Useful Tips on Writing a Mathematics Essay

October 26, 2020

If you are a math student, you may find the idea of math essay writing a bit strange. Some people think that technical specialties have nothing to do with essays and similar types of writing assignments. However, math essays are as important for mathematics courses as for any other subject you have in your educational program. You see, a mathematics essay is a perfect way to assess how well students understand mathematical concepts. Apart from that, as a mathematician, you should be able to communicate complex ideas in a way that is clear and understandable for others. No matter whether you are in high school or college, you will have to learn how to deal with a mathematics essay. Although it is a specific type of written assignment, general guidelines can be effectively applied to achieve the best result.  

The Definition of a Mathematics Essay

To some degree, a math essay is different from the essays students prepare for other classes. As you might have supposed, its specificities lie in numbers and calculations. A good mathematics essay should provide useful information and be helpful for readers. Generally speaking, the point of preparing a math essay is to make complex math models easier to understand. You write it for the audience who seeks clear explanations of difficult math concepts.

Where to Begin Writing?

If you have experience of writing other types of essays for school or college, it will help you a lot in the process of writing a mathematics essay. The main difference of a math essay is included calculation figures that illustrate a specific concept. So how to start a mathematics essay properly? 

First of all, think of a good topic. A good idea would be to choose a concept that interests you. Consider the ideas you discussed in class. Is there something you would like to delve deeper into? Another option is to choose a problem you have successfully solved. In this case, you are supposed to write about the problem and its solution, namely your method of arriving at the answer. 

One way or another, pick something that you find truly intriguing and worth exploring. Make sure that your topic is researchable. It is important to gather enough relevant material for your research. Check if there are available sources of information you may use. After that, you proceed to a pretty standard procedure of composing an introduction. 

It is crucial to find supporting equations or calculations. As you know, mathematics is about tested methods and maximum accuracy. Before you start writing a mathematics essay, always assess the method’s applicability with the help of scientific illustrations.

How to Make Your Mathematics Essay Brilliant 

Actually, writing a mathematics essay can be easier than working on other essay types. However, you should be prepared for challenging moments that might require putting some additional effort. Use the following pointers to come up with a perfect strategy for writing your math essay:

  • make sure that the chosen topic intrigues you. Of course, you may pick a concept or a problem that you discussed in class, as long as you find it engaging enough to explore. Everything will be much easier if you feel a genuine interest;
  • think of your target audience. In most cases, your audience will comprise people who are somewhat familiar with the topic you discuss. With the help of persuasive language, you can sway the reader to your methodology;
  • pay attention to your essay’s smoothness and flow. If you want to discuss a concept, provide a clear introduction to it. In the further paragraphs, include supporting evidence for your claims. Do not forget about a proper conclusion.

A truly good mathematics essay should prove that you have a deep understanding of the concept you chose to explore. 

Preparing a Mathematics Essay Outline

Some students think that a decent essay can be written without an outline. While it may be true for those who have a lot of experience in essay writing, in most cases, it will just make the task more complicated. Without a proper outline, you may miss important points and lose the logical flow of your essay.

To write an effective outline for your math essay, identify the questions you would like to address. Their number should be manageable. Too much information in one essay will be confusing for the audience. After you determine the problems, divide them into categories depending on how they will be addressed. Every outline, no matter for which essay type, consists of an intro, main body, and a concluding section. In your body paragraphs, address all the questions you came up with.

Proper Math Essay Structure 

The structure if a mathematics essay is pretty similar to those in other disciplines. It should consist of an intro, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Such a structure adds logical flow to your essay and ensures that all readers can easily follow your concept’s development. 

The secret behind successful essays is that they are easy to read and comprehend. To see if your essay is easily understood, you need an outside perspective. Ask a friend or a classmate to read the essay, provide feedback and tips on readability improvement. The reader should be able to tell what your writing is about, what the main idea is. 

Create a Captivating Mathematics Essay Introduction

The intro is a deciding element. The audience’s willingness to continue reading depends on how you introduce the topic. The opening should present a short overview of the main idea. Clearly explain what your math essay is all about, give the reader an accurate picture. If you are going to present a new problem-solving methodology, mention it. After reading your introduction, the reader will have certain expectations and for the whole essay.

Build a Solid Mathematics Essay Body

In your essay body, you should broaden the idea you introduced in an opening paragraph. In the body paragraphs, include the information that is properly researched and provide all the necessary supporting facts. Clearly describe the math problem and explain how you solved it. Use enough relevant information to back up the introductory claims.   

If you chose to research a complex concept, simplify your solution method with the help of graphs. Thoroughly explain the charts you include in the essay. Consider if the audience will fully grasp the solution process and remember that your essay is supposed to be helpful for potential readers. Meticulous research is the basis of a good essay body. Check if you included all the essential information, look for details that were not covered during classes.   

Finish with an Impressive Conclusion

In the finishing segment, you should sum up the argument and prove that your whole essay war worth reading. The conclusion is an important part of your essay, as well as other sections. If you finish your essay properly, the reader will be able to easily sum up his or her own thoughts. Remember that your conclusion should be perfectly consistent with the body and intro. Do not introduce any new ideas or concepts in the concluding part. 

Ultimate Mathematics Essay Tips

To write an impressive mathematics essay without much effort, follow these helpful tips:

  • first of all, test the method you chose to discuss – solve the mathematical problem using this method and see how it works;
  • describe the chosen method as thoroughly and clearly as possible. Include all the essential calculations and explanations;
  • provide enough relevant information so that the reader could easily understand the concept you researched;
  • add visual representation that will be helpful for a reader: tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, pictures, or any other elements. Extra materials will surely make your explanations more interesting and easier to understand;
  • after the first draft is ready, add what is missing and correct it until everything significant is included. Eliminate redundant or insignificant information;
  • check if all the used formulas and equations are correct.
  • make sure that your essay is original. Of course, you can use the concept that was researched before. The point is to solve a math problem with the help of a famous method and introduce your argument. If you want to present a completely fresh concept or method, go for it!
  • for backing up your arguments, use proper references. Include them at the end of your mathematics essay;
  • be sure to revise your essay and eliminate all the errors or typos. 

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