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June 5, 2020

Research Summary Writing: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Students get different tasks that are of different complexity. Some of them are typical ones and don’t require much from the students. But some of them are really daunting and demands attention. You know what research paper is, but let’s talk about a research summary. This is another type of academic writing. In a nutshell, here you need to analyze either your own work or the paper written by another student. It is not an easy task, so it’s better to take a closer look at the research summary. 

Research summary definition

A research summary is thought to be easier than regular research writing. But it’s a disputable statement, as the task is still an academic one and requires your effort. In other words, the research summary aims to give the reader a brief overview of the whole research writing and point out major insights. 

So, basically, you have to sum up what was written in the original. For many students, it seems easy, but stay careful. Analyzing a piece of writing is much more difficult than creating your own paper. To deal with a research summary, the author has to possess great analytical skills and be ready to prioritize the issues. Your task is to give a short but, at the same time, an informative overview of the work. To do it, your superficial knowledge of the subject can be insufficient. So, it means you have to delve deeper into the paper and research it deeply. 

You need to list the main facts that the author wanted to convey in the original. But your task is to do it in the way that the reader will like. You have to grab your reader’s attention. Sounds complicated? Let’s see how to make it easier. 

Let’s structure the research summary

In fact, the structure if your research summary fully corresponds to the structure in the original text. You can’t deviate from the format of the original work. So, the question of the best research summary structure isn’t that difficult. 

First of all, look through the original text and define its basic parts. There should be appropriate headings or subheadings pointing out separate sections of the text. Write them down on a separate piece of paper and make sure you follow the same sequencing. Take each text section and explain it briefly. If you follow the same order as in the initial paper, you will get consistent and well-structured work. Let’s see what basic parts of a good research summary outline are. 


It has the same function as in the research paper. With the help of the headline, you grab the attention of the readers and make them study the text. This is a mandatory part of every research paper, and you can’t omit it in the research summary. The best way to introduce your headline is by asking a question or developing a controversial statement. If you find it difficult to understand which heading is the best, wait until you finish the writing. This way, you will know how to write the beginning. 

Main idea behind the research

Let your reader know what your research is all about. Treat this section appropriately. Not every reader knows specific terminology that you are going to use. So, it is better to explain it in the beginning to avoid further inconsistency. Think of the details that you want your reader to know beforehand and convey the purpose of the research. 


When researching the topic, you have resorted to different methods and techniques. While for some readers, the findings matter the most, there is a considerable part of your audience who needs to know the methods. When you mentioned the idea and basic details, tell in brief what methods were used and how the researches explored the issue. There are different techniques to investigate the topic, and you need to list them in your research summary. Don’t forget to number the people who participated in the investigation. 


In this part, your task is to elaborate on the discoveries made by scientists. You don’t need to describe every finding. Try to define the key ones and tell them about them. Be exact and don’t include vague information in the text. Insert the statistics and real figures. The reader wants to know the precise results that the researchers achieved. Don’t mess up with the information. List the points in proper order and use bullet lists. It will contribute to a better structure. 


Here you remind the reader about the purpose of the research and mention key facts. In a nutshell, you briefly summarize the text and gather the insights into one section. 

Essential information

When you write a research summary, you have to put a link to the original text and provide some information about the researchers. It will be beneficial to the reader. 


When you write a research summary, you have to include a list of links where you took the information. 

How to make the process of writing easier?

We have defined a research summary as a difficult task that needs attention and effort. But you can make it easier with secret tips. They will make your world better and more effective. 

  • Look closely at your target audience. This is the best advice that you can get. You can think this one isn’t applicable to the research summary, but it would be a mistake. Knowing your readers is the key to the perfect paper. When you know who you appeal to, you know how to deal with them and what techniques to use. The choice of words and word constructions is obvious when you understand your audience. So, the first thing is analyzing your audience. It will take several minutes but will definitely improve your writing. 
  • Take your time and make up a plan. Summarizing a text requires time. For some students, 5-6 hours isn’t enough to cope with the task. But it doesn’t mean you are one of such students. If you manage your time correctly, you will meet the deadlines and do everything on time. Determine the scope of the task to know what you work with. Then, segregate it into smaller parts. It will balance the workload. If you know how to save time, you will definitely make everything easier. 
  • Consider the length. When working with a research summary, you should know the approximate number of pages that your writing needs. In general, it doesn’t exceed 2-4 pages. Try to fit all the necessary information in this page volume. 
  • Make it interesting for the reader. When you summarize the text, you should make use of every method possible. If you understand that you can include a diagram or graphics, do it. Visual material is perceived better, so if you see any possibility to do it, make sure to take advantage of it. 

Tips and tricks to write your research summary faster

  • Mind the content. Remember, you need to be brief. Don’t go too much into details. An original paper is supposed to provide comprehensive research on the topic. Your task is to give the reader a brief description of the text and cover its main points. If you make use of the keywords, try to insert them correctly so that they look natural. 
  • Follow the structure. If you have not enough experience, you need to follow basic rules and don’t deviate from them. When you gain more experience and practice, it will be easier and faster. 
  • Mind the style. In the requirements given by the instructor, you can find important rules. Remember about them when writing a research summary. Look for synonyms and use plain sentence structure. Don’t be too expressive, and keep your emotions. Alternate the sentences and don’t write too many long or short statements in a row. 

Time to conclude

Research summary writing is a very demanding task. If you do it for the first time, you need to stick to the rules and requirements. Take your time and be patient. To come up with a good research summary, you need to learn how to analyze the text and make the most of it. With our tips, your research summary will gain the best grades. 

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