Procrastination Is about…

August 23, 2020

It is about nothing good at all. It is about missed deadlines, failed assignments, a lot of missed nerves, and other bad things. This list is not exhaustive and can be expanded more and more. Nearly everyone in his/her life has experienced this state of mind. It is when you know that you should do something, you know that something is extremely important, but you put it away again and again. For a student, it is hundreds of times easier to cope with this feeling. This skill can turn out to be a great help to you during the studies and in the future.

Reasonable reasons and other causes

Well, everybody who procrastinates has many valuable reasons for doing so. These are the most common on which most of the students complain:

  1. Fear – as a rule, most students are afraid of failures or being ashamed. That’s why they postpone and postpone this challenging task… until they face horror in their real-life ((
  2. Embarrassment – this feeling emerges mostly when a student faces with some new subject that he/she completely or substantially does not understand. This is normal for the educational process to go beyond the comfort zone. But, if a student lacks support to clarify any uncertain matter, this may result in procrastination.
  3. Perfectionism – if a person wants to make everything perfect for the first time, this person risks never start. This is especially justifiable if the person has already gained the experience of not perfect results. The second time, he/she will avoid starting the process at all.
  4. No interest in a topic – a student does not see any importance in studies. Let’s be honest at this point. Some topics are boring. Some topics are not important for you because of no practical implication in your real life. 
  5. Other business – many things can take you away from doing not interesting assignments. If a person has some compulsory essay writing that does not interest him/her at all and some interesting task, in most cases the choice is made in favor of the second. This matter is related to your priorities and discipline.

The list of reasons is not exhausting. Our life is very diverse. It can bring a lot of causes you will treat as obstacles on your way to the successfully written essay. The reasons indeed may be subjectively very significant for a person. Still, this person will suffer from them in the outcome. 

Why procrastination should be tackled with?

With a great degree of certainty, panic, anxiety, guilt, and other counterproductive emotions will reach a procrastinator later. Usually, this comes when an essay should be submitted or afterwards when the negative consequences of the failed assignment come. Also, procrastination can harm the person’s psychical state and result in headaches, excessive tension in muscles, high blood pressure, etc.

That’s not a good thing at all. So, procrastination is a thing that should be coped with as soon as possible. There are certain things how to combat this enemy of productivity.

How to deal with it?

The foremost thing, in this case, is to recognize that you are procrastinating. This is important because too many people pretend that everything is all right until the negative consequences come. But, if they have recognized this problem, they can start resolving it. Their brain starts to see a problem and will be much closer to its solution rather than pretending that procrastination does not exist. 

So, what are the signs of procrastination while writing? Here are the most common:

  • ignoring an essay writing; 
  • hoping for some miracle;
  • misestimating the complexity this writing task has;
  • making something “important” instead of writing an essay, like going for a walk for inspiration;
  • underestimating the impact of your performance on your results in the future;
  • transforming a short break into long;
  • focusing on the familiar or simple part of an assignment and ignoring the other part of it;
  • researching for an unreasonably long time.

These preliminary signs will indicate that you are procrastinating now. So, if you have inner motivation to combat it, there are useful pieces of advice for you.

First of all, any action you take to tackle procrastination should be focused on (a) your working process and (b) auxiliary on the things that prevent you from doing your writing. Here is what we mean by that.

If you think about procrastination, you may find yourself locked. But, if you are focused on how to organize your writing process in a manner preventing any chance of procrastination, your brain will work in this direction. It will think about how to complete your essay. In these productive circumstances, there will be no room for procrastination at all. 

If you still face some fear or other matters but organize your drafting process properly, you may devote them a part of your attention temporarily. This is necessary only to resolve and forget about them. Such things will not distract you in the future. And you will have a chance of putting all your effort into the writing process. What are the main components of your counter procrastination plan?

The main points

It is important to remain positive. Attitude is, before all in any case. So, you should remain calm and enthusiastic about your working process and even about your procrastination. Yes, yes. Avoid feeling as guilty and blaming about having it, about wasted time, and opportunities. Even if you have made a real mistake, you have already suffered from that. There is no need to add extra negative emotions to prevent some other severe consequences.

Stopping in your procrastinating where you are is the best solution for the moment. Your previous actions, to say correctly – omissions, should not impact on your self-esteem or future performance. By the way, let’s speak at last about how to ensure your performance to forget about this procrastination.

Plan your work ahead

To do this, think about all the most important stages of your drafting. These may be:

  • researching;
  • developing and organizing ideas;
  • outlining;
  • drafting itself;
  • editing and proofreading. 

When you see a more or less clear picture of your work in front of you, you increase your chances of success. But, if you want to write everything from the first attempt, you can likely fail with that. Keeping your attitude really is the best approach here. 

Your research should be emphasized especially. When we speak about this stage, it is better to limit your time and outline the most important points you should review – not more, not less. This is important because you risk getting stuck before some vast area of unknown attempting to understand it entirely before starting your writing. Try to be more realistic at this point also. List all those points that should be studied to form a comprehensive understanding. That will be enough. And set for yourself time limits for this work.

To help yourself in the course of this planning, prepare your to-do list. When you see it in front of you, it is always easier to estimate the scope of your work and time you need to complete this task.

So, to plan properly, you need:

  • identify the main stages of your writing process;
  • make your list of to-do things;
  • identify how much time you require to prepare this writing assignment;
  • prevent yourself from spending too much time on research.

When you have got a clear picture of your work, you may pass it to the next stage. 

Time management

Let’s say you have your to-do list in front of you. Make your schedule. You have some general amount of time for completing this task. Subdivide this amount of time into separate timespans. Be realistic with that. It is always better to devote a bit more time to complete a certain part of your work than experience stress because you lack time due to your own mistake while planning.

Make sure you have included in your schedule parts of time for non-work activities, like having a bite, go for a short walk, or simply sitting calmly for 15-20 minutes to give your brain a rest.

If your work is not very intense, you may devote a couple of hours a day to complete a certain part of your work. For instance, you may write the main body of your essay on one day and its conclusion on the next day. 

As you may guess, it is not enough to form your schedule. It is far more important to follow it strictly. Control yourself at this point – on how do you fulfil all tasks. If you see that you are missing some internal deadline, it is better to increase the speed of your work to complete each part of your work in time. To achieve that, you may always install different apps that will help you to implement your plan and give you reminders.

After you have started implementing your plan, analyze how this goes. If you see that at some points it is not realistic, amend it to make more workable.

Writing itself

Here the most interesting things start. To keep yourself productive, it is necessary to outline a future essay. Use notes to help you. You may easily come back in the course of future writing to make sure all ideas are reflected.

The essential element of good planning preventing procrastination is forming the main questions and sub-questions you should answer in your text. Based on such, you will develop the main thesis statement of your essay and supporting statements. It is always easy to write when you know about what things you will write. 

In the course of writing, avoid any distracters, like social media, music, chats with friends, etc. Yes, music can decrease your productivity dramatically, even if you consider it is not. When you listen to music, you start reflecting on your emotions or thoughts. That is a distracter itself. If you don’t think so, you probably procrastinate :))

Keep word count during your writing. This will prevent you from wasting too much time. Also, pay attention to making draft versions of your essay. Let’s say, for the first one, you will need more time. The next versions will require only amendments, editing, and proofreading. To keep yourself motivated, think that you have already passed nearly to the end of your work. So, you probably should make the final steps to complete it.

If nothing works for you, keep in mind possible adverse consequences that may occur in case of failure. And on the other side, remember about good outcomes you may get if manage to cope with procrastination.

Final words

Procrastination is one of the most severe enemies of productivity. Effective essay writing is impossible without tackling it. So, you need to plan your work, organize a schedule, and keep your motivation in the course of writing. The closer you to the result – the fewer reasons you have to procrastinate. But, try to think about this at least when you have your first draft. This is preliminary, but it is a result already. You cannot lose it.

If you experience this state and see you are helpless to combat it right away, you may always reach professional essay writers for getting quick writing aid.

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