How To Start An Essay With A Quote And Many Other Ideas

March 15, 2021


A quote is a precisely conveyed fragment of a work whose words are entered into the text to explain or confirm the opinions expressed. To successfully start an essay, you can take a short-expression and place it in front of the work’s text or parts to express the main idea.

Quotations are not mandatory for school essays, but their presence greatly embellishes the work and indicates a deep understanding of its author’s topic. Therefore, it is highly desirable to be able to select suitable quotes and correctly design them successfully. Also, quotes are often used in more scientific or journalistic writing, so creating good quotes is very important.

Quotation in an essay is usually made out completely on the right side of the sheet or with a significant indent on the left side, using quotation marks. It is considered that this part of the text should not occupy more than half of the page width. If the epigraph, in the form of a quotation, has the author’s surname and initials, they usually do not put a full stop after them. The font size for typing the epigraph must correspond to the work’s main text or slightly smaller.

How To Get Started With A Quote – Instructions

At its core, quotations are a vivid, original statement taken from any famous person or literary work. Its main task is to concentrate, express the essence of the work, and set it off. A well-chosen quotation at the beginning of the work allows you to understand what will be discussed and what conclusions will be drawn even before reading the whole content. Also, a good epigraph greatly adorns the text and makes it stylish.

The main question that arises when you need to pick up quotes is where to find it. You can use an epigraph, some phrase, or a paragraph from your writing’s literary work for a school essay. You can also use the expression of one of the critics who analyzed this work if his opinion seems complete to you and expresses your intention.

Also, as a quote, they often use winged expressions, aphorisms, vivid quotes from famous historical figures. Fragments of poems can often be taken. Before looking for a text suitable as an epigraph, think about the main idea you want to express with your work. The tone should set the epigraph to the entire text: serious, gloomy, frivolous, cheerful. The choice of the corresponding statement depends on this.

Having understood which one you want to see your quote, think, quote, quote, and the poem that is consonant with your thoughts is not mentioned. If something like this comes to mind, find this text, and re-read the original. It will become clear to you if it is suitable for your job. If not, keep looking. You can use online resources that help you find the right quote or aphorism. Various collections of catchphrases may also be useful.

After a suitable quote for the text has been selected, it must be formatted appropriately. Essay quotes are always located immediately after the title and before the main text on the page’s right side. If you are typing the job on a computer, select the “Right Align” option to write the epigraph. The text of the quotation is written without quotation marks. Under it the author’s name and surname. If you want to indicate, in addition to the author’s name, the title of the work from which the quotation was taken, write it separated by commas after the author’s surname.

How to Choose the Right Quote to Start an Essay?

The most widely used quotations to works are quotations from the works of other authors. Choosing such a passage, one should strive to ensure that it is as short and concise as possible, but at the same time accurately reflects the author’s opinion. It hardly makes sense to quote large and spacious quotes. The advantage of a quote is the brevity and accuracy of the expression of thought.

Using aphorisms, vast opportunities are provided, most often understood as great people’s figurative expressions. The aphorism of a scientist, eminent writer, or public figure combines expressiveness and completeness of thought. However, no one forbids the author to come up with an aphorism on his own. If the expression turns out to be successful, the reader will not demand a participant’s certificate. It shows that he is world-famous and respected in society.

Proverbs, sayings, jokes, and other small forms of folk art can also be widely used in the epigraph design. The range of such statements is wide enough so that each author can choose a folk epigraph for his work, to the greatest extent reflects the features of the text, which the reader will have to familiarize himself with. It is only essential that the proverb or saying is combined with the work’s general style and does not get out of the semantic range.

Ways to Enter Quotes at the Beginning of an Essay

There are several ways to add quotes to the text:

  1. If the author’s words accompany quotes, then punctuation marks are treated as indirect speech.
  2. A quote can be part of a sentence, merged with the words of the author. In this case, it is enclosed in quotation marks but written with a lowercase letter.
  3. If individual words, sentences are omitted in a quote, then periods are put in their place.
  4. The quote can be presented in the form of an epigraph. In this case, it is written without quotation marks. An indication of the author is placed below the epigraph on the right.
  5. If a quote is entered into the text in poetic lines or a whole stanza, it is written without quotes with a capital letter.

What Is the Meaning of the Quotation at the Beginning of the Composition?

Placing a quote in front of the main text is a sign of good form and respect for readers. In the quote, the essay is described from an authoritative perspective, whose opinion is critical to the writer. It can be an opinion, a quote, a motto, a catchphrase, or any other saying.

The authors use the quote at the beginning of the essay for the following purposes:

  1. To briefly highlight the main storyline of the essay.
  2. Emphasize the necessary mood and spirit of the piece as a whole.
  3. Pre-acquaint, the reader with the events in the text.
  4. Show your attitude to the described events or problem.

Examples of the use of quotes before the beginning of the text in literatureBasic Rules for Making Quotes

In literature, the quotation is used in various genres:

  • In lyrical works;
  • In fiction;
  • In novels in verse;
  • In articles, letters, essays.

A well-thought-out quote in the mail of work often helps the reader understand what the author was trying to say between the lines. The most striking example of using the epigraph in literature among writers is Petrarch, Horace, Byron, and other great people’s well-known sayings.

Basic Rules for Making Quotes

Apply these rules when you write a quote at the beginning of an essay:

  1. The essential quotation design rule is the following: the quotation must reproduce the quoted text with 100% accuracy! Deviations from the text, insertion, or exclusion of any parts of the text are not allowed.
  2. The same applies to punctuation marks – they must correspond to those in the text. When the quoted text is not at hand, it is necessary to place the appropriate punctuation marks according to the English language’s punctuation rules.
  3. The quote should be appropriate, justified by the specific goals of the author.
  4. When you skip some words from passages, use ellipsis in place of that skip. At the same time, do not forget that the ellipsis should not distort the phrase’s meaning since such a violation is a gross error in quoting as such. If the first words are missing in the quote, then it is necessary to put an ellipsis after the quotes and start the quote with a small letter.
  5. The original meaning is the main criterion of the citing. When a quote refers to one subject, and it is used to describe another, the meaning that the author attached to the quote distorts.
  6. If a quote is added to an essay’s text, it is possible to use indirect speech, allowing you to convey the exact phrase of the quoted one.
  7. It is unacceptable to retell a poetic text in your own words.

Example Essay With A Quote At The Beginning

“Remember, if our sorrows stem from Pride and Prejudice, then we are also obliged to get rid of them to Pride and Prejudice, for so wonderfully balanced is good and evil in the world.” These words, in fact, fully reveal the intention of Jane Austen’s novel. Pride and Prejudice is one of Austen’s finest works. The book is based on the conflict between the educated and towering over her environment Elizabeth Bennet, an impoverished landowner, and the equally ordinary aristocrat Darcy. He came to the county where the Bennets live. Darcy does not hide his contempt for provincial society and, at first, behaves emphatically arrogant in the presence of Elizabeth and her family.

In turn, in Elizabeth, resentful and resentful of this attitude, a prejudice against Darcy is born. Only gradually, getting to know each other better, and under the influence of a flared mutual feeling, the heroes overcome their delusions, weaknesses, and shortcomings. The novel’s heroes are surrounded by many other characters that give a vivid idea of ​​the mores, customs, and psychology of English society’s privileged strata at the turn of the 16th and 19th centuries.

The intricate love story of two people. Mr. Darcy, a refined and reserved aristocrat, and Miss Elizabeth Bennet, a lively and spontaneous girl who stands much lower than Darcy on the class stairs. The first is in the shackles of pride; the second is in Prejudice and Prejudice’s captivity.

Gradually, in an incredibly complicated way, they master the art of mutual understanding. True, this thread of the novel is in many ways reminiscent of a sitcom: someone misunderstood something, someone by chance did not receive the entire explanatory letter, and then left, missed by just a split second! But all these situations are written out so subtly, without the slightest comic, that they do not cause any rejection. Everything is on time and right.

In addition to Darcy and Elizabeth, there are other significant figures in the novel. For example, Elizabeth’s father, Mr. Bennet. Having married, being young, to a sweet and pretty girl, he very soon realized that behind a pretty facade, only greed and phenomenal stupidity were hidden. Aloof and caustic, he spends all his time in the vast library and laughs at his wife’s stupidity. In this generally faded situation, Jane most vividly reveals all her attitude to the “fair of brides” and marriages of convenience in general.

Now speech about the immorality of such marriages has long become commonplace and commonplace. But then, at the height of the season, talk out loud that money cannot become the only measure of happiness! It was bold.

Perhaps this story was Austin’s dream. A happy marriage of two unequal people was, to some extent, a utopia, especially at that time, and especially in conservative-minded Britain. And the loneliness of Austin herself makes it clear that it is better to live life this way than in an unhappy marriage-transaction.

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