeo experienced throughout the novel?
  3. Was it their destiny or did they die because of the youthful high spirits?
  4. How can you define the genre of the novel? Give your reasons to support the statement. Make sure to use vivid examples.
  5. Is there anything like revenge in the novel?
  6. Did the characters sacrifice in the story?
  7. What is your conclusion from the text?
  8. What are the social realia included in the novel?
  9. Was the will of the main characters free?
  10. Why did you like the play? what was the determining factor?

Expository topics for Romeo and Juliet essay

  1. Generation gap: how is it presented in the novel? What are the main differences in the views of the two generations?
  2. Why is it possible to blame Romeo for the death of both of them?
  3. Romeo and Juliet lived in the epoch when the marriage was considered to be a lifelong connection. Can we say the same about our reality?
  4. Theme development in the novel: was it fate or a human-caused activity that contributed to the development of the plot?
  5. Love and hate conflict: can we consider the novel to manifest the phenomenon?
  6. Take into account the time period of Romeo and Juliet’s love and tell whether their relations would ever have a happy ending?
  7. The role of Mercutio in the story?
  8. Suggest the quotation you liked the most while reading. Explain your choice.
  9. Why is the love story has gained such popularity?
  10. What was the very event that gave rise to the conflict?

Make use of the illustrative example of the essay

The choice is a never-ending dilemma for people of any time, and this global issue is present in Romeo and Juliet’s novel as well. The lovers face an unfair destiny and fail to stand against it. In the novel, the author thinks over people’s nullity before the destructive fate. 

Fate is a fundamental concept that the story is built on. When we first meet with the characters and get to know their story, the only thing is obvious: they will have a dramatic ending. Furthermore, the young couple is not to blame, as they do not represent sins or flaws. They are the prisoners of their own fate. Thus, we have the right to call them death-marked and then observe how the prophecy is manifested in its full capacity. 

We can follow the tendency that fate controls the life of the lovers and makes it impossible for them to change the sequence of events. The couple believes that the power of the stars has taken complete control over them, and their efforts are meaningless. 

We cannot consider the events as a set of circumstances, as it destroyed the love of two young people and ruined their lives forever. 

Time to sum it up

Romeo and Juliet’s phenomenon has changed the reality of the literature world and initiated the beginning of the new era in romantic storytelling. The novel is a bright example of how fate can considerably change the life and plans of two young people besotted with love.

The novel is special and is appreciated by an abundance of literary critics who consider the text to be applicable to other civilizations and time periods. It represents a universal context and goes beyond a simple novel definition.

As a writer, you can get lost in plenty of storylines and themes to discuss. The reality in the novel is not restricted to a certain period in history. It renders more universal content.

Thus, don’t be afraid to use your imagination and dig deeper into the topic.

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