What Is the Princeton University Acceptance Rate?

August 1, 2020

Princeton University Acceptance Rate: What Are Your Chances?

Princeton university is one of the Ivy League universities. It has the lowest acceptance rate in New Jersey, which makes the school extremely attractive for the strongest applicants. A lot of students with the highest scores for the exams apply for studying there. The university focuses on research, which makes it the best choice for students who want to study applied sciences.

as a graduate student at Princeton University, you become a highly demanded specialist all over the world. This school’s diploma is acknowledged everywhere, so you are not chained to one working place. Moreover, the majority of students start working on specialty while studying. It makes Princeton one of the best universities in the US.

How can you get into that university? What SAT, ACT, and GPA scores should you gain? Are there any special requirements for candidates? We will discuss every detail in this article. Get ready to calculate your chances of getting into Princeton.

The acceptance and enrollment rates: Why they are so high?

A lot of students, even top ones, doubt their opportunity to get into an Ivy League university. It is worth noting that the majority of applicants have gained high scores for their SAT and GPA. The thing is not that students are diffident. It lies in a very low acceptance rate, which is 5,8%. It means that only five students from 100 will get an opportunity to study there.

However, the administration of the university recommends applicants to use an early action plan. If you are sure that this school is the only right choice for you, go for it—your chances of getting into the Princeton increase if you demonstrate the strong wish to study there. However, you need to find out whether your exam scores are competitive. Also, you need to collect all the documents needed for admission. 

Another problem is that this university has a high enrollment rate. Almost 70% of admitted candidates become students. That is why it is important to show your interest in getting there. Before we tell you the needed SAT and GPA scores, let’s talk about what helps this university stay popular year by year?

What benefits do you get studying in Princeton?

If you are not sure you can easily get somewhere, you should take a risk. The thing is that every risk has to be justified. That is why we decided to explain the high popularity of Princeton University. Here are a few significant benefits you get if you study there:

  • Environment. A small number of students per teacher means that you can have close discussions with a professor. Keep in mind that every teacher in Princeton is not only a theoretician but also knows how to apply the knowledge in life and work. Also, you are going to live among the most talented students in the country. A lot of your classmates will be famous inventors, businessmen, and politicians. Of course, it increases your chances to succeed in life, too;
  • knowledge base. The university provides you with up-to-date information that will help you become an expert in a particular field. Every lecturer has enough practical experience, which they are going to share with you. In other words, you will learn from the leaders who constantly improve their skills;
  • reputation. Recruiters are going to hunt you in order to hire you. If you participate in some extracurricular activities, it will make you swamped with suggestions for work. Moreover, getting on well with teachers will help you receive letters of recommendation and apply for your dream job.

As you see, studying at Princeton is really advantageous. So, what SAT and GPA scores should you gain to get there?

SAT and ACT Scores

We analyzed the scores of candidates admitted to show you the required SAT and ACT scored. To start with, we want to discuss each section of the SAT exam. This way, you can understand whether your grades are enough to compete with other candidates. 

  • Reading and writing section based on evidence. Half of the applicants had scored from 710 to 770. A quarter of candidates scored less than 710, and another quarter scored higher than 770;
  • math section. Again, half of the applicants had scored between 750 and 800 points. At the same time, a quarter of students scored less than 750, and the rest gained the maximum score of 800;
  • composite SAT scores. The average score of Princeton applicants is 1505 points. One of the lowest scores among candidates is 1440. If you gained around 1440, it would place you in the bottom part of the table. Those who scored around 1570 points or more are going to be among the top Princeton applicants.

Let’s switch to the ACT score you need to gain. It is worth noting that almost 56% of applicants sent their ACT scores during the 2018-2019 admissions cycle. Nowadays, the situation has slightly changed as the majority of candidates submit the SAT scores. Well, let’s talk about the ACT scores:

  • ACT reading. Half of the applicants gained between 34 and 36 points. Those who scored less than 34 were placed in the bottom part of the table, while candidates with scored higher than 36 had extremely competitive chances;
  • ACT math. 50% of candidates scored between 30 and 35 points. Again, if you score more than 35 points, your chances to get into Princeton will increase;
  • ACT composite. 50% of applicants scored from 33 to 35 points. At the same time, a quarter of students gained less than 33 points, and another quarter scored more above 35 points.

GPA score you should gain

The average GPA among the Princeton freshers is 3,9. Speaking about all the applicants, they usually have GPA scores between 3,0 and 4,0. Nevertheless, almost every admitted student had a GPA score of 3,75 or higher. If you have B for some of your classes, you take at risk as the majority of admitted students had only A grades.

Keep in mind that you have to be among the top students in your class. It will show that you are ready to compete and improve your academic skills. Also, it is important to take some AP or IB classes. It will show that you have enough relevant skills to succeed in studying. 

Things that can increase your chances to get into Princeton

As you may notice, we always use the word «majority. » It means that there are no limitations that control your chances of being admitted. Of course, you should do your best to get the highest score. However, there are additional points the admissions officers pay attention on. Keep in mind that the following materials can help you get into an Ivy League university unless your exam scores are below the average.


Do not neglect to mention your accomplishment. No matter what your fields of interest are, write down all the achievements you have got. Also, admissions officers like reading about volunteering. Whether you are keen on some sports or social activities, attach your diplomas and certificates.

Extracurricular activities

Mention the extracurriculars you have participated in. For example, you were engaging in organizing high school Prom. It shows your ability to manage processes and delegate responsibilities. Keep in mind that the Ivy League universities look for future leaders, so your leadership skills are extremely important.

Coursework difficulty

Sometimes you can impress the admissions officer just by mentioning the topic of your coursework. It can show that you have a solid knowledge base and research skills. Therefore, if your composite SAT score is a few points less than the average one, you can still get to a group of applicants in high demand.

Letters of recommendation

If you get on well with your teachers, take advantage of it. Ask your teacher to write a letter of recommendation that will help you get into Princeton. Do not worry about its quality: if a teacher wants to help you, they will create a flawless cover letter.

Personal statement or motivational letter

It does not help you get into an Ivy League school if you do not want to. Of course, if you have a lot of tutors and you study all day long, you will gain great scores for your exams. However, it is extremely important to show your wish and motivation to study there. We recommend you to attach the personal statement even if the university does not list it in the requirements. 

The admissions officer wants to find out what type of personality you have and what your motives are. Also, you can write about a moment that changed your life. Just be sincere and express your feelings.

High school class rate

If you are among the top students of your class, mention it while applying. It is advantageous to use numbers, especially if you were the best student or among the five best students.

Princeton Admission Requirements

To start with, Princeton requires you to have a high GPA, SAT, and ACT scores. Also, you have to be among the top students in your class. Keep in mind that you do not have to send both SAT and ACT scores because the school requires just one of them. As for the additional materials, the university wants to see your letters of recommendation. 

Recommendations that help you get into Princeton

Well, we have already mentioned some recommendations in this article. However, it is important to focus particularly on the tips that will help you get into this school. Here they are:

  1. Early action plan. If you are 100% sure that this school is your final choice, do not hesitate to send your documents. The selection committee will mark you as a student with a great desire;
  2. attach your diplomas and certificates. Even if you write a motivational letter, do not neglect to attach the proofs of your achievements;
  3. show your strong suits. Tell about your leadership skills, mention volunteering, and add a personal statement. Those items will help you stand out from a crowd;
  4. calculate your chances. Use the admissions calculator to make sure your chances are high enough. If you see more than 50%, your chances are fine, and you can get into the school. However, it is better to have 75% and more. Therefore, you can feel safe because you will probably reach your goal.

Can I improve my chances with your help?

Our paper writing service provides you with high-quality SAT preparation assistance. We will help you not only to gain a better score but also to choose a suitable studying program. No longer need you to doubt about what specialty to choose – we will help you analyze your strong suits. Therefore, you will figure out what program to study. 

Our employees are Ivy League, university graduates. They know how to impress the admissions officer and get into the dream school. Each of them gained the highest score for the SAT and ACT. Hence, you will learn from top experts and increase your final score. We guarantee to assist you from A to Z while you are preparing for exams and applying for studying.

Popular questions you might have

We are sure that you still have some questions relating to this topic. Therefore, we decided to answer all frequently asked questions. Make sure to read them in order to clear up issues.

What if I cannot get into Princeton?

If you understand that your chances are not high enough, consider getting into another university. Analyze your scores and achievements and make a list of universities you can apply to. We recommend you avoid thinking about schools that are harder to get into. However, consider studying into universities of the same level or those that are easier to get into.

Of course, if your chances are average but you are dreaming about gaining an education at Princeton, go for it.

Should I apply with my SAT or ACT score?

Almost 70% of applicants submit the SAT scores. However, you should calculate your chances of being admitted using results for each exam. Choose the one that increases your chances.

It is so hard to get into Princeton?

Princeton is one of the Ivy League universities, which means it is extremely challenging to get into. This school has an acceptance rate of 5-6% and almost 70% of the enrollment rate for those who are admitted. That is why it has such high standards for applicants. Only top US students get an opportunity to study there. Why can’t you be among those students?

Do they look at the achievements and motivational letters?

You are not required to send any additional materials. However, it would be weird not to tell about your accomplishment. We recommend you to attach all the relevant diplomas and certificates. Also, you should write a bright motivational letter, which is also called a personal statement. Do not neglect any opportunity to get into Princeton.

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