Topicality of Feminism Essays in Our Days. Examples of Burning Issues

April 2, 2020

Topicality of Feminism Essays in Our Days

The feministic subject is often touched upon in the academic process. Students get the assignments to investigate this issue and write a paper or an essay providing their vision on this matter.

Writing about such serious issues require awareness of the history and present state of things, as well as an understanding of the core processes and main concepts. So, let us first characterize the notion of feminism and its causes.

Feminism can be described as a movement of women who struggle for equality of the genders in various aspects of life, such as political, economic, professional, social, personal, etc.

What is important to highlight is that women started to fight not just for their rights, but to be treated in the same way as men, to have the same opportunities and attitude as male.

Feministic traces can be found even in the ancient world when Plato expressed the opinion in his writings that a gifted and intelligent woman should possess the same rights as men.

In the Renaissance era and Middle Ages, this thought slightly echoed as well. However, the first real movement took place much later – in 1830 in the USA, and since that time, it was gaining momentum.

Factors for feminism movement

You may have a different attitude to women’s fight for rights and resulting streams and trends, but in your feminism essay, you should be objective and clear-headed. Of course, you can show your viewpoint regarding this question, but still, it should be supported by undeniable examples and facts.

For that, why don’t we look at the main reasons for women to riot? In the past women didn’t have the right:

  • to vote or to seek election;
  • to marry the one they want;
  • to get the education of the same level as men;
  • to be accepted for employment or to move up the career ladder;
  • to have the same salary as men;
  • to be able to walk or visit public places without accompaniment by men;
  • to possess a property, etc.

These or other reasons finally determined women to prove to the whole world that they deserve the same benefits and treatment as men. As a result, many currents of feminism started to form, and very often, different groups had their own values and vision on women’s problems.

Main types of feminism movement

In your feminism essay, you can analyze the concept of feminism as a whole or describe the main three directions which were created:

  • Liberal feminism – its followers believe that social equality between male and female can be reached by means of reforming and legal actions;
  • Radical feminism unites women who don’t believe in gender equality with the help of reforms. They tend to think that men have a natural need to dominate, that is why women should be freed from men by means of lesbian relationship;
  • Marxist/Socialist feminism supports the idea that the change of the social class will give women more chances for economic independence. In their opinion, capitalist society requires women to be both babysitters and workers, while men get the service of child care for free.

Taking into account that this theme is very controversial and difficult to write about, we can provide you with professional assistance if so. Let us know which topic, in particular, you want to cover in your feminism essay, and we will create a high-quality paper for you.

Current ideas for essay topics on feminism

Women have achieved their goals, and we can spot them almost in every field of work – they hold management positions, they can even do military service, not to mention the right to vote or receive an education. So why are these feministic trends still popular, and we have to write about them in academic papers?

The problem is that even in modern times, many women face difficulties because of their gender. For instance, women sometimes suffer from sexual abuse or sexual harassment at work or on campus, or in the street. This may be because, in most cases, women are considered to be physically weaker than men. Some people even still believe that men are more intelligent than women by nature.

So, the issue of feminism is hot and happening even in our modern society. There are lots of points that students can write about in their essays on feminism. And here we have prepared some help – to make it easier for you to find the right topic for your academic work on feminism, we’ve selected the most interesting ideas as follows.

50 topics for feminism essays

  • Feminism in the literature of the 19th century;
  • Pre-conditions of feminism in the USA;
  • Can feminism endanger the rights of men in the future?
  • Consequences of feminism for global economics;
  • Most famous women of the feministic movement and their stories;
  • Feministic trends in 50 years from now;
  • Vindication of the rights of women in different countries;
  • Attitude to gender equality in different religions;
  • Comparison of women fight for rights in the 20th and 21st century;
  • Future of kids raised in unisex marriage;
  • Maternity leave for men while their wives work;
  • Development of fashion as a result of the feminism movement;
  • The concept of femininity in modern feministic trends;
  • Feminists attitude to care for women;
  • Democracy and feminism complement each other or are antithetical?
  • Most striking examples of sexism in history;
  • Violence at home: are women the only victims?
  • The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach or women are treated like housewives;
  • Women can conduct more operations at the same time than men;
  • Are women more severe warriors than men?
  • Increase of cases with girls fights in the past years: main reasons;
  • Is the institution of the family a real necessity or a social demand?
  • Single mother vs two-parent family: differences in bringing up children;
  • The popularity of living in fornication in modern society and connection to feminism;
  • In which fields of work attitude to women is still skeptical?
  • Most unusual and unexpected professions for women;
  • Is there an interrelation between feminism movement and decrease of birth rate?
  • Pros and cons of pride parades;
  • Should sexual education be a school subject?
  • Boys should be brought up by men and girls by women?
  • Men’s main duty is to provide for a family, while women should equip the family nest;
  • Who should earn more in the family?
  • Differences between the feministic waves;
  • We are about to find ourselves in a matriarchal society;
  • Plural marriage and wives’ wars;
  • Women in politics as the main achievement of the feminism movement;
  • Women friendship vs man-to-man friendship: what is real?
  • In what spheres women are still inferior to men?
  • Who are better teachers – men or women?
  • What image do feminists promote for women: a posh girl or tomboyish?
  • Men’s attitude to feminists in modern society;
  • Negative outcomes of the feminist movement;
  • Internal and external changes of women after the start of feministic trends?’
  • The path to gender equality in Islamic countries;
  • Women alongside men in sports games like football, basketball, etc.;
  • Female artists and distinctive features of their works;
  • Who determines the beauty standards for women;
  • Jobs where women outranked men in performance;
  • The friendship between women and men: a myth or reality.

Possible types of feminism essays

Essays on feminist topics can be of different manner of writing. You can use similar methods like for other academic papers, where you analyze, inform, or prove something to readers:

  • If you describe information, main representatives of the movement, or provide historical facts, it is an example of an informative essay.
  • If you deal with the analysis of a literary work, like a book, a novel, or a narrative on feminism, your essay is called a literature essay.
  • In case your task is to show personal experience or to express your attitude to the topic of feminism, this is the example of a narrative essay.

In any event, to write academic work about the fight for women’s rights, you need to study a lot of information sources and keep a clear line of sight of what you are writing about.

If faced with any difficulties about the topic, you can seek assistance here – we will be glad to provide you with expert services in essay writing.

Guidelines for work on a feminism essay

What makes a good essay? – An interesting topic, a knowledge of the subject or deep research, powerful examples, and correct structure. An essay on feminism is not an exception here. Use our tips for making your paper on feminism worthy of a high grade:

  1. Define your attitude to the feminist movement and its results.
  2. Select a topic, which affects you emotionally, and which you can present in the best possible way.
  3. Study thoroughly the literature devoted to feminism issues.
  4. Find different views on this problem with convincing examples.
  5. In your paper, provide at least some information on the history of feminism.
  6. Present the comparative analysis of women’s lives now and in the past.
  7. Include examples from real life, which you spotted or heard about from people you know.

Still not sure about writing a feminist essay on your own? You can just select a topic and leave the rest to us or even let us chose the right topic for you. In any case, your paper is in good hands.

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