How to Write Psychology Papers: Step-By-Step Guide

January 28, 2020

Writing in psychology can be a challenging task at times. Such writing includes letting know your reader about something new, for example, an experiment or a theory.

Keep in mind that this type of writing should exclude complex sentence structures, as well as descriptions. A good psychology writer can make people who are not experts in the field understand complex ideas.

When writing in psychology, you should deliver certain knowledge and support it by research. Each of your words will be perceived literally, so everything you write should be accurate. Such writings may include lots of references to previous researches.

However, psychology writers rarely quote their sources directly. They may do it only to add clarity. As you see, writing in psychology can be a complicated task, so follow our step-by-step guide to be able to do it much easier.

How to Start Your Psychology Paper

Before you even start working on your psychology paper, you should understand what you are required to do. There is an essay question and it is asking something. Very often, professors give some tips to their students, so don’t neglect listening to it while it will help a lot.

But after you got your advice from your professor, you can start working on the essay. Here are some simple steps on how to do it efficiently.

Preliminary reading

Based on the notes of your lecture, you will need to do some reading. You should not learn all the studies by heart but at least have a general understanding of the theories is a must.


Once you have read everything, you can plan your answer to the task. Do it in the form of a summary table, a map or just write the main statement.

Additional reading

Now as you have your plan, you can do some more reading, elaborate on your existing plan, and add some more details to it.

These steps may seem not important to you at all but we recommend not neglecting to do them. These steps are simple but helpful and will make your process much easier and the quality of your final work much higher.

What Makes a Psychology Paper Good

There are some features that will make your psychology essay a success. Pay attention to them:

  • A logical structure. You should write your essay sticking to a well-ordered structure. Remember that every paragraph should reflect the previous one. There should be a logical order between all your sentences. Structure of your psychology paper is not different from other essays and should include the introduction, main body, and conclusion. But make sure each of these parts to be linked to another one.
  • Understanding of the topic. You should show your knowledge and understanding of the topic you write about. Here you will need to work a bit hard to show that you realize how all scientific materials reflect the main perspectives in theory.
  • Arguments and evidence. You should show your critical evaluation of the facts. Support all the arguments with necessary evidence. The facts from the literature may play the role of evidence.
  • Quality. Needless to say, your essay should not contain any grammar mistakes or typos. Everything should be written clearly and accurately. Use APA guidelines to cite the sources.

The Structure of a Psychology Paper

As it was already mentioned above, the psychology paper structure is not different from that of other essay types. It contains the introduction, main body, and conclusion.


The introduction should be interesting and catch the attention of your reader; it also should not be too long. But we recommend writing an introduction when you finish your main body. This will help you understand your topic better and create a better introduction.

Devote 10% of your essay to the introduction.

Here you should define the main terms and subject of your essay, illuminate the main problems relating to the topic, present the main argument of your essay. This part will make the first impression on your reader so devote some lion share of your time (not word count) to it.

Main body

When it comes to the main body, you should remember that each of the paragraphs should show both critical evaluation and knowledge. We recommend showing 60% of knowledge and 40% of critical evaluation in your essay. This balance is the best for a successful essay.

As a rule, students make one of the biggest mistakes when working on their psychology papers and show too much knowledge without evaluation.

Of course, you should choose only relevant points for your evidence.


What concerns conclusion, it should be short and precise, summarizing everything mentioned throughout your essay. Do not repeat the same phrases you used for your introduction and do not add any new information here. Just make it brief and informative enough.

We would recommend devoting the same amount of words (about 10%) as to the introduction.

Summarize all the main themes and arguments of your essay in one conclusion. It is possible to offer future research to conduct and the reasons for doing it.

Topics for Your Psychology Paper

The choice of a topic is always the hardest task for every student. It’s no wonder while the content of your essay depends on the topic. Boring topics are not interesting to anyone, so it is necessary to choose something exciting.

If the topic sounds catching enough, your reader will want to keep reading it till the end and find out what is behind the topic. So we offer you the list of some good psychology paper topics divided into categories for your convince.

You may get inspired by one of them and create one outstanding topic of your own. Or if you are not that creative, don’t hesitate to make one of them yours.

Disorders and Therapy

  1. Eating disorders and how they affect our self-esteem.
  2. Depression – a disorder or auto-suggestion?
  3. How to treat phobias.
  4. Is obesity related to psychological disorders?
  5. How to define a person with schizophrenia.
  6. Seasonal disorders.
  7. Autism – a disorder or self-protection?
  8. Cognitive-behavioral therapy.
  9. The benefits of group therapy.
  10. Antisocial personality disorder.

Human development

  1. Bullying – causes and consequences.
  2. The effect of media violence on children.
  3. Different parenting styles.
  4. The aging process.
  5. Gender roles.
  6. How do children acquire language?
  7. Prenatal development – is it necessary to nurture your future baby?
  8. Child abuse and its effects.
  9. How does disability affect a person’s development?
  10. Do adults stop developing?

There are a lot of topics you can choose from. Consider writing about human cognition, prejudice, propaganda, attitudes, social cults, and control, etc. You can also choose to write about a famous experiment or a famous figure. There are no limits; you can be limited only by your imagination.

Psychology Paper Example

Is bodybuilding unhealthy?

Bodybuilders are physically fit but this sport gained the reputation of “unhealthy” activity. Why? 

Bodybuilding is a competitive activity and it aims to show muscle mass, symmetry, and aesthetic effect. Reaching this aesthetic effect is possible through cycles of gaining and losing weight, nutrients depletion, and using different supplements. They can be steroidal or non-steroidal.

According to the World Health Organization, health is not only physical but mental state. Mental health means realizing your full potential, coping with life stresses, working fruitfully, and contributing to your community. 

Lots of people find the behavior of bodybuilders narcissistic, obsessive, and even extreme. The US survey of 49 competitive male natural bodybuilders showed that for that kind of sport, severe dieting practices are common. The statistics also show that 15% of bodybuilders die at the age of younger than 40 and 25% of them die before they reach 50 years. It may prove that bodybuilding maybe not that healthy as other types of sports.

However, we cannot deny that any professional sport is highly traumatic and retired athletes at the age of 30-40 have a lot of physical and mental disorders. We can suppose that any sport related to physical exertion may lead to “unhealthy” consequences. 


Working on your psychology paper may become a challenging and time-consuming task. It is impossible to write a good essay without having the necessary knowledge of the topic and some writing skills.

But we hope our tips described above, as well as some psychology paper topics and examples, will help you make your writing process more pleasant, faster, and efficient. Don’t forget that if you delay such an important assignment, you risk getting a poor grade for your work.

So if you are not sure about your skills, knowledge, or just lack your time, you can always entrust such a responsible task to professional writers. They will always find time for your essay even in the toughest time frames. And while you enjoy your students’ life, our experts work for you and guarantee you unique and plagiarism-free essays of any complexity.

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