What does Philosophy and Philosophy Essay Mean?

May 28, 2021

Philosophy paper meaning

The tasks in your philosophy classes intend to teach you doing philosophy. Yet what is philosophy, and how is it to be prepared? The response is difficult.

Philosophers are usually motivated by one or several “important issues,” for instance: how need we exist? Is there free will? How do people know something? What is variety? While philosophers consent between themselves on neither the range of usual philosophical issues nor the usual ways of replying to them, they do consent that simply stating one’s own viewpoints on argumentative themes like these is not doing philosophy. 

Most likely, philosophers insist on the technique of first achieving clearness about the specific issue being examined and later presenting solutions maintained by clear, reasonably structured arguments.

An excellent philosophical argument needs to guide the reader by indisputable logical steps from clearly true prerequisites to an unobvious output. A negative argument is an objection that attempts to reveal that an affirmation, argument, or theory is wrong; if it does this with success, we state that it disproves it. A positive argument attempts to maintain an affirmation or theory.

In the beginning, it should be clear to you that a philosophical essay is pretty distinct from an essay on other subjects. That is because it is not a research essay or an assignment of literary self-expression. It is not a summary of what different philosophers have had to state on a special theme. It does not offer the most modern results of examinations or investigations. And it does not show your own opinions or ideas. Rather, it is reasoned support of a thesis.

Before Beginning to Compose

Be confident that you have viewed all of the appropriate texts really thoroughly. Even if you have apparently viewed certain texts before, it is a great approach to reread them in view of the matter you intend to respond to.

Additionally, be confident that you have wasted some time studying about the matter itself. You need to be confident that everything you compose is related to the matter examined, and if you don’t comprehend the matter, so you can`t accomplish a task that is to the point.

How to Write Philosophy Paper

Reply the matter, the entire matter, and nothing but the matter. In the beginning, answer the matter that is provided (this again indicates the necessity to comprehend what the matter is about). Next, be confident that your response is full. If the matter possesses several pieces, be confident that you have answered every piece. Then, be confident that you do not engage in unrelated questions. Your response will be estimated in connection with the matter that was given. Even an excellent paper cannot receive a great mark if it does not respond to the matter.

Philosophy essays commonly include assessment and exposition. In the expository section of the essay, your assignment is to account for the viewpoint or argument under study. Be confident that your explanation is as precise as feasible. The assessment section of the essay is your possibility to set out your own philosophy.

It is not sufficient simply to tell whether you consent or wave away with the philosopher’s summing-up.  You need to do some thinking. There are matters you can study: does his/her argument lead to receiving the wanted conclusion? Which prerequisites are the weakest points of the argument? What objections can be proposed to these prerequisites? Are there any methods that his/her argument can be supported to protect against these objections?

When you compose, take into account your target audience. You should not compose your essay as if you write it for yourself. Rather, create a picture in your head as if your audience is people who are knowledgeable and involved in the subject but have not examined it (perhaps think of your roommate before taking this class).

Do not attempt to write your essay, from beginning to end, in one session. It is especially a bad idea to write it the night before the delivery time. Be confident that you possess the possibility to write a draft firstly and then recheck it and finish the paper. Only some people can prepare an excellent essay in one sitting!

Introductory Part

Don’t start with a really wide opening affirmation: “Plato was one of the world’s most famous philosophers…” or “The notion of goodness is something that philosophers have argued for ages…”. Just quickly inform your audience what your essay is about and what your central thesis is. Regard that there is a distinction between informing your audience what you are going to speak and informing your audience what you will dispute.

Sometimes you can be in a more favorable situation to compose an introductory part after you have composed the body paragraphs of your essay. Then you will possess a better conception of what your argument is.


Don’t think that you need to generalize all of your outcomes. Don’t forget that you have composed a brief paper; the audience and your educator remember your argument and will just be irritated if you reiterate it again. It is a bad idea to finish your paper with a statement, for example, “Despite Socrates’ argument being powerful, his opponents still possess great arguments.” Additionally, attempt to shun the temptation to finish with an unnecessary forecast about the continuation of debate.

Think about some efficient technique for ending your paper. This does not indicate that you need to state that each aspect of the matter has been covered. You can tell in your summing-up about issues that are still staying.

Shun These Things in your Philosophy Essay

Long introductions. These are completely needless and have no concern to the aware audience. There is no requirement to indicate that your theme is an essential one, and it has been a zest for philosophers for many years. Introductions need to be as short as feasible. Actually, it is recommended that you imagine that your essay does not have an introductory part at all. Proceed straight to your theme.

Long quotations. Young authors without experience lean extremely strongly on paraphrases and quotations. A straight quotation is better to be used in those situations where it is necessary to set another author’s precise choice of words. You should minimize even paraphrasing. Eventually, it is your essay. It is your ideas that your educator is concerned with. Remember this, particularly when your paper theme expects you to critically evaluate someone else’s viewpoints.

Cuteness. Great philosophy paper usually possesses a form of easy dignity. Your theme is no jest. No authors whose viewpoints you have been challenged to study are fools. (If you believe they are, it means you have not comprehended them.)

Fence sitting. Do not include several positions in your essay and later finish by stating that you are not able to resolve the issue. Particularly, do not end by stating that philosophers have been split over this matter since times when people have been keeping records, and you cannot be demanded to decide the debate in several brief pages. Your educator understands that. But you can be required to accept a precise position based on an assessment of the argument(s) introduced.

Good Luck With Your Philosophy Paper

Several concluding pieces of advice need to be included about proofreading. Don’t forget about it. Thereafter, have someone else view your essay. Is there a person who can comprehend you fully? Can someone view your whole essay without stopping on a particular sentence? If not, take your paper and fix it.

Don’t forget about clear writing. Check your paper on grammatical and stylistic mistakes. For assistance in these matters, you can apply online writing paper services. Many companies on the Internet are ready to help you write your philosophy paper from scratch or just proofread it.

You can save your time and avoid stress if you rely on essay help. There is nothing bad about this solution. Online writers guarantee to provide you philosophy paper without plagiarism, mistakes, and in time. Still, we advise you to read this essay before you present it to your audience and educator. You will better understand it and navigate it during your defense. Yet, it is up to you to decide to write a philosophy paper by yourself or to order it online.

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